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Grass Roots Women In Digital Age

Natural wombman

In order to overcome the barriers to the world wide web , women should redefine communication for themselves. The technology was created by men in the first instance which omits the right brain capacity for creativity. I have tried many programs including web site design using Dream weaver, however I just did not get it. The only way I was able to overcome some of the barriers fears and misconceptions was to develop a wordpress page myself which is in order to post project results .It worked and I reached the desired outcome, I even use it now, through trail and error. The Internet cafe on the other hand ,offer no confidentiality sometimes can be seedy , with porn being watched next to you , sometimes when you have a deadline to submit and your PC is just not working we have no option.The pop ups of naked women aside is embarrassing , and has to be the last resort. As I manage a community group in the UK,iletoCPN we have many members who have a multitude of skills, some involved in teaching in schools and some in adult education, and from our discussions the same issues arise developing into fear of using tablets Pc's and other multimedia tools, which when managed can be time saving women sends.
What we find works well, the experiences of low cost residential-training, when ever possible at a women's only college, this provides the environment for nurturing in a relaxed environment, where you are free to learn at your own pace, with other women , not having to worry about providing dinner for the family ,the housekeeping or act as a mediator for family conflict .The adage is that although we can be very competitive as women in the work place and in all walks of life, this provides a real opportunity for Sisterhood. In some cases the downside sometimes, if the learner has a child aged 14 and over they are unable to apply, I don't know the reason for the 14 aged cut of point, but these are the policies. I would like to see no learner left behind , able negotiate the way forward.Some members of our Afrikan community experience is school was horrific ,we take our time and apply the short course to our members, with little pressure and no competition.

As the competition for school leavers applying for university is hotting up, some universities aggressively recruiting the youngers for free foundation courses in the UK . The further education colleges are finding themselves with low numbers of students creating issues for their future funding...Sisters look at these as the opportunities. Being willing to negotiate for desired courses for your members is the way forward, brokering deals, developing learning compacts as part of my leadership initiatives has worked. Dont limit yourself to local providers travel outside of your comfort zone, you will be surprised at the welcome given to community groups, and the fantastic resources available just waiting for potential learners.We are even looking at radio broadcasting ,journalism and website development, even the possibility of international learning exchanges .....we are thinking outside the box developed by white men in Gray suits and creating a medium that we can work with at our own time and own it. Involvement in all forms of communications. media , food security and international connections to the Motherland check out the pages below and let us know what you think. www.unified

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HeidiSB's picture


Dear Sista-Kenya

Thank you for sharing this and powerful beautiful artwork as well as your web page . The creative works are inspiring and you are inspiring. You highlight many very real challenges women face in accessing the internet yet offer the example, and the words of encouragement, to overcome those challenges. Again, thank you!

I have not before heard of this policy - that if a learner has a child over the age of 14 you cannot apply. Can you help me understand better? Is this a policy of a specific school or program in your community? I wonder why that policy was created. I agree with you that we must strive for no learner being left behind.

With love,

Sista-kenya's picture

Beautifu Heidi

Greetings Heidi

Thank you for your very beautiful comments. We are based in the UK and we have numerous educational organisations , some being women only specific, see here
A number of the training sets have policies set against them , which determine what the recourse can be used for .The childcare policy as it is states that no childcare over 14 years for children,which acts as a barrier to some families who have large families or learners with children over the age of 14. However we are working towards a more exclusive policy and have suggested that we could bring our own youth workers as a trial, so this is currently under review.

Your comments have made me really Happi Give many thanks and do stay linked

Love and Life

Sistar Kenyasue xx

amymorros's picture

Redefine Communication

Thank you for sharing your vision and your website. You are thinking outside of the narrow parameters society has often given us-the rules and regulations that do not make sense. Thinking in a new,creative way and being able to reach people that are often overlooked or underestimated is important. Thank you for your essential contribution!


Sista-kenya's picture

Amy @ Amyinstl

Greetings Amy

Thank you for your comments really appreciate-love that. We as women often have to evoke our creativity to enable change action and real difference long may "we" continue.Do stay linked and lets see what we can do towards inclusion here is the learning space its beautiful

Love and Life

Sistar kenyasue

Hello Sista-kenya,

Thank you for giving us insights about your personal challenges. It is unfortunate that some women in your community are unable to enjoy the immense benefits of digital access but they are lucky to have someone like you and your team to take up the cudgels for them.

You are right in pointing out that we women should strive to be more proactive to be able to, as they say, "take the tech". You and many other sisters are living proof that there are ways around the system. It can be done. It is indeed, as your own experience shows, a trial-and-error process, but it is only when we work together to overcome our fears can we truly prevail.

Low-cost residential training is a great idea and a giant step in this direction. I hope you can share more of your success stories here in World Pulse.

I love your website! Have you taken your campaign to Facebook? Social media can be a powerful tool to promote your advocacy. If this is something you are considering, Women in Social and Environmental Enterprise in the UK might be able to help your group out: Best of luck to you.


Life is how you Design it.

Greetings Anna

thank you for your powerful words and the contacts which I will research later on this afternoon. I have given our members including myself a learning journal.As we say "sometimes its good to let the pen bleed for you"
Take the tec and roll with it regardless I will keep you posted
Love and life

Sistar kenya

Raquel Jacobs's picture


Hello Sister Kenya,

I have visited your site and I must say a big well done to you for this project. Reading your post reminded me of a time I went to the cafe to browse and for every 5mins I get a pop with a naked woman or a link to play the lottery. It was frustrating.

I am glad you took this initiative. Keep it up!


Raquel Jacobs
Beyond the Classroom Foundation

*BTC is committed to improving the teaching and learning of less privileged children in public schools* 
Twitter: @BTC_Foundation

Greetings Raquel happi that you can share the experiences and know about the challenges. We must keep on navigating the system until it works for us after all it must be the design of the creator ..and She should know!!

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