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Towards a Virtuous Circle

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I have tried to remember the day I first joined Worldpulse wire but I cannot quite point to the exact event that guided my fingers to surf to the world website. May be this is because, I spend so many hours everyday doing my research on the web and communicating with friends and partners across the globe. But one thing I remember is the long journey that I have come this far. That I can be able to share my humble beginnings of learning to use virtual technology from a humble city back ground of Nairobi, Kenya and using the same to promote gender equality and empowerment of women both in rural Africa and world over.

I was born and grew up in Kenya ( My first journal holds part of my story). My life After high school was torn between pursuing my career goal of being a broadcaster and public speaker, my obligation and responsibility to care for my siblings after my parents demise and my passion to work with marginalised rural women and girls who I identified with in my lonely tearful nights that followed daylight bravery that hid the pain I was going through.

In the course of pursuing this threefold vision, I desired to know what the world outside Kenya is like. Partly because sometimes we think that if only we could be in a new environment the hardships we face in our prime abode will cease to be. Again in this pursuit, was a feeling that I can be all I want to be and where I want to be if I choose to. That led me to intensively teach myself basic computer skills as I tirelessly tried to send proposals to donor agencies abroad seeking financial help for my vision for the women and girls. For sure, though I spent so much resources and time writing proposals at cyber cafes in Nairobi an exercise that was very expensive ten years ago, all proposals never bore any fruit in cash to support the vision that I held so dearly. My joy was revamped whenever I would go to the villages to break news to the women in my network that nothing had come forth yet. A few would break down and leave in disappointment wondering what kind of an NGO will come to a community to advocate for empowerment without money while others would hold on and encourage me that someday the vision will speak and though it tarries it shall come to pass.

Then a door opened for me to travel to Europe, and surely as I hugged the women goodbye, in the back of my mind was the thought "if there are computers in Europe as I hear, I will work so hard to find help for the women in Africa". Little did I know that in Europe life is a struggle just as it is in Africa and that unless one is persistent and focused to doing the right thing, one can waste many years being in Europe and return home having done nothing. I feared for this fate being my identity because all along I never wanted to be called a failure because I am not one. I am a learner: And even when things don’t go right as I planned, to me those mistakes made where platforms for me to learn and opportunities to make it work as it should.

Still carrying the burden of my life goals, that of my siblings and that of the women and girls of rural Africa with me . I compared myself a woman pregnant with triplets that I must bring forth with life. I told myself that none of my vision will abort. Today I am pursuing my higher education and adding skill and knowledge to my profession, I have a family, and my brothers who were left under my care are at a tender age are now through with their education and even employed. and for the women and children of Africa I have Project Africa , an Non profit established with an aim to promote gender equality, equity and empowerment of women and girls in rural Africa.

As I review all these, I believe that what pulled me to world pulse wire was the attraction of women who like myself had drawn so much strength from their life experiences and were using these experiences to bring forth positive change in the society. So though, I may not quite remember the event that led me to I remember reading through the index page and saying to myself this is a place for me to be. And as I joined the network, every profile of every woman that I read on the first day until now has been a source of encouragement that I resonate with.

Then I thought about the women and girls in rural Africa. They are a part of me how can they benefit from this wonderful network? How can they regardless of their remote locations interact with women world wide like I am doing and gain power for knowing that their are any out there who struggle like they do but move own? How could I be an ambassodor for the women and girls in Project Africa network and reveal to the world their beauty, creativity, talents and wisdom. I thought about Project Africa’s Rafiki program which I started with an aim to involve women worldwide to participate in educating, mentoring and empowering women and girls at a personal level. And Bang! The idea came to start The Rafiki Club in this network world pulse wire that unlike other networks that fear of being overshadowed, was open to let every woman and women organization arise and shine.

Today, I consider my finding world pulse wire a miracle in deed. Because through the network I have been encouraged with notes of women who recognise the contributions that I make to see my mothers and sisters in Africa are empowered. Through worldpulse wire Project Africa’s Rafiki Program has taken a new lifting now involving more than 100 women in just one month and the numbers are increasing as much as is the enthusiasm. Through world pulse I now know that it is possible to make communication go through a complete virtuous circle reaching even the marginalised in Africa. The Steps are registered on The Rafiki Club Journal titled “Rafiki Joins two Parts of the world, with one cord love” ( cannot be over emphasized.

Women in three worlds are joined together by both old and new media. This shows that our diversity is our strength and our desire for change can be passed on one woman to another regardless of where we are. Those in doubt on just how much women can do to take back their freedoms and rights must check out the voices of reason that these media represent. We are moving towards a virtuous circle where women take control of every decision and platform that talks about women issues and social change.

Therefore, world pulse wire is making a vision come to pass, that of me being an ambassodor for the women and girls in rural Africa. This is for me and for Mama Africa.



jaygher's picture


You are an inspiration. Your powerful use of words, your comprehension of your own life path and your contextualization of women, are immense. This post motivates me to want to meet you and to engage with you in person. I would like to learn more about your work and how you made it a realization. I think explaining this further depth would provide much insight and assistance to other motivated women. Thank you.


mamaAfrica's picture

I am humbled

I am more than willing to share the lessons i have so far learnt. Kindly visit my website and if you have any queries dont hesitate to ask. Consider joining the Rafiki club here on worldpulse I will be honoured to meet you some day


Hi MamaAfrica,

I'm sitting here at the PulseWire office with a wonderful group of people each connecting with members around the globe...and your name of course comes up because your voice is powerful and your vision big. I feel your persistence and need this energy for myself and my own dreams....thank you! I have told some friends about the Rafiki club and I am sure once I get my first letter they will be joining.

I loved hearing more about your journey.



Mama Africa -
I am so very moved by your journey. Not only are you a wonderful writer, but you also have an amazing ability to take perspective and draw the true lessons out of your experience. I especially loved when you wrote that you are not a failure you are a learner. This is a fantastic way to view everyone -as learners. That it is all about learning all the time, instead of succeeding or failing. I also loved your metaphor about giving birth to triplets- the three folds of your vision.
I am inspired by all you have done.
I am evaluating your VOF assignment two and I am honored to do so.
Thank you,

mamaAfrica's picture

Thank you

Thank you Jocelyne

I am glad that you were able to read through my entry nad make a comment. I have learnt that it is easy to speak from the heart and so every statement i make is always wish it iis candid. This is because I believe like i said in my post there are no mistakes in life only lessons.

Well when i started writing " towards a Virtuous Circle" I poured my heart out and realised OH my i have over written the 500 word margin. I was almost uuugghh wondering why there is no more space. But then i thought i could do a brief and connact it to the detailed version afterall there is that possibility. I am glad it worked. I am so happy about the experience of it has given me a totally new chapter in my life with my "Triplets". I hope someday I will meet the organisers in person and say Asante Sana!

Thank you Jocelyn for the comment.

prabisha's picture

Source of My Inspiration

Hello Mama Africa,

As your name, Mama Africa, holds the beauty and love of and for African girls and women, so does your story. Reading to such success stories has always been source of my inspiration.

Listening life experiences from women like you has sown hopes in me to go back to my country-women and be their ambassador.

Thank you so much for sharing us your experience.

With kind regards,


mamaAfrica's picture

Dear Prabisha Yes time and

Dear Prabisha

Yes time and opportunity has been given to ll of us. i understand that many people fear taking a step because of the uncertainities of the future. But you know what, the future is bright. So we must start making one step ech day to get there and the more you make a your steps the nearer you get to the light on the other side of the tunnul. I challenge you to go to your community and start the work. My second advice wil be that you should not aim at multitudes. No aim at impacting the life of one individual at a time. when you get one who embraces your vision then she can pass it to her household, and raise two and the two can mentor and raise four and the tree will grow.
I wish you all the best and incase you have any questions, Dont hesitate to ask.

Dear MamaAfrica,
Your works and words are strong and powerful. Your struggles to you and your Mama Africa have enlightened many innocent womens that are the victims of poverty. Ofcourse World pulse have make a big difference in every readers life by connecting each other. Keep writing your story it inspires me and believed all the readers of world pulse.
Thank you for your story.
With love and regards

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

mamaAfrica's picture

thank you

thank you Sunita for reading through my work and for your encouraging words. i will do my best to always share from my heart. thanks

sunita.basnet's picture

You are always welcome

Dear Mama Africa,
It's my pleasure to hear from you. You are always welcome, please keep writing.

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

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