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I don't want to beg, I don't want to work, I want to go to school

Child death and childhood death- these do not mean the same thing and researchers & policymakers should view both of them with equal importance. In South Asia, so many studies are getting done to measure and limit the volume of child death but very few are focusing on childhood death which is a regular phenomena with the population who are living at or below the poverty line. Small kids are forcefully sent to work by their families. Those who are too small to work, they are released to the busy streets for begging. Most vulnerable are the female children who become victims of sexual harassment while out on work at such a little age. These kids did not die but their childhood gets killed by their families. But, this is just a microscopic glance. If seen wholly, the policymakers are not being able to fully utilize the resources for developing the population which they could do otherwise if right people were on the right places to take useful decisions beneficial to the people who cannot afford to provide safe childhood to their children. Refination is needed in the top to help the grassroots sprout into trees.

Postscript: Yesterday, my brother who is studying MPH (Master of Public Health) asked me to review his class assignment. At first glance, I found that at some places, he wrote 'childhood death'. I was delighted to see that new researches on childhood mortality is on their way. However, when I asked him, he replied it is just to ornamentalize the wordings; it was an assignment on child mortality. I at once replaced all the 'childhood death' with 'child death'. He was surprised. He asked me why did I replace all of them. I just smiled.


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Hi Tanzina! Thank you for

Hi Tanzina! Thank you for touching on such an important global issue. Providing primary education for children significantly improves their chances of living a longer, healthier life. Your differentiation between childhood death and child death is crucial to understanding this. Forcing children to work during their formative years instead of attending school severely abbreviates their life in the long run. While child morality is definitely important, more emphasis should be placed on childhood. Thank you again, and keep sharing your ideas!

Tanzina Ahmed Choudhury's picture

Thank you sister

Thank you sister for your feedback.

Tanzina Ahmed Choudhury

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Meaningful Difference

Hi Tanzina,

I really appreciate the thoughtful distinction that you draw between child and childhood. While the death of either is tragic, the first is so much easier to measure, isn't it? Yet the second is extremely important. If a child cannot thrive into adulthood, then what chance does that child have of growing into one of the people who make the world better for the future? How can the cycle be broken if childhood is not preserved? It is so sad that families have to force their children to work. It is hard to understand why those people at the top cannot see that a stronger, healthier economy would benefit everyone, even them? And good for you for correcting your brother!

Hello Sister,
I'm happy to see that there are other people too who share the same thoughts as those of mine. If we continue to speak our thoughts out, one day or the other it will reach the ears of the policymakers and change will indeed come.
And, hahahaha! Regarding my brother?- I had to correct him!! :P
Love and peace-

Tanzina Ahmed Choudhury

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