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The Desecrated Altar by Rose Ntube Ngole

` The Desecrated Altar by Rose Ntube Ngole

(An excerpt from Rose Ntube Ngole's Book)

The Incantation: Clash of the Titans.

While Larry A. Benson was in Father Francis' room praying, a few miles away in the Akubai mangrove forest, men of the underworld were at work under an iroko tree. The men wore wrappers to cover their abdominal area. The rest of their bodies were bear and covered with cam wood. They were seven in number. The pot that was buried decades prior had been unearthed. Inside, a little calabash were the hair, nails and pictures of the late Patriarch-Ahlija Benson, his off springs and dolls representing the posterity of the Ahlija-Benson's family. The pot was set on the fire, seven live chickens were thrown inside-then, a sound like someone swallowed the contents in one big gulp was heard. Silence followed. Seven minutes later, a cobra lifted up its head from the pot and hissed. The cobra was the deity of the Akubai people. It controlled the spiritual lives of the people and most of the villagers worshipped it. Chief Benson Ekwe of Akubai village-the face of terror, traitor and recaltricant nephew of the patriarch,lifted up his scepter and his men bowed seven times paying allegiance to the cobra.
The men drank the blood of the chickens as they performed the incantations. As a sign of reverence, they knelt round the iroko tree holding hands and chanting. The chief then lifted up his scepter for the second time amidst a rumble of thunder and a flash of lightning. Dark clouds covered the forest as their heads move up and down in unison. The scepter was again pointed to the sky. There was another thunderous sound followed by a sudden down pour of rain that lasted seven minutes. The cobra then opened its mouth wide as Sam the chief’s son, poured the contents of the palm wine keg into its mouth and called the name, Larry Ahlija Benson, seven times. He performed the dance of the masquerades. In response, the cobra spat out fire and disappeared. The chief lifted the scepter seven more times as a sign of perfection and immediately the fire under the pot went out.
One after the other, the men turned and walked behind the chief in an Indian file. No man looked back. The ritual was done, the deal sealed. Within twenty-four hours, Larry, the grandson of their archenemy Mayor Ahlija Benson, will dIe. His death would be a sign to the mayor that the gods of Akubai were still in control: no power was above the powers of their god - mwankum.
In all of their doings, one detail was overlooked and minimized, the super natural power in which the young Larry who had challenged them earlier in the day, was operating under. Larry was operating under the influence of a super-power-and when two powers clash (black magic vs. the power of God), the lesser power must bow. The Chief of Akubai and his men were about to learn and unforgettable lesson.


Maria de Chirikof's picture


I have mixed feelings about this and not sure I would want to read the book because of them. I am very against "Christians" who go to destroy a culture and call it God's will, instead of Pure Greed. I love and embrace Christians who are good people but do not like the ones who try to force their views on everyone else. You always hear of priests who go and molest the children and this is done to demoralize a whole generation to make it easier to conquer and destroy them and I am against that. It is not me saying that they do it but them actually doing it and I really think people need to question why this is allowed to happen over and over...

I believe if a person believes in Jesus that is fine with me as long as they don't try to force that belief onto anyone else. So often Christianity is used as a screen to hide people's lust for power and greed and wanting to control others through it. I believe that is as wrong as if someone who shared my beliefs did it to others. So I am not anti-Christian at all but do not like people who hide behind it to gain control. I try to be vocal about it since so many who are good people get confused since they imagine it was "god vs. god" and the Christian one won so must be the stronger when it was only that they were the more evil in their deeds. Lusting for an others land and resources is an Evil and I am positive Jesus would be the first to tell these "Christians" himself that it is wrong.

I don't mean to sound negative but it is one of the things that really bothers me and I feel it should be put out there into the open so honest discussion can occur. If we can learn to separate these people from Jesus it would be a great thing since I do believe many do evil in his name and say if you are against what they are doing that you are going against "God Himself" and that is just not true.


Rosaline Ntube Ngole Bell's picture

Your opinion counts.

Your opininon counts but do trust me on this one.

Many people are living their lives ignorant of the supernatural powers that control their existence on earth. They are constantly on the war front of life battling problems after problems. It may be that their children , their siblings or they themselves are on drugs or may be battling alcoholism. It could also be a problem with sterility, unemployment, poverty, divorce or premature deaths in their families-you name it. As soon as they get a little relief in one area, some other problem crops up. These may be level-headed -hardworking men and women who have put in and given their best to make their lives better but are unable to break through the cycle of "badluck."

How can these problems be fixed?

What can these people do to live victoriously?

Could spiritual warfare and deliverance be possible solutions to these problems?

If i were to answer these questions, i will go to the bible (the best reference manual on earth) to find the answers. This may not be what many people would want to hear-but we all are entitled to our opinions. However, whether we believe, accept it or not, there are supernatural powers (positive/negative) that are controlling the lives of men.

Rose Ntube Ngole Bell, RNN or RnB as she is fondly called is a Cameroonian journalist. She began her career in 1992 as a desk assistant at the first FM station in Cameroon; Yaounde FM 94, while completing her undergraduate degree in English at the Univer

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