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Since my childhood, I have always loved to express my opinion and views.
I read mass communication and started practicing in 1996 as Assistant Editor of Oracle Magazine. My Editor/ Publisher limited my communication scope.

The next year I met this Architect who had known me since childhood. He inquired if I had graduated and what I was doing presently. I then informed him I was with the Oracle magazine but their editorial policy does not really tie with my own concept and the way I perceive real journalism.

I have a just and impartial view and refuse to compromise with the ethical standard of real journalism. The press is regarded as the watchdog of the society as such it is my duty to propagate, motivate and ensure progress through constructive and objective reporting, thus I pay much attention to substantive issues in public interest and take seriously the importance of impartiality, balance and objectivity issue presentation by creating awareness on some social ills and irregularities, discuss strategies to achieve education and developmental targets and help formulate policy guidelines to ameliorate certain societal problems and pitfalls.

From our discussions he got interested and opted to be the Publisher hence, I became co-founder and Editor in Chief of a monthly journal - New Forum with motto ‘ignorance to knowledge’. Alongside I carried out public relations consultancy.

In January 2007, I went on to the radio; since I noticed the Cameroonian population has a poor reading culture. I was Producer/Editor/ Host of a one hour weekly call in program – Social Forum. Depending on the topic of the day I usually invited guest and resource persons while the public reacted. In October 2007, I was notified to be one of the winners of the 2007 Global Media Award of Excellence on Population Reporting organized by the Population Institute in Washington DC and I won in the category of Best Electronic Commentary, I got a ticket to the US in December to receive my award.

I presently freelance and my works have been published in an Online Media base in the US - RH Reality Check, the Entrepreneur and the Recorder Special both media houses are based in Cameroon. I equally have my own blog and have an HIV/AIDS column with The Zimbabwean Newspaper. I have attended forums on health, environment, entrepreneurship development and journalism in Cameroon, Japan and the US.

I got to know about World Pulse from my senior sister MboneEnie and since I have enjoyed the opportunity to post my own journal, make new friends, share views and experiences and get to read about stuff from around the world. Immediately I joined the community I was introduced to Voices of Our Future and after reading what it was all about I found it so interesting and much fun. Since then I have had the privilege to rediscover myself from various comments and disseminate on a broader spectrum.


Nelly2.0's picture

What do you know!

Well, I love the internet. I am a health reporter too! I spend at least forty percent of my time covering HIV and AIDS. Godspeed sister.



Hi Nelly, i'm surprise having lived in Buea i only got to know you through World Pulse. I visited the radio occassionly and once featured in one of Madam Philo Metuge's program.

I'm am general interested in social issues and HIV/AIDS is known as a disease of ignorance, so we need to educate and sensitize a great deal. Although i hold in African the mortality rate is more as a result of water and sanitation related diseases, yet, much of our population encounter water and sanitation crisis and still very little is done to curb it.

I have visited some of our rural communities and their living condition is deplorable. infact i wrote a story about Muyenge Village and it has been published in the Global Water Network Newsletter, here is the link -, my story is on page 29.

Best Regards

LauraB's picture

So many accomplishment

You show such determination and drive to be reporting on the radio, in print, starting your own publication, received a distinguished award, and writing a blog, now VOF! As you speak about diffferent topics on your show, I can imagine that you are very well versed on a wide range of topics. How I would love to sit and hear your stories- all the people you have talked to! It seems that the VOF has a personal slant- specifically how issues touch the lives of women. It feels different in that we can tell our own unique stories. I'm wondering how your work in Cameroon affects your life daily? How you feel differently being involved in journalism? What success stories do you see?

PulseWire provides a forum to connect to women on world issues. I got tired of the US press...The New York Times is a world class paper, but they focus on problems. Then, I found World Pulse and PulseWire ..focusing on success. I crave these success stories. You have many to share...tell us a few. I will be listening.

Best wishes,




Laura thanks for the compliment. I guess if you have been reading my journals i have been sharing my experiences, views and opinions. You can also visit my blog -

As regards VOF, as i understood the week two assignment i was to give an account of my personal story, what inspired me to join VOF and how it fits my personal vision.

I have NO PERSONAL STORY, NO VISION, NO MISSION, NO PROSPECT without a public. We are bound together
My key point in my story is that as a Communicator i have an obligation and duty to sensitise, educate and create awareness. My passion and job satisfaction lies on my outreach and the number of people i can inspire and make an impact in their lives. The reason why i try as much as possible to broaden my voice by seeking openings to dissemminate on a broader spectrum.

I also try to take advantage of the different mode of communication - radio, TV, online forums, print, public and interpersonal relations and i am even trying a hand in poetry and novels too; all in my strive to communicate. I am equally aware most of our societal problems are contemporary as such i feel so happy to have the opportunity to join a forum like World Pulse where we can share, exchange ideas and solutions.

I hold as a challenge there is still more people to reach out to and most of our social problems are some how interwoven- gender, human rights, health, environment, development etc, the reason why i endeavour to delve generally on social issues - exposing the prevailing problems, inform on the policies and steps taken by individuals, organisations and policy makers to curb or resolve them and examining the future prospects.

I pray as the days go by i will be able to share more stories. Besides, success can't be assess, attained or derived without first of all appraising the problem. Thus, i personally hold the two work hand in hand.

Thanks for lending a listening ear.

Warm Regards

mrbeckbeck's picture

Keep up the great work!


Thanks so much for sharing your journey with all of us. I was one of your Listeners for this assignment, and loved to hear how you came to join this community.

I especially loved how you stood up for your personal ideals at Oracle magazine. It seems that so often the content in most media is restricted to one viewpoint. I'm thankful that World Pulse and PulseWire are here as a resource for everyone to speak their mind freely.

Congratulations on your award, and for continuing to present your ideas here and elsewhere online! I look forward to reading more of your insights on your blog.

Thank you again for being here and sharing your voice with everyone. I know that I need to make more time to share my own voice and vision...your frequent posts help to inspire me.

With kind wishes,

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer


Encouraging words

Thanks Scott for the encouraging and kind words.
I think it is quite awesome to be part of this wonderful community - World Pulse and PulseWire.
I am glad to know some men collaborate with women for a more equitable society.

Best Wishes,

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