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I think we need to get the stories from the men,am still trying to figure out how?!
When this group was created, I had alot of hope that the men colleagues would share as much as the women do on pulseWire.
I guess,we are spending alittle more time reading the "inspiring" or are they not??.. stories from the women from all over the world especially with the VOF campaign.. or do we need to start up our own campaign so the men will speak out?!
Please help me do we get rolling and going?!
I love this forum and just don't know how to excite you..
Looking forward to hear from all..ladies and gentlemen!


Tenbear's picture

A cause of unbalance

I see a great misconception in many people and communities . It’s a conventional stereotype that people see as perfectly fine , but is not healthy . Many people confuse Male as Masculine and Female as Feminine , I am of course not talking about the function of a male and female body’s , but the workings of our mind / soul in balance .
The truth is , we are healthiest when we balance masculine and feminine . This is proven by all our best and holiest people .
A classic example of this would be gentleness and power , wisdom and fortitude . Combined , these traits are far superior than when separated . The fact that many in this world believe this to be untrue proves why so much is unhealthy in our world in my opinion . If you look at women in many unbalanced communities and societies you see often woman having some what more masculine and feminine balanced than most man . Women are generally forced /trained in many different ways to be gentle / focused care givers to children and the elderly using fortitude to do endless tasks around care giving etc. . Planning meals ,with what is never enough , and dealing with violence and conditioned sexual dominance with wisdom and skill to fulfil a socially conditioned role . Usually faining an overtly feminine role to survive.
On the other hand men generally are the people who dole out the punishment , gather in fear based groups posturing and plotting to take control of others for what is to be understood as profitable religious or secular reasons or both . These motivations rationalized as a quest for abundance for there people , but is really for the men and powered by violence that is described as honour and faith and again forced on males at a young age in these unhealthy societies .
This is a generalized account , but true in basic truth & result and not difficult to see in many of our world’s unhealthy places . My point is that balance is the key , balance of masculine and feminine in both men and women . We don’t have to be a woman to be gentle or a man to be powerful . If and when there is balance men’s and woman’s roles are far less defined , men and women / girls and boys are equally doing all things and skills are shared and taught to the interested and not classified by sex . Exceptions would be understood as simply that and understood in a balanced fare way . Again I am of course not talking about the function of a male and female body’s , but the workings of our mind / soul in balance . People who are balanced are far more giving , ethical , patient , strong , positively enduring and compassionately wise beings , in sync with our world .


JaniceW's picture

Great starting point for discussion

Dkzi... I am so happy that you posted this as your voices have been rather quiet of late. We have recently had a few male members join PulseWire whom you might wish to reach out to, to invite them to join this group.


Henri Bidq

Ralph Risch

Abdul Haque Zoaq Baloch


shadmaan saleem

dean cycon


Oscar Toili

Felix Masi

I look forward to the continuing discussion. Best wishes,

Tenbear's picture

sex aka. love A good place to start

The great role models and wise people in my life have usually been woman . So trying to help men understand the situation of women is something I have tried to do since very young . I can really only have understandings not definitive knowledge of course , I am a man after all . I have as I alluded to seen violence first hand many times , in many ways to woman and girls in my life and been subjected to it myself . People I love having to deal with many levels of cultured systematic dominance and violence because of being woman or against violence and intimidation to woman .
There is a real monster obstacle for people today another deep negative confusion for many and that is sex aka. love. Sex seems to drive so much , I know this personally being attracted to women as men generally are and visa versa and on that note to each other which is or should be just as natural when love or at least respect are involved .
The use of sex however is not usually a positive thing in our world . There’s child brides , forced marriages , sexual slavery and of course porn the pervasive sex mind that is being transmitted and purchased in our high speed world . This is probably the biggest problem for woman and men balance I feel . This is a tough one though because sexuality and it’s confusions are so ingrain by negative stereotypes and roles we play , men and women alike . I think this is one place men can make a real difference , objectifying woman as a conversation point is a place I usually start most of my conversations with men about the situations I understand women to be in etc . When bringing this up with men though we should be very skilled because it is so ingrained . Here is a statistic you will find motivating and an article & interview .

- 500,000 girls and young women a year are abducted for sex slavery , horribly abused , tortured Yearly and the numbers are rising .

A first hand account of an abducted girl ;


Tenbear's picture

sex of skates

One of my jobs is I work at a recreation center as an engineer for the ice plant and run the ice resurfacer aka zamboni . I also work in the skate shop periodicly . It’s a lot of fun playing hockey with the kids and getting to skate and of course I get skates for people who need them .
As a young man growing up on the prairies of Canada Ice hockey was the realm of males all of whom wanted to be great hockey players and they exclusively used hockey skates . Figure skates where worn by females because every girl wanted to be a figure skater and spin and jump and would never want to play hockey of course !?
Well a funny thing happened , it was one of these synchronistic things in the 60’s my mom along with others women decided it was time for women to play this game of hockey . There was hockey played by women in the 30’s and a bit earlier , it was more of a novelty then and with world war 2 women’s ice hockey came to an end . There was a game where women and girls would use these shafts of hockey sticks and push a ring around and play in figure skates called ringette . This of course was not the real game of hockey , ringette was like figure skates it was supposed to exclusively if not condescendingly be for females or effeminate people ( this is a whole other subject ,ok just one name Elvis Stojko) I digress ...
When my mom and other women decided to put on the hockey skates and play this game it was a coupe . Men did there usual “ Oh they are just going to get board of it ’ and “ It’s too physical for them ’ etc. BS. Well the funny thing is from that small synchronistic idea across Canada one winter , womens ice hockey has taken off in the world . Here in Canada where hockey is a religion to many (for good or bad ) women are the best in the world . They don’t play in the men’s NHL yet and not usually with the men at a high level ( some do) but the game the Canadian women play has surpassed the men’s team’s in international play and medals in Canada .
There is a lot of issues in hockey around violence and sex discrimination still , but that was not why I wanted to talk about hockey and skates in particular .You see with skates as I mentioned there are 2 kinds - hockey and figure skates . Hockey skates are far more versatile like runners and figure skates would be like tap shoes . The crazy sexist thing is many men&boys and many women&girls still call figure skates girls skates and hockey skates boys skates . To this day I challenge people when they ask for a pair of boys skates or a pair of girls skates . These people usually get upset that I am making distinctions around the use of the skates and not the sex of the skates . It is amazing how we as people identify with objects to engender each other and ourselves . This is a real place i make some strides to equal rights and equal respect . I often think of those crazy heals( pumps ) women where and if people want to do that fine , but is it necessary ? I will tell you of me wearing a men’s dress ( Polynesian one ) years ago in the hot summer in Canada , another coupe .

Peace ,

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