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VOF Week 2: Building a future

I wanted to establish links with women from other countries and I decided to look for information about networks of women on the internet. There, I arrived to the page of Pulse Wire. Definitely, the message “no one speaks for me, I speak for myself”, touched my heart and my mind. I see that mass media in general is not interested in spreading the voice of women, mainly if it is an indigenous voice. Here in Bolivia, mass media is mostly on hands of prívate enterprises . So, what can one do? ¿To stay enclosed waiting that perhaps someday, somebody will give me a microphone or give me a space in his newspaper to express what I need? The answer is no, because I may be waiting the rest of my life and nothing will happen. I decided to speak for myself and in some minutes I was part of this network.
“We built our future”, says other message that I have heard and listened in different circumstances. What do now will have its consequences in the future, in our future. I felt motivated to participate in this group because I though it was a door opening for all of us who have the need to built an inclusive world, where the role and the importance of women could be really taken into account. At the same time that we contribute for our future, we also help to contribute for the future of female children too as in a kind of circle.
My motivation is to speak and to write about my culture and situation of indigenous women in rural and urban contexts. As I expressed in other post, to be a woman living in an underdeveloped country, to be from indigenous origin implies a lot of challenges. To be part of a network , to belong to a huge group of active women sharing their stories gives me a sense of linking efforts to make something for each of us.


Maria de Chirikof's picture

Door opening

I love that image of doors opening since I get images of doors in our hearts and our mind as well as doors leading to better places all at once in reading your words.

I love reading the stories of woman and love how you also want to write the urban stories as well as the rural ones. This helps us feel we are not divided anymore that each does care about the other and from all over too.

I know what you mean about wanting the newspaper to give you the microphone to speak your views and realizing you will be waiting forever. I think that idea was in my mind when I was a child and I used to picture storing up lots of stories and thoughts and ideas of what I would say, part of why I love words so much. It lets me share these images I form in my head with others from around the world. Like other woman, sometimes I am whimsical, sometimes serious, sometimes curious and that is what is great because seeing all he other woman are the same and here for the same reasons!

The idea of network scares me a little since I often feel I can not do much more then write something for other woman since I often feel a bit overwhelmed with just my daily life. I love that other woman do it! It does inspire me to try once again!


Gemma's picture

Speaking for yourself


I have had many emotional reactions to your post. Like you, the Pulsewire message touches me. I am very lucky because I live that motto - No one speaks for me, I always speak for myself. I also speak for others when I am asked or when I feel a compelling need.

Your statement that mass media is not interested in spreading the voice of women is sadly true. Around the world, the main story is still a man's story. In most places, men are still at the head of the enterprise with women in subordinate positions. Exchanging ideas in forums like Pulsewire allow us to grab the microphone away and eliminating the need to want space in the newspaper. I believe that if we continue to speak here, and we create a movement that grows and gains momentum, then the traditional media will have to take notice. What is interesting to me, however, is that in the United States, the newspaper is threatened. I live in New Hampshire, close to Boston, Massachusetts, and it is anticipated that the Boston Globe might disappear.

Your motivation is powerful. We must work collectively to build an inclusive world and women are a critical component of that world. I believe that women are necessary to create peace, build communities, and create economic viability.

I want to know more about your challenges as an indigenous woman in an undeveloped country. Please give me more of a sense of yourself. What brought you to wanting to establish links with women from other countries? Why is writing about your culture a motivation for you? What will your membership in this group of active women bring to you?

I am eager to know you better and again, thanks for this great post.


CristinaQuisbert's picture

Living in this country

Hello Gemma,

To stablish links with women from other countries allows to know their own realities in their countries but also to make known my own reality. Culturally we belong to a rich diversity but sometimes we don´t know what our situation is in the world and how and what we could do if we don´t know anything about us. I think this is important. Writing about my culture will always be a motivation since that keeps alive my identity, if I don´t say a word about it, nobody will do it for me. To be a member fo this group will bring me opportunity, and opportunity to share ideas, knowledge, information. It will bring me an opportunity to cross borders and help me understand how feminine energy could join to built community.

Kind regards,

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