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I was introduced to the essentials of blogging during the March 2008 Women, Action and the Media conference held in Boston Massachusetts, USA.
During the introduction session almost all the participants were Bloggers. The conference brings together progressive women media professional and students to discuss ways to improve women’s visibility in the media. I started blogging by the end of 2008.

During the American Presidential campaigns, I followed a program where some racist with bias talked about Obama not being fit for the white house with reference to his color. I felt it was downright irritating to watch racist delve on the issue of color to determine his leadership prowess and ignoring his intellect, intuition and charisma. I was spurred to write an article captioned ‘Is Obama Fit to Rule’? I posted the story to the Obama for America website and equally created my blog.

Getting to I realized the procedure was not as complicated. In fact, the computer is an amazing toy with its tutorial tendency enabling one to play around with it- you ask questions and directives and get response. It equally inquires from you what exactly you need to perform. Cool!

I started exploring the dashboard bearing in mind what other blogs looked like but striving to make my blog unique in appearance. I now download pictures to add to my stories and I can edit and update old post.

My challenge was to improve on the aesthetics to make my blog attractive. I became acquainted with the customize tool and discovered I could add, arrange and rearranged page elements by adding basic gadgets like newsreel, digital clock and calendar and most of all display chips from Google video and You Tube. I succeeded in transferring my YouTube interview to my blog for readers to watch the interview and other downloads without leaving the page.

Personally, this blog stuff is like a dairy and archives that includes photo gallery too. Perhaps due to the critical nature of my views and opinions, like those that carries the despicable aspects of our president’s regime, stories that I could not publish through the media outlets I correspond with I publish in my blog and even those published plus my activities.

My next target is to monetize my blog by setting up ‘AdSense’ to display relevant ads in my sidebar and post as a means to earn revenue. I guess to captivate potential ads my blog should be accessible and interesting to appeal to many readers.

I have sent my link to some friends inviting them to visit my blog. A colleague in Cameroon was quite impressed and said he had wanted to create a blog but had no idea how to go about it. I schooled him on the procedure.

It is quite interesting the way after posting, the blog arranges itself in an organized manner and the contents are arranged in a chronological order thus, anyone visiting the post is able to explore and browse without hassle.


I really enjoy reading all your articles and how meaningful they are. It makes me feel inspired to try to write about other things I care about besides just the normal type I write in mine.

Keep up the great work!




Thanks Maria your comments are ever so encouraging and i am glad know i somehow inspire you.
I have been reading your postings too and find your accounts great and natural. But then mentioning your fears i kind of wonder why.

If i may ask are you just being modest by relying on people's own judgements? My dear friend i think you are doing a great job and it is high time you shed this cover of shyness and put on the armor of self confidence. Your opinion and views will always count.

Kind Regards,

Nzasu's picture

Miss Cameroon

Getting to I realized the procedure was not as complicated. In fact, the computer is an amazing toy with its tutorial tendency enabling one to play around with it- you ask questions and directives and get response. It equally inquires from you what exactly you need to perform. Cool!

In reference to you're comment above I don't understand people who complain computers are taking over their jobs.A computer cannot exist without a human being.A human being created the computer to assist them.Now if the human being is eliminated in this process then who is the computer left to help itself??? Apply this theory to men and women today man cannot do without woman, and woman cannot do without man why because you will be just like the computer alone without any human beings to ask query help and assist. Jobs have simply been directed to the computer/techincal world so go on go out there and get the skills remember a compute cannot operate without you.


In my opinion..

Thanks for the comment you are right in a way but in my own opinion i do not perceive the computer like you do. I read your own entry titled 'Logblog' and sure have an idea of your own perception of the computer.

I wish to crave your indulgence to the fac that, a computer is one of the machines which have evolve considerably in modern time since the age of Industrial revolution. And if my primary history is still apt as a result of industrial revolution, the invention of machines generally replaced or limited the labour force.

With new innovations like cell phones, computers etc, the world has become a global village and i belief that's why you and i can communicate as such.

The statement you referred to, i was trying to explain that a computer is self teaching if you can follow the directives as such, even someone who is not proficient wth the use of computers can be able to play around and manupulate the basic without any human assistance - you seek the options and you get the solution.

With the modern age of almost everything being computerize certain transactions are easier like banks and business. Even cars now can use a computerize system known as 'navigators' enabling anyone to go where ever, all that is needed is for the one to configure where you are and where you are going to and you are directed to your destination. Such examples, one can experienced more in the developed world. Where people seem not to have enough time hence rely more on their computer's for certain services. Going to buy a travelling ticket from an agent for instance, buying it online saves time, money and risk. People equally have the possibility to pursue thier education online.

The computer also is an encyclopedia where you can get what ever information. With a computer i can't be ideal or feel lonely for it is also relaxing with lots of games. I play the scrabble game online with different opponents around the world and have the opportuinty to chat in the process or i can play freecell or solitaire games. I can watch movies, read and listen to news updates and most importantly with a computer i can explore and reach out.
But all these, one can not acknowledge if the one is not aware of its potentials and take advantage of it.

So my dear personally i wouldn't use the computer as a comparison to the theory of men and women, instead i hold the computer if properly exploited can be use to better the man/woman relationship we generally refer to as gender issues.

Cheers and sincere regards

enDhruva's picture

Your Blog

I would love to have a link to your blog as it sounds so interesting and chock full of neat things. After reading your entry for Week 3 I really think you could come up with a brilliant in-depth description on how to blog! Not just set up an template and write but how to do all the cool things you are doing. Bravo for your drive and determination. You inspire me to get to work on my blog and to stop procrastinating it!

Best regards,



Thanks for your encouraging words.
Here is the link to my blog - http//
I am aware i still need to do more.

All the best

Mckenzie's picture


You have inspired me to give my blog more TLC (tender, love and care).

Great job on this piece! And terrific that you are lending your knowledge to teach others about blogging. I can't wait to visit your blog!

~Mckenzie xo



I'm glad you find my VOF WEEK 3 inspiring and i find it gratifying in sharing my knowledge and opinion.
Here is the link to my Blog - http//

Kind Regards

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