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Nations prosper, when women have power !

When an ocean of knowledge is present just a click away ,why withhold anyone from getting immersed in it?

She who makes your family, she who rears you since childhood has every right to get connected to the strings of learning.When every household thinks alike as such and tries to introduce the basics of learning internet to the women of the house, knowledge shall spread and countries will prosper.
Barring her the freedom of choice and her right to learn , we can see many nations fallen to their fallacies in the grits of poverty and misery.
There are numerous hurdles before a woman tries to get access and then gets literate of using the web.
Social inhibitions, family responsibilities, personal obligations, the high cost billed by the internet providers,lack of knowledge , absence of guidance in their homes,every reason of these makes the woman vulnerable and the older she gets ,the farther from the internet.
Schools should give free education about internet to every individual ,specially girls and during the vacations should encourage those girls to share their knowledge with their mothers,sisters and females at home.
Every house should have the access to the internet at bare minimum charges,which otherwise makes it impossible to get through this web-net.
The cost of computers when reduced shall also enhance the percentage of such women and give them more access towards the literacy of the internet.
Vocational courses should be started by NGO’s and other private organizations to increase awareness amongst the fellow citizens.
In a country like India, although which ranks amongst the higher few to use the most of internet, it still lacks the access and is behind in providing digital literacy to every female.
When every girl,woman of the country shall be able to use this unique power and becomes independent ,then shall the country prosper and free itself from the clutches of misery.

"For the woman who builds a home
a nest out of her tiny shreds of life
with blood and sweat
she cares and rears
to give you the best in life.
on torn cloth ,she survives
providing you a silken tie
Its time now to express yourself
with a token of gratitude
empower her with the wand of internet
make her learn ,the way she would do!"

This story was written for World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign. Learn more »


hanasazi's picture

Wonderful post!

Soumya, thank you for this important perspective from India.

This is Small Business Week in the US, and just this morning I learned that contrary to what the rich and powerful corporations (and the wealthiest families) would have us believe, it is small businesses that have done the most to help our country recover from the economic recession we have endured since 2008, providing 2 out of every 3 new jobs.

Even more importantly, women entrepreneurs are the fastest growing segment in the small business community, with more than 8.9 million women-owned businesses in the US, employing 7.8 million people nationwide. A recent study by the Small Business Administration shows that 58% of women business owners increased their number of employees by 30% or more from 2008 to 2011, adding much needed jobs to the economy during the economic recession and significantly impacting economic growth. We still have a long way to go when it comes to income equality for women in the US, but our significant contribution to the economy is finally being recognized. It's a step forward for women everywhere in the world.

I have read studies indicating that in developing countries and regions, investing in education for young women does more to help their communities than investing in young men, as women are 80% more likely to use the knowledge, skills, and income they gain to improve conditions for their entire community than men. That is even more impressive when one considers that women everywhere in the world are likely to receive less money for their labor than men doing the same jobs with the same qualifications.

There is a universe of information available via the internet, from practical knowledge about health and nutrition to free online training that can help us start an online business to formal and informal educational tools, information that can improve our abilities to do things we already do and acquire the new skills we need to make our dreams come true, from better caring for our families to giving girls a head start in school to creating an innovative business or non profit organization online.

I stand with you in your call for countries and NGOs to provide the digital tools, training and access needed for all women and girls to enjoy the benefits of the wealth of information and opportunity available to us! It really can change lives. It changed mine, and now I have been working as a freelance web designer for 7 years, gradually pulling my family out of poverty and helping others to create an online presence and make connections to help them in their businesses, too. It's very rewarding, and not as hard as it seems, but you do needs the tools, and a mentor can help one prioritize the overwhelming amount of information we can teach ourselves with.

Your poem is beautiful! And I look forward to reading more of your perspectives on the issues important to you and the women in your community. Thank you so much for this valuable contribution, and I wish you the best in advocating for digital access and training for women and girls in your country.

Love, Light & Blessings,

Soumya Vilekar's picture

Thank you

Dear Hannah,
Thank you so much for sharing the wonderful and important facts about the women education and empowerment. I can read from your comment how people have now started believing in women and their calibre.When business houses, organizations and corporate structures would invest such more time,energy and focus onto the women working in their sector,the output of their team is going to be the best and more.
Nevertheless the change has started ,but it is too slow in comparison to the rest of the world and needs more pace and intensity to streamline such things.
In India too, it has started ,but it exists so minimally that the percentage of such women is very low compared to illiterate women there.
Iam glad you could identify with the article and facts I shared .
The work has to be from grassroot level and from every home ,then only the change will be inevitable.
Best wishes to you too for your ventures,

hanasazi's picture

My heart goes out to women in

My heart goes out to women in India and anywhere they are experiencing difficulties and oppression. Yes, the change has begun, and yes it is too slow, even here in the US. I do recognize the advantages we have in most parts of our country, and the progress we have made, but the advances are still so fragile, and if it is too slow here, it is too slow everywhere. At least we have pierced the barrier and now it's a matter of women everywhere being determined to continue making progress. You are so right, the change has to begin and continue to unfold in every home. The unselfishness of every mother should be rewarded with opportunity and the avenues you have identified must all be used to facilitate continued forward progress. May every home that welcomes and nurtures this change be blessed with success in every effort!

SSD's picture

Brava !

Dear Soumya,
Your piece touches the core values and foundations of what ought to be 'just' in our society - the access to resources that would be beneficial to 'resourcefulness' to women. The references you have projected are a dire need for implementations on various fronts: education system, politics, law, society, economy, culture and justice system, thereby influencing universal right to cross boundaries. I often believe that capitalism has played a dubious and ironical role, especially in its' approach to cost - true, that, many people cannot afford the high cost of net availability without the pockets bleeding and this should be an aspiration for us to seek avenues to 'fair' system wherein society can have lower rates as fees. Having been involved in social development, I have always felt that women in particular have been marginalised to menial address in rural areas and also in mainstream because of the lack of both resources and resourcefulness. There are women in prisons where the crime was just to speak out on her right in the domestic milieus -- such should also be addressed in our future dialogue - as there are children borne in prisons and have absolutely none or less advantage to eduction. A woman's role in society should be very vital -- but, how? My answer shall always be in education - educating herself can open a myriad of opportunities, hence, building the self confidence needed to stand firm on her values, thought, idea and creating sustainable economical paradigm for herself and society.
The poem speaks thunderously, my friend ! Glad to see you writing after a long hiatus. Keep shining with your ink !


Soumya Vilekar's picture

Iam humbled

Dear Shaheen,
Iam humbled by your gracious words which encourage me more. What you wrote is an absolute truth,about the importance of education and the right every woman should have such wherever she is. The basic education provided to women should be the prime objective of every government and family where in the growth and the success of each one of us lies. The next generation shall be then educated,exposed and free to have an equality in everything,regardless of caste, status,gender or race.
Today the backward and low income groups remain devoid of such exposure and they surely have the right to access all this.Once they have, they can be independent, can take initiative ,be entrepreneurs and grow themselves.

Iam happy that my words and verse have touched you.Surely for more, we have umpteen such issues which need to be focused and talked about and brought to light,which shall bring some light to the dark lives of such people.

Best wishes,

Beautiful poem, thank you so much for sharing! It really touched my heart, especially the line of "on torn cloth ,she survives, providing you a silken tie..".


"In every human heart there are a few passions that last a lifetime. They're with us from the moment we're born, and nothing can dilute their intensity." Rob Brezny

Soumya Vilekar's picture


Thank you so much Rachael for reading and loving this poem . Iam overwhelmed that my simple thoughts have touched you .Your work and contribution too is precious and I hope you get more success in it.
Best wishes,

Hello Soumya - your words are very lyrical but powerful. You zeroed in on the fundamental issues - affordable access to the internet, affordable computers and knowledge (training) - while telling a story all women can relate to in your lovely poem. Thank you so much for sharing your heart with us.

In love and peace,

Terry Mullins

Soumya Vilekar's picture

Iam humbled

Dear Terry,
It is my honour, that Iam able to convey the issues and can share them on this platform where hundreds of women across the world are reading and listening.
Surely it is the fundamental issue,when the cost of internet surfaces,even though it is negligible in many countries. Many of the countries are yet to breakthrough from this.
Also the education that is needed for such access and literacy is limited ,thereby making it harder for women of the whole world to come into the picture.
Certainly this exposure due to the web, has brought into lime light many topics and conditions which were till now grounded.
I hope this platform of web through world pulse shall surely create an unique way to raising voices and urging the people around the globe to take action.
Iam glad that you liked my lines and my poem too.
Best wishes,

Drpkahn's picture

Dear I like your idea about


I like your idea about sharing the information (and maybe the technology?) that the school has to offer during vacation time. I am sure there are barriers to making this happen, security, staff being available, but its a great idea, and maybe young girls that are getting an education could bring the adult women in their life, who have not had one, and the knowledge can multiply. Great Idea!

patricia kahn

Soumya Vilekar's picture

Thanks dear

Dear Patricia,
Thanks a lot for being here and sharing with us your thoughts.
I feel glad that you liked my ideas of sharing knowledge through the school and students during vacation.
I agree there are barriers of security,staff anf many things, but when the schools are closed ,the big space available can be used for such women to have a session over there,which can be conducted by any of the senior students, teachers or counselors. The schools act as a medium there for providing space and access to the privileged and under privileged women.
This can be an act of kind gesture and social service too which often institutions try to do nowadays.
es, the idea is to multiply, as saving money or saving water,sharing knowledge shall spread the light of learning and
let this impossible dream happen in no time...
Best wishes,

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