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VOF week 3 ( privacy )


My biggest challenge with blogging is my Privacy!
I know it does present an oppourtunity of recognition while it provides a place I can tell the world who I am and what I believe in, I still find it intimidating for me to put all I am on line.

My fears are identity theft-though I should say in Zambia it is uncommon, Spams and hacking.
I just don't embrace the Idea of puting my self completly on the market. this is still my big challenge.

However, I do appreciate that blogs have created many opportunities for different people, I guess it is luck!
I have learned to use it and hope to present my blog soon, with control measures of course.

My other concern is if we say that we do not put our real names, addresses and the like. how then do we measure the sincerity or truthfullness thereof.
It is good as creating a story and not working on it because we do not know who to address it to.

Well it is up to each of us to decide on the relevance of a blog in our lives.


Maria de Chirikof's picture

Good thoughts

I usually do not go to blogs or those places, I prefer going to a web site and if it is something I really like I join the forum there. I guess it is like the idea of a blog but you ask questions about that one subject. It is what I like about this place though, that it feels different then a "blog" place, more real. I guess because it attracts woman who want to make a real change in the world and they stay to read and post while others move on to things they find more exciting to them.

I would like to hear more of your thoughts on this sometime. It is very interesting to me how people who have limited internet connections view this. I don't like a lot of it and for my Yahoo email choose the old 'classic' style instead of it being all in one place like that. I find it more annoying then easy to use. But I guess it makes sense if you are not on as often and want it all on when you get on then it seems ideal.


Sharo's picture


Dear Maria,

it still stands as a feeling for an individual I would like to think.
For those who have limited access to the internet, I don't know how one can even have the chance to know and have the money to spend on writing the blog.

it all depends on comfotability in 'open space' if I can call it that way.

Nzasu's picture

Miss Zambia

Remember this pulsewire, facebook and or any other tool that web 2.0 gives us, can only reveal information that you tell it.For example web 2.0 will never know your first boyfriends name unless you tell it so, unless your first boyfriends tells it so.Tell it nothing it knows nothing! So you have the power you have the control blogs,f acebook etc are just a tool to enable this.
In the Di world its not about the source of information its about the information.If you captured the tsunami in video for example whether your name is Mary and your an unemployed villager in Indonesia is irrelevant.Its the information that is most important.And unlike any other medium we have the opportunity to communicate information without attaching an identity to it which may be judged and in more extreme cases even punished.So enjoy what the www can do and work around it to suit yourself,your culture etc etc

Sharo's picture

You are Brilliant

Thanks Girl!
I never actually thought of it in that manner.
You are a life saver if I should say...
You know what? I really was sceptical about blogs, I guess this week Iam the most educated of all...with the knowledge at my finger tips. I will go on and explore the opportunities it has presented. After all, I won't tell who my first boyfriend was!

take care.

gillian's picture

It's an adjustment...

Most of us developed our methods of communication before the internet became the cultural force it is today. So now we have to figure out where it fits in our information gathering, our self-expression, and our sense of privacy. I agree that it isn't easy. But it is interesting!

jadefrank's picture

exposing oneself

Hi Sharon,

You bring up some interesting points. Not only does it make one feel vulnerable to put personal thoughts, ideas and issues online for the world to read and possibly criticize, but it could also jeopardize one's safety. However, sometimes it's worth putting yourself out there in the name of educating others, sharing solutions, providing an alternative viewpoint and speaking for the voices that cannot be heard. And you are doing all of these things Sharon by lifting your powerful voice in this community and leading other members in lifting their own. Thank you for spelling out some fears that are associated with blogging, and for also overcoming some of these fears in the name of empowerment and of change.

Warm regards,

Sharo's picture


Hi Jade,

Thanks for the compliment and encouragement.
It is through this network that Iam overcoming some of my fears on exposer through blogging.
I hope to continue speaking for the 'silent' voice.

Kind regards,

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