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For one to understand what we are going through in Nigeria, as far as internet is concern, since the past twenty four hours, I have been trying to submit my post, but to no avail, simply because the internet line I am using has been very slow; it cannot gain access since Monday the 31st March.

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Susan K.A.'s picture


What a bummer, Francis, and sorry to hear it! That is utterly frustrating and I empathize with you. :(


"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being."

binapatel33's picture

Please repost

Hi, can you please try to repost? I am sure the problem is very large there in Nigeria, but if you could please try and repost your article that would be great. Looking forward to reading it.

Kind Regards,
Bina Patel
hc Mediate, LLC

Francis Onyekwue's picture

Re Posted

Hi,thanks for asking me to repost, that i have done believing it will be ok.
Sorry i am new to world pulse, i do know by the time i will be conversant with the community, i will be doing more posting. and again depending on the internet accessibility in my wonderful country Nigeria.
Francis Onyekwue.
Project Director

Francis Onyekwue's picture


It is very clear that most a time people find it difficult to face the reality, the question that comes on is:
1. What is reality or what is reality of life?
Now take a look at women weave the web campaign, all effort is geared towards empowering women, enabling women to use the web. Knowing fully well that this is a technological age, in some countries like Nigeria, you still find a lot of women not using the web. You are left with no option than to ask what is wrong, what is the challenge.
The truth of the matter is, and that is what brings us to the reality, is that most women are the cause of the problem; some are not interested in using the web, while many are only interested in the use of face book as a means to gossip and showcase their pictures.
Women should rise up to the fact that the world and all there in is meant for all, it is a world of all and not just men’s world. I believe that the issue of marginalization starts with the individual or group.
For years, women have accepted the fact that they are the weaker sex. But in actual fact, no man can go through the pains of pregnancy for nine good months.
2. Another challenge is that of some social media outfit. Let us take the case of face book, pinging on BB, if you do a research, one will discover that women are they highest users, the reason is that it has to do with gossip and show case of body figures all in the name of pictures. Some even want to go naked. Social media should contain privacy, like email, tweeter, blog, the use of community, etc. like world pulse; it is only the community members will have access to what is published. In other words, the social media should be made to be informative, educative. There should be some form of confidentiality to it.
3. Women especially those at the grass root, should be educated on the use of social media, if possible they should be formed into groups, where they can share ideas, inform themselves.
4. Countries especially those in the third world, should be encouraged to introduce fiber optics to enable internet accessibility at community level.
5. World pulse members, should be given a mandate to reach out to their community in their respective countries, especially Africa. They should be give target to reach in every year. On winning women to weave the web.
6. More training should be done to members (TOT) to keep them informed on internet security, and how to use the web.
From what is going on in this part of the world, and because of the slow and difficult connectivity of internet, it is advisable women and others be encouraged to use I phones, I pads, etc, for internet more that the use of computers at cyber café, for security purposes.
Women should also be informed on whom they accept as friends on the social media.
As an individual working with an organization, I have not trained any one on the use of the social media, but as an organization, we are intending to do that, at grass root level.
For one to understand what we are going through in Nigeria, as far as internet is concern, since the past twenty four hours, I have been trying to submit my post, but to no avail, simply because the internet line I am using has been very slow; it cannot gain access since Monday the 31st March.

amymorros's picture

A New Reality

I am so glad you were able to post your journal. I think that it must be quite frustrating and not having consistent, reliable access to the internet for all is truly unfair. I like your recommendations and your focus on training to use social media.
I am also glad that you have out put a lot of thought into safety and privacy concerns.
All the best to you and I hope your Internet connection gets better!


Kadidia's picture

Technology vs Nigeria


I understand your frustration in our 21st century. A decent internet speed seems to be the minimum requirement. Nevertheless, you were able to send us your comments and that's all that counts.

I agree with you that many women use the internet mostly for Facebook, and it is a pity. I believe that the benefits of this virtual tool need to be emphasized and explained a little bit more for people to understand how powerful it can be and what impact it can have in their social or professional life.

Thank you for sharing your comments and ideas with us at worldpulse.

Kadidia Doumbia

Francis Onyekwue's picture

Hi Kadidia, Thanks for your

Hi Kadidia,
Thanks for your reply, i did appreciate the time and thought.

Kadidia's picture


You're so welcome.

Kadidia Doumbia

documama's picture

Dear Kadidia, First of all

Dear Kadidia,

First of all I'm sorry for the frustration of not being able to post! All of us who use computers will experience that at some point so we know it makes it difficult to accomplish what you set out to do! I am so glad that you finally were able to and more importantly stuck with it! Because of that you were able to share valuable insights with us. I especially like what you said about women needing to take control of their own training and make sure they try to learn computers and social media. I am not exactly sure why but what you said reminded me of a saying "none can make you feel small, unless you let them make you feel small." Like we as women need to take control of our own lives and destinies.

Thank You,

judyannet's picture

Francis Wow! Great to hear


Wow! Great to hear the situation in Nigeria in terms of social media. I am also sad to hear you could not make the post earlier because of connection issues. Having seeing the same thing in Rural Kenya I definitely understand the frustration. I am amazed by the fact that social media could well be the greatest trigger for social change especially in Africa. Unfortunately as you mention it is so sad to hear that few if any women are using the internet for other things but social networking sites like Facebook and for 'gossip' as you say. I would like to point out that since women are the majority of the users of such sites as Facebook grassroot organizations should seek to tap into that and divert it into a tool of social change by mobilizing the women through it. I have positive evidence that once these women realize the power they have in their hands we will be getting a different report.

It is also very important that you mention the fact that women are their very own enemies when it comes to being undermined or looked at as the 'weaker people'. I agree with you that women should themselves step up and stop wallowing in the belief that they are any lesser human beings.

Thank you very much for sharing your story with us. I look forward to hearing some more from you.


The world needs to hear your voice, and the voices of other women from Nigeria.

your friend in America,

Francis Onyekwue's picture


Hello Kit.
Great to hear from you, thanks for the reply and encouraging words, we will continue to make our voices heard, despite the delay the Internet is causing down here.

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