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Can we spare the dolphins?

The article about Dolphins

Since centuries human race has been selfish and self centred, although the early stone age was bit different. But as the human mind evolved and the brain started developing more and more, alongwith the advancement of science and technology, a hidden curse too got carried.
The curse of being selfish.
In the name of science and knowledge, this human race has exploited several gifts of nature in every way to get itself benefited. What is shocking is ,still the exploitation continues.
Luxury at the price of wiping out the nature around or at the cost of misbalancing the environment to meet ends.
When shall this stop, will it ever?
Whether it is a person, organization, government , country or continent all have misused the natural gift which was available in bounty.
The most shocking news that I recently came across was use of Dolphins ,the water mammals in warfare!
We all know animals have been used and sacrificed in the name of inventions and tiny guinea pigs, frogs, fishes, monkeys have been their target till now.
But recently an article claimed that dolphins too were used in warfare during the Gulf War and also at many places during such times to locate mines, by the Americans.
Dolphin, an intelligent and sensitive animal being such misused for the human dirty minds is disgusting and wicked .
What surprises is the attitude of these governments who keep announcing and proclaiming the need to save the environ and maintain the balance whereas they themselves practice such methods to conclude their filthy means.
Due to their intelligence and presence of special sensory organs these animals are trained and deployed to remove or avoid the mines during invasion of Iraq in 2003.
During the Vietnam War ,it was claimed that dolphins were used in lethal “swimmer nullification programmes” their beaks fitted with needles to deliver fatal injections of CO2 gas to Vietcong divers.
There are several theories,perceptions and arguments about the use of Dolphins in warfare,but the fact remains how much shall we stoop down and shame ourselves by such acts of insanity and cruelty.Such hideous acts in due course of time have affected our earth and sooner it shall create a situation where we won't have a solution nor way out of this crisis.

Today I use this platform which is extended and heard to voice this concern about the animals of our nature to the environmentalists and the NGO's that deal with the ecological balance of our planet earth. The organizations that deal with the Green earth projects too can share the piece and create awareness amongst the people to stop such cruelty on the mute animals and allow the environment to remain clean and peaceful.

For those beautiful sea animals "DOLPHINS" I write,

Swim O! graceful one
freely in the ocean
you're senses so active then us,
your intelligence of high level...

Why can't you then
smell the impostors
and save yourself
from such emotional gravel...

teach the humans
in your dolphinese
the language of love and compassion

Swim ! O ! gracious one
in the free waters
you have every right
to live and travel!

(Dolphinese- in dolphin's own language of communication)

You can read the whole article by Philip Hoare in “The Views” supplement of the Gulf news dated 13th August 2014.



SSD's picture

Brilliant !

And, well, yet another significant piece you have shared -- this certainly requires our attention as such creatures can be and are vulnerable. Many a times, I am astounded at the two-legged creatures (humans), who have not got a single ounce of concern and care for the weak -- be it other marginalised human-beings or animals - the cruel acts conducted is beyond for me to fathom. Ah, dear Soumya, keep lighting paths and inspiring us all to look within and cultivate a space for compassion and intelligence to pursue and promote activism of such findings as your post. Such is your ink - dipped in compassionate- blood, my friend !


Soumya Vilekar's picture

Thankful to you

Dear Shaheen,
Iam thankful to you for the inspirational conversation that you strike across anywhere , through comments , or posts, or talks. Yes this article when I read, I was so shocked and touched by the pathetic treatment of such intelligent animals in such a way.
It was difficult to digest the many things that were written and I felt ashamed calling myself human ,when it revealed that these were used for warfare.
Leave alone,survival,where millions eat animal flesh, or for luxury,where thousands of animal skin is used, or religious sacrifices, this reason of using them for their own selfish means in the fight against one another,these were the scapegoats.
There are many issues which lay buried and I feel a whole lifetime is short to resolve them.

Thanks for joining me in every such venture through writing,

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