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The lack of Bunong women with technologies !


Bunong women is a indigenous people ethic group from a remote area in northern of Cambodia. I was born in a farm cover with the numerous forest in around us, my family and I lived there without national radio for 7 years and we haven't received any information. I was start myself with a digital mobile phone when I was grade 10, my dad gave me digital program (Nokia) mobile phone even my dad doesn't know how to use it. I started to play with all those program application and my dad was a nasty person to allow her child using internet or calling contact with other people in that phone that we have strict traditional culture norm. He knew it's might effect his daughter and he believes that women will lost virgin because of contact with other men that he didn't know then will bring an shamed to whole family and now he still saying little rude word while I am using internet with my smart phone. However, I start my self with internet after I graduated high school in 2010 when I started living in Phnom Penh to enter my collages. Phnom Penh is a crowded city that I never experience before. Most of the times, I see peoples at the internet shop enjoy with game and email while I don't know what's internet important for?

It was past for a few months that I was living in Phnom Penh without internet, I started to ask a sister to teach me how to open Mozilla Firefox/ Google Chrome then she created a FB account for me and she asked me to practice it after she showed me for a little one. I did it but not a perfect one. I didn't know what's wifi or technology as well in that time, I started little bit with Microsoft when I was high school and I don't know how to typing on computer as well till I graduated my high school. My life at the province was 10 years that I have never enter to technology or use internet, It's mean I have never received any information through social media or technologies and It's 100% of Bunong Women is facing it the same as me.

The only one reason that I can use the technologies or internet and smart phone because I enter to Phnom Penh city, If I didn't enter to collage I might became a frog in a pool that didn't know anything with technologies. It's because we don't have any technologies program at high school and we don't have much capacity to do so cause we Bunong indigenous women have only 2 women who enter to universities because of our Bunong indigenous facing with lower income, traditional norm, impact by government development, the public services is very low, lack of practices on the rights of indigenous peoples, most of the families in the district didn't encourage much women goes school as much as men and it's because most of our women elder is literacy. For me, I think technologies is difficult to start with it if other grassroots women doesn't graduate from high school, what the facing is? Indigenous Bunong women have only few number at universities. As you know, my self started with technologies after 6 months graduated.

The one way for us about technologies shall be in high school level not at university because we are not there.
The technologies changed my life, changed my community to bringing with a woman who know how big is this world, bring a woman to my literacy technologies to know how to use FB, Email and other social media that helpful to other communities. Moreover, because of technologies let us know how state controlled information and never show us through televisions and radios.
I wonder if our Bunong indigenous women have receive enough the technologies program at high school class to share and to learn each other from other women around the world and I am proud if my indigenous women have knowledge on technologies to start by their own at their grassroots region.

This story was written for World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign. Learn more »



Help to educate the village girls with internet knowledge and having access to these tools...maybe needed from NGOs or churches if there are enough funds and resources. If not, volunteers from international NGOs to at least enter rural areas to find out how the girls are leading their lifestyles in villages before doing anything else. This is to gain information from field trips to find out, if not, the outside world will not be able to know what is going inside there and how to help.


I'm so glad to read your contribution and so happy you joined your voice to others here at World Pulse. This is an inspiring story, inspiring because you have spread your wings and not stayed a "frog in a pool." What a wonderful saying or metaphor that is! And also inspiring because you are thinking about your sisters who still have challenges connecting to the outside world, who might like to widen their horizons, but also to share the wisdom and knowledge they have from their pond! We all have the challenge reaching outside of what we know! That will be my mantra today: Don't be a frog in a pool, Kelly.

Very best wishes,


Sreyneang's picture

Thanks you !

Dear everyone and Kelly,
I do thanks for your nice comment. All your word more encourage me to join and sharing my community story and myself to the world, I am very happy to connected with amazing peoples you all here and I won't be a frog in the pool anymore :)

phoang's picture

Thank you for sharing!

Hi Sreyneang,

Thanks for sharing your story. I'm always inspired to hear about people who, though not given all the opportunities from the beginning, have learned on their own to use technology and teach others about it. Perhaps you can find other resources and non-profits that promote digital inclusion, and help reach out to more people outside the city. It seems like you won't stop until you've learned as much as you can, and teach more more people how to use the Internet and social media networks to connect with each other. I look forward to reading more about your experiences. Thanks for sharing!


muhorakeye's picture

salut j'aime votre histoire

salut j'aime votre histoire très intéressante parce que votre idée en cour agente
Quelle belle expression ou de la métaphore qui est! Et aussi inspirant parce que vous pensez à vos sœurs qui ont encore de des défis qui se connectent au monde extérieur, qui aimeraient élargir leurs horizons, mais aussi de partager la sagesse et de la connaissance qu'ils ont de leur étang! Nous avons tous le défi d'atteindre dehors de ce que nous savons! même si le défis existent continuer a lutte contre ça j’espère avec le courage des en utilisant la nouvelle technologie nous réussiront toujours je vous souhaite la continuité ma cher

Muhorakeye Esperance

KOMoore's picture

Thank you for sharing!

I really enjoyed reading your story. I like the way you have taught yourself and your thoughts about how others can gain access to the internet. It is like awakening others from a sleep and once they realize what it can do will hopefully keep on expanding their use.
Is there greater access now that Apple has created less expensive cell phones? Wouldn't it be wonderful if a big company like that could be inspired to provide access and education in your country?! I think you make an important observation that this learning should ideally happen at high school or lower levels of education.
Good luck to you!
Thank you for sharing your story.
Warm Regards,


ccontreras's picture


I truly enjoyed reading your story because I feel the connection when you say that the internet brings the world together; it has become a platform to learn new things and explore other topics. I admire your determination to learn more about social media and the internet and use it to connect with other women around the world. I am excited that you found World Pulse and now you are participating in this global campaign! :-)
Peace and love! x

"I embrace emerging experience. I am a butterfly. Not a butterfly collector." - Stafford

Kadidia's picture


Your story is a testimony. What a long journey we have to reach the majority of people so that they can access the internet. I agree with you that the use of technology should be available at least the high school level.
In many countries, nowadays, elementary school students use it without any difficulty.
You may consider being an ambassador and go back to your home town to teach the use of internet to your peers.
Thank you for sharing your story on the worldpulse platform.

Kadidia Doumbia

Dear Sreyneang,

I read your story with amazement and pride in what you have accomplished thus far in recognizing the power of technology and the ways this can improve your life and the lives of the indigenous Bunong women of Cambodia. Your determination to learn whatever you can by exploring all avenues of social media is inspiring. I can only imagine the journey you have taken so far...from no technology - not even a radio - to surfing the internet! I agree that education is empowerment. Thank you so much for sharing your story with World Pulse.

In love and peace,
Terry Mullins

binapatel33's picture

Great job

I am so very proud of you for learning about technology and I am sure now that you learn more about it, you want to explore it even more! The world is unlimited through the internet! I wish you all the best!


Kind Regards,
Bina Patel
hc Mediate, LLC

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