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Nuestras Madres Jóvenes: On Teen Mommas and The Miseducation of Our Young Women

Women in labor are so strong. It never ceases to amaze me. The young mothers take my breath away most. They have quickly become my favorite mommas. My practice will definitely be geared towards young mommas, especially teen moms. Teen moms need such special attention and respect. They have decided to go through one of the hardest things in their young lives.

In supporting teen moms, there is so much attention needed to their nutrition and knowledge about their bodies. I know for a fact they’re not going to get what they need from school or their communities. As a midwife, I must teach too. So so much. My age group of specialty is the teens through 25ish. I often feel like this is where most of us get lost in the mix. I have had the pleasure of having two teenage continuity of care clients during my training here, three other women who I served as a doula, and have gotten to be the primary midwife for dozens of other young women who needed the careful attention to educating that I have.

One young mother who stole my heart was the one that set my heart on fire. She and I were serendipitously connected. It was amazing that I just so happened to be in the clinic when she went into labor. The midwives went to go find me to tell me she was in labor. I went to her and told her that I would help her with the pain so she didn't suffer. It was a beautiful birth and immediately I made myself available for her postpartum care. I gave her a crash course in her reproductive system during her postpartum appointments, complete with diagrams and a handout. I stressed to her that she needed to follow her dreams and never feel ashamed for being a teen mother. I could see the hope swell in her heart and her mother nodding at my encouragement through her tears. I have had so much fun growing with them. I feel glad to have made them so comfortable to trust me with their questions. I have seen how important the close care of their pregnancy has been and know this is an integral part of my work - to work specifically with empowering young women with knowledge, care and respect.

It breaks my heart that more women than I care to count have been miseducated and neglected when it comes to their sexuality and bodies. Because I know I am not alone, the education of our young women is vitally important. Sending a woman into the world unprepared with no knowledge of her body as it relates to society is dangerous. Straight up. You are literally feeding a little girl to the wolves by remaining silent. The fatal miseducation of woman must end. We must start taking those after us under our wings. Be the big sisters we didn’t have.

Additionally, it is time to demand comprehensive sexual education and empowerment for our high school women. We must give them the opportunities to make informed choices about their sexuality, relationships and have a healthier sense of self. This world runs the risk of having the cycle of disempowered women continue if we do not become our little sister's keepers. Though I am not here to save anyone, I certainly will not stand by and let more women fall through the cracks. I will do my part as a midwife. I hope you will join me.


Las mujeres en trabajo de parto son tan fuertes. Nunca dejan de sorprenderme. Las madres jóvenes son las que más me sorprenden. Rápidamente se han convertido en mis favoritas. Mi práctica como partera definitivamente será enfocada en las madres adolescentes. Las madres jóvenes necesitan una atención especial y mucho respeto. Han decidido hacer una de las cosas más difíciles en sus vidas. Necesitan apoyo.

En apoyar a las madres adolescentes, mucha atención es necesaria en lo de su nutrición y conocimiento de sus cuerpos. Sé que no van a conseguir lo que necesitan en la escuela o sus comunidades. Como partera, tengo que enseñar también. Siento que en la adolescencia es donde la mayoría de nosotras nos perdemos. He tenido el placer de dar cuidado particular a dos adolescentes durante mis estudios aquí, otras tres jóvenes que estuve en sus partos como doula y he llegado a ser la partera primaria para otras mujeres jóvenes quien necesitaban la atención cuidadosa y educación que puede darle.

Una madre joven me robó el corazón y me lo dejo encendido. Ella y yo estábamos casualmente conectadas. Era increíble que pasó que yo estaba en la clínica cuando ella entró en trabajo de parto. Las parteras fueron a buscarme para decirme. Fui a ella y le dije que la ayudaría con el dolor para que no sufriera. Fue un nacimiento bello e inmediatamente me hice disponible para su atención en el postparto. Le di un curso intensivo sobre su sistema reproductivo durante sus citas postparto, con diagramas y un folleto. Destaqué que necesitaba seguir sus sueños y nunca sentirse avergüenzada por ser una madre adolescente. Pude ver la esperanza en sus ojos y su madre asintió con la cabeza. Me he divertido mucho creciendo con ellas. Me siento contenta de poder inspirar confianza y que se han sentido cómodas preguntándome lo que sea. He visto que importante ha sido la atención cercana de sus embarazos y es una parte integral de mi trabajo – enfocándome específicamente con empoderar a las mujeres jóvenes con conocimiento, cuidado y respeto.

Me rompe el corazón que mucha más mujeres no han sido educadas acerca de sus cuerpos y sexualidad. Porque sé que no estoy sola, es sumamente importante la educación de nuestras jóvenes. Enviando a una mujer al mundo sin ningún conocimiento de su cuerpo es peligroso. Literalmente estamos hechando a las niñas a los lobos por permanecer nosotros callados. Debemos terminar este silencio fatal. Debemos comenzar a tomar nuestras jóvenes de bajo de nuestras alas. Tenemos que ser las hermanas mayores que no teníamos.

Además, es hora de exigir una educación sexual integral y el empoderamiento de las mujeres jóvenes. Debemos darles la oportunidad de tomar decisiones informadas sobre su sexualidad, las relaciones y ayudar que tengan un sentido saludable de identidad. Este mundo corre el riesgo de tener más mujeres perdidas si no nos volvemos guardianes de nuestras hermanas pequeñas. Aunque no estoy aquí para salvar a nadie, ciertamente no voy a dejar que más mujeres se caigan. Yo haré mi parte como partera. Espero que me acompañen.


R-Capri's picture

I Couldn't Agree More..

This posts hits home for me. I am a Doula and Social Worker who recently began working with pregnant teens and they truly lack so much knowledge about their bodies. As a woman who also had to learn through experience, I understand where these teens are and believe it is our job to teach them early. Mothers need to be educated properly to teach their daughters so that the cycle does not continue. In the words of Maya Angelou "when you know better, you do better". I applaud you for wanting to be apart of the solution. I too am looking to continue my quest to empower women of all ages and to break the cycle of miseducation.

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thank you for your message.

thank you for your message. i'm so glad to know you are out there doing this work. i hope to continue to be part of the solution with you. salute!

Ynanna Djehuty
Certified Birth Doula and Writer

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