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Every woman has a special story woven around their world. These experiences could be pleasant or unpleasant. Whatever, is deeply engraved within themselves is a source of knowledge rich in experience that could be shared. It is the ability of this sharing and learning from others that inspired me to join this community.

I work with the most marginalized communities in the country – The IDPs and the communities within the plantation sector of the country. Most of the social problems in these communities are woven around poverty, and a prominent problem is violence on women. One of the major cause for such violence is the use of alcohol. The use of alcohol among men has been an excuse to abuse women – mentally and physically. I would like to term this as ‘alcohol related violence’, where alcohol is used as an excuse to violence. Men after the use of alcohol do take unfair privileges of using a substance that gives them an excuse to abuse women. In rational sense, people tend to believe that after the use of alcohol people are totally unconscious – could do anything and everything because they are senseless – but in reality you could see that these men can hit their wives or children whom they consider as inferior or objects, but they would not do the same, I mean physical hit or shout at a another stronger man – such as a village leader or a policeman. So where has the unconsciousness gone? So alcohol use is another tool used to abuse or oppress women. Women need not give the men this unfair privilege on a man after the use of alcohol saying, ‘he hit me because he is after the use of alcohol, if not he is ok, or alcohol makes him senseless etc, hence he is unconscious of his activities – as these statements provides them the undue privilege - of alcohol use as an excuse to hit their women.

So women needs to stand up against such abuses or agree on such statements, think critically and not be victims of excuses ‘that has no rationality’. This is what I would like to tell many women out there, who are faced with similar problems or encounter such problems when they work in communities. I am always ready to provide on information or technical expertise on counteracting such problems.

I strongly believe the ‘Voice of our Future’ will carry this message to many who are faced with this problem. My personal vision is to work against myths that promote the use of alcohol to abuse women, and to reveal the reality behind such violence. The ‘Voice of our Future’ is an inspiration to reach my vision.


Katie McDonald's picture

Thank you

Hello Azmiya,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us this week. You have articulated well what led you to join the PulseWire community in the most simple and effective terms - 'sharing and learning'. That is what it is all about.

You also have a clear message - that alcohol is not an excuse for violence against women, there are no excuses for it. I hope that through your participation, your message will be carried and your vision made closer.


Tara's picture


Thank you for sharing your story, Azmiya. It is clear how strongly you feel about the issue of violence against women and how Pulsewire fits into your vision for change. I would love to know more about your personal story and what led you down the path to working in this area and what inspired you to help change the world.


azmiya's picture

Hi Tara

Personally, its being a woman itself that motivated and inspired me to work in this field. As I have expressed always, I am proud to be a women, a blessed women by the grace of God and has every means and ways to help other women who are as not much priviledged. I believe on a woman's innate potential and intuitions that makes her the person who she is. Many causes such as poverty, discrimination etc have interferred in her capacities - but in my view, these are the challenges that gives her the strength to be who she is. I had ups and down in life, faced against many things, but every day I thought was to fight back - and today, I have accomplished many thing which at times I would have not even dreamt of some years back. So it is this view and strength, I would like many other women too to have...and above all, - the intuition of a woman - she has the potential to see through - thats alway's the greatest asset she has.

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