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The technology at the service of development.

The technology at the service of development.

Every day I discover more sense to use the technology . I have a working life where they consult the internet is the source of 90 % of the achievements in my life and so many other influences .

I want to talk a little bit about me I have poetry in the soul and socialize . In faceboock friends have conquered the world with my poetry and the power of online translation. Recently did a project for the Ministry of Culture of Brazil and I am awaiting the results . The title is Poetry in the face .

The goal is to make a book of 200 poems and 10 videos with subtitles declamations and to meet people with visual and hearing impairment thus having a greater reach and visibility.

I have several Youtube videos with music I do and have access in the world .
On Sunday I will attend a fashion show of women embroiderers in the Rio de Janeiro center in an area that is undergoing renovations , these women tell the story of the transformation of the local embroidering and sewing and I did the music that will be the track the disclosure of this group film. Plots of Porto is the name of the group and my music.

I am attending a magazine of the University of Broken - UFRJ because of the internet , I made a poem that was published as well as other works .

The Journal of the News For Who Lives , In the City of God is being done since 2011 and we do using internet resources to gather as much as the team to edit and diagram . In this Journal 'm one of the creators and collaborators , we are all volunteers .

Also collaborate with Portal City of God that is online , the portal has all the editions of the Journal .

Working with 25 young people from the City of God and all searches are done on the internet . We have a page where we talked and we know a little more about the youth . In this " no strings attached Youth " project have a computer professional and two centers with multiple computers . They do various jobs using the computer and internet .

Now the group of women who coordinate the Project Ecobrindes City of God 25 women are learning cutting, sewing , screen printing and business management . We already have a blog where we post the photos and a page on face.

For this project have only one computer . This project takes place within a house that gave its space . Is being funded by LAMSA , a firm that manages a major highway . The project will end in October , but we wrote in the announcement that the continuation has been approved , ie , we have one more year .

Next year we will purchase press machines to do other types of toast is increasing the range of products , we are studying the possibility of a virtual store although I also believe the disclosure thereof in the network , since a store requires its own software , rental rate in the network , in addition to a professional to administer this action and we still have no resources to do so .

I'm in contact due to the internet with a Brazilian who is a Ph.D. candidate in Japan my poetry came into his thesis ; with another Brazilian doing masters in England my participation is by interviewing the goal is a remake or a new look at the City of God on account of negative visibility worldwide who brought the film to the community .

I'll be getting this month Anjuli an American to do his graduate research in the City of God . These communications are only realized by Skype account , face book , e- mail where the internet and technology are fundamental .

In order internet is so special in my life , technology today complete my actions , people approaching me , favors exchanges and enables me to go in search of resources to develop actions and allow others to be included with the results of these surveys and knowledge .

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kellyannaustin's picture

Thank you, Valeria, for

Thank you, Valeria, for sharing your vision of how technology has changed your world! Such an amazing journey. The connections you've made are surprising and so enriching. I'm glad to hear that the internet has opened up so many opportunities for you. May the blessings continue!


judyannet's picture

Valeria, So great to hear


So great to hear your story and how you are using the internet to help people in the community. I am so inspired by the many activities that you have mentioned here, it only serves to show how much we can achieve if we harness the power that the internet puts in our hands.

Your project using poetry to reach out to people is also one that is very important in light of the fact that people are moving towards the arts to advocate for social change.

It is sad though to hear that for the City of God project you are using but only one computer. This is a clear picture of how much we still need to do to let women access technology. I hope that in the near future you get to have more and more computers to make your work more effective.

Wishing you all the best and hoping to hear updates on more of your work. keep it up.


Judyannet Hi, thank your words and just as you think that poetry is a form of expression that allows us to releases beyond the heartaches.

It helps to heal the wounds our own, have resilience and healthy look to the world and to make sure that we need to believe that tomorrow will be special.

As for having more computer have good news already got a space that gives you have multiple computers and write forthe end of 2015 a project of digital inclusion for women.

From October 2014 to October 2015 women learned technique press for making slippers, eyeshades, decoration children's parties.

By October 2015 they will have learned cutting, sewing, silk screen, making gifts like slippers, car dumps and other products.

KOMoore's picture

Thank you

Hello Valeria,

Thank you for sharing all of these examples of how the internet allows you to follow what is important to you. It is very inspiring how you integrate the arts with human connection and healing.

Warm Regards,


Dear Karem. Thank you for caring. The communication should be used by different languages​​. It is a matter of survival.



travelpoet's picture

Using technology for the arts!

Thank you so much for your colorful description of all of the projects that you're involved with and especially for sharing how it's possible to use technology for artistic creations!

I'm a poet as well, and I love reading about your goal of a book with 200 poems and 10 videos. That's great!

It sounds like you're doing a wonderful job in building relationships and harnessing resources around you to continue to expand and move forward. Each contact you make is important, especially since we can never tell what conversation or project will have the greatest positive impact!

All best wishes to you with the wonderful work that you're doing.


Valéria Barbosa da Silva's picture

I wish much success.

Kristie grateful. If we have the tools and the will to make it happen, the action arises. We enhance every day, learn a little more.
I have learned a lot by doing simple things. If our work serve for one person only, we will have already done the sharing of love.

bonjour Valeria. vos réalisations sont trop impressionnantes. félicitation ma chère. ce qui m'interesse plus, est le fait d'assister à un défilé de mode de femmes brodeuses dans le centre de Rio de Janeiro, qui acontent l'histoire de la transformation de la broderie locale et la couture.
aussi, je suis membre d'une Association d'Encadrement pour la Promotion Integrale des Femmes vivant avec Handicap (AEPIFHA) asbl, qui intervient dans le domaine de coupe et couture, couture des sacs à mains, de souliers , mais la boderie locale et la sérigaphie pas encore. notre souhait est d'apprendre aussi ces genre de fomations.
si j'avais le moyen, je pouvais aussi participer à ce défilé de mode.

félicitation Valeria.


Bonjour cher Kasindi. Je suis très heureux que vous êtes intéressé par notre travail.
Chaque jour, nous apprenons un peu plus.
Je sais combien il est important de reconstituer l'histoire. Coudre groupe au-delà du travail de l'autonomisation des femmes, ils peuvent parler, d'échanger des expériences et coudre leurs âmes.


Julie.Desai's picture

Great Initiative

I am very happy to learn that you try to use the web for taking your goals forward and happy that you are making most of the internet. It is a great initiative and keep up the good work.

I am sure with your enthusiasm and insight you will be able to spread the message of the advantages technology has given us. Good luck for your future endeavors.


Dear Julie I discovered that technology is at the service of our development, our imagination and creation. She, the technology is able to bridge the gaps and differences by offering a higher chance of impoverished people have the right to new discoveries and knowledge.

 I know I do not know English hampers my communication with one another.

I also know that not knowing English and able to get here was a great victory, and it is a challenge for administrators of World Pulse that work to socialize communication, we must also invest in this direction and I need to think of strategies to solve this problem with stock This Quisito spode not be a barrier for women, for me it was not. Despite this feeling of incompleteness.

I know many women in the world will not have the dedication that I have, too estam wounds to invest in something, and resigned in 1st barrier.

Yeah I suffered a lot, and had to overcome several issues, now I can speak for the women of the world:
Woman if you want to talk, talk. Scream. Be sure to share your thoughts, your pains.
Your voice is the most important to our ears. We are here waiting for your speech. Not tera barriers to silence his voice. Her voice is more powerful than a barrier.

 She is a light to other women.

SanPatagonia's picture

Obrigada, Valéria!

Sua história é bem-vinda! Seus projetos são muito inspiradores!!!
Meu Português é terrível, então eu vou escrever em Inglês: About the virtual store, there are some sites that allow you to do it in 1-2-3 steps. Simple and easy. You have to pay but it's not that expensive. Another alternative is to be part of multi-stores already established, as a brand.

Foi muito interessante ler o seu post. Como você diz: "a tecnologia está a serviço do nosso desenvolvimento, nossa imaginação e criação".

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