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Bring Back Our Girls

Over 200 people and a plane disappeared and the world responded in a day.
Over 200 children drowned in the ocean and the world responded within hours.
Over 200 girls are kidnapped and the world takes 3 weeks.

All events are horrifying. All need our attention. However, we MUST pay the same attention to the violence and injustice happening to our (yes, our) girls and women. We MUST make the media, governments, and those who hold power attend to our cries. The world is listening now, and I am somewhat encouraged to see governments start to take action.

I know that my World Pulse sisters and brothers stand and raise our voices as one, hoping that now the world will not ignore what is happening on a daily basis. It is sad that this is what it takes for action on a global scale to take place, but let us keep talking and posting and sharing so that attention to these horrors will not fade.


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Hi Michelle, thank you for

Hi Michelle, thank you for emphasizing the importance of this issue. While I have seen posts on this site by women of Nigeria about Boko Haram, I'm shocked and disgusted that it has taken so much time for media outlets in the U.S. to pay any attention to the issue. Keep posting!

So much time has passed. There were and are many here in the World Pulse community who are concerned... we just need to come together and keep speaking out. I am glad at least that the U.S. is sending expert help to find the precious girls. If you hear any news, please post.

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


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Thank you for speaking out,

Thank you for speaking out, Cali gal.
The fact that Boko Haram is justifying these actions based on some interpretations of the Muslim scriptures is nothing new in the world of religious terrorism. The enmity between the Jews and Muslims goes all the way back to Abraham's treatment of his two sons and their mothers. Shamefully, the Christians continued in the path of war, brother against brother. Until we are all willing to admit that war and violence only beget many generations of more war and violence and call for a stop to all wars as a solution to our problems, we will continue to kill and rape our women, our children, and our lands, justifying all of it in the name of God.

“No peace among the nations
without peace among the religions.

No peace among the religions
without dialogue between the religions

No dialogue between the religions
without investigation of the foundation of the religions.”

― Hans Küng, Christianity: Essence, History, Future


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Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


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Thank you for posting

Hi Michelle,
The more voices that are crying out against injustice, the louder the cry. I join my voice with yours and I thank you for this call the action. I pray the girls will be found soon and found safe.
God Bless,

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I'm with you...

It took far too long. My husband, who is as heartbroken about this as I am, is concerned that we are far too late, but I still hold out hope that we can get some of them back. Michelle Obama's Mother's Day speech does indicate that there is some kind of rescue effort in the works. I just hope it will be safe as well as effective in returning as many of these girls to their homes as humanly possible. $1-12 per girl is not only selling the girl herself, but the idea that this is all any girl's life is worth, and that just begs a powerful answer to the contrary.

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Thank you!

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for having the courage to stand by the right thing. I particularly liked this statement:

"All events are horrifying. All need our attention. However, we MUST pay the same attention to the violence and injustice happening to our (yes, our) girls and women."

Yes, we must pay the same attention to all crimes such as this.


Beautiful Michelle and women who joined this call: The news of tragedy and terror not Stop.  It has been
skin to chill us.
Women everywhere identify with this case , we have All been girls and know the deep impression with these girls will be marked.
Must fight with all the light so that the essence of life rises and they returned home healthy and well.
Love and prayers to the universe for this cry is heard by the end of the abuse, violence and crime without justification.
Fundamentalism and passions make man an Instrument of Disaster.
Guarantees us equal balance, back to normal , the end of punishment. We can not allow more look like objects in violent societies women and girls are exposes as a good commodity, a trophy and not a human being.
I ask God to connect with the beauty and the law of reciprocity: what makes a brother you do it "yourself".
I feel there is a part of humanity that has lost the bond with life, with integrity, with dignity and what they have gained is a disease of poor prognosis and evolution reviewed: spiritual cancer.
Let us unite our voice and to defend charity with the fallen and empathy with our sisters.
With solidarity and hope
Standing next to each girl who suffers abuse and torture

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. We will not stop raising our voices. Your line, "...there is a part of humanity that has lost the bond with life" is profound.

Standing with you,

Let us Hope together-
aka: Cali gal


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