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Abolish Abuse with Awareness

Silence is the sound when abuse is mentioned. Whether it is sexual, child, self, physical or emotional, it seems to masked with a stop of conversation, a shake of the head or a fire of anger that transforms to the aftermath of silence.

Enough is Enough

With the enquiry into the hundreds of institutions, conviction of Daniel Morcombe’s killer, together with the dribbles in the papers of random stories, awareness into the community of the extent of abuse is slowly being exposed. We find ourselves in an overwhelming state of shock, as to how common and hidden such abuse has been and still is. One in three suffer some form of abuse in a lifetime and one in five experience sexual abuse. A friend of mine said ‘no way, that can’t be true’. I couldn’t help but understand his disbelief. Of course, someone who had never personally been affected would have no idea. Why would he? The silence is everywhere.

Enough is Enough

Whether we have personally been exposed to such violation or not, the reality is, it effects every single one of us. Victims of abuse are mothers, fathers, sons, daughter’s sisters and brothers. It is not unique to any race, creed, age, socio demographic, religion or gender. The ripple effect of subjective experience moves to a global tsunami of destruction. This is a universal issue of oppression and the suppressed, silenced and shamed individuals have effect on every being on this planet.

Enough is Enough

The reaction we have seen in institutions of denial, fear and ignorance, are not unique to the institutions. My parents love me and that was their response, silence. Over the years, I have heard many report just the same. These reactions are human beings operating under their very primitive brains. To react in fear is where our behaviours are limited, we don’t need to be too awake to see the result of limited minds in action.

Enough is Enough

As United Nations are exposed to the devastating figures of abuse, we as individuals can no longer ignore the chaos. I welcome the eruption of exposure of such violation, turmoil and pains, because in the worst times in history, it’s when humanity shows their innate self and opens their hearts of compassion and understanding. Let’s unite as individuals, move beyond our religions, race, creed, socio status, sexuality, gender and voice ‘enough is enough’ for the individuals that still sit in fear, to be able do so themselves.

Marie Louise



Keating's picture


Dear Marie..

Enough is enough -Reading your observations is my sentiments too - We have the power to create break throughs and you are apt in pointing this out. Thank you so much for your strong words and very strong points.

Love to you


Marie Louise's picture


Hey Robby

So lovely to connect. I just checked out your poetry. It's beautiful. Thank you for sharing. May we all sense what serves and let go of what doesn't. Yay to that.

Big love. Marie

Ngobesing Linda's picture

I totally agree

this sounds extremely original and i totally agree,enough is enough.Together we can raise our voices and say "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH"thanks for raising yours and inspiring me to add mine to yours.I had a similar experience when i learnt that one of every 5 girls in Cameroon are sexually assaulted every year and i spoke up against it via my post on facebook ,the most responses i had were"no way" OR "this is unbelievable".It always seems so especially when you are not a victim.Thanks again for giving me a chance to raise my Golden Voice.((:

Ngobesing Linda
The Voice with sound quality
queen of eloquence

Marie Louise's picture

golden voices

wonderful linda, your voice of gold is felt. May we all own a golden voice to see a great golden age.
thank you for sharing you with me over the oceans the pulse continues.
big love

Chère Madame Marie Louise, bonjour.
Nous partageons votre opinion comme quoi « les abus sexuels et autres abus se doivent d’être combattus, notamment par la dénonciation et non en se taisant ». Sachant que cette dénonciation est la résultante d’un travail préalable de sensibilisation ;
Pourriez-vous nous suggérer quelques techniques de sensibilisation ; Ou mieux, quelques voies et moyens pour mener cette sensibilisation en vue de la dénonciation sachant que la plupart des victimes d’abus préfèrent se taire plutôt que de dénoncer ? C’est la cas dans plusieurs pays en Afrique, en RDC en l’occurrence.
Merci et à vous lire bientôt.
Dear Madame Marie Louise, hello.
We share your opinion as what "sexual abuse and other abuse must be tackled, including termination and not be silent." Knowing that such termination is the result of a preliminary work of awareness;
Could you suggest some technical awareness; Or better, some ways to conduct this awareness for the termination given that most abuse victims prefer to remain silent rather than denounce? This is the case in several countries in Africa, DRC in this case.
Thank you and see you soon.

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Marie Louise's picture


Joseph Jacques Bonjour.

Any work we do, to be effective, needs to come from both grassroots and global institutions. Just by creating this conversation between you and I, opens the platforms for global transformation. Thank you for your questioning.

I have been inspired to question conversations around a dinner table. With a friend, colleague etc. Questions like -
1. What effects can you imagine are created by such silence?
2. Why is it individuals who suffer abuse, are silent?
3. What conversations can we chat about easily and why don't we chat about the very deep ways of human behaviour?
4. What would it take for an individual to talk? Does it take courage, strength, hope or trust? How can we open the spaces for that?
5. Why is it families or friends would rather ignore?
6. Imagine humanity without abuse? What would that look like?
7. What can you think it takes for someone to be feeling to create such abuse?

I believe it is about firstly opening discussions at a grassroots level ie. friends, family, work. i have found that once people start talking about personal experiences, whether it be someone they know or someone they love or they have experienced abuse themselves, the conversations become more 'normal'. Conversations won't be so confronting and solutions and actions for healing can take place.

Working on the other end of the spectrum is discussing these topics with politicians, communities, UN. It is about sharing the reality of today's suffering and the isness of abuse, then transcending it to action, rather than looking for the blame, look for modalities and action that give results, there are thousands of groups who are working with these topics and to unite them in some way so it becomes 'one voice' will be a powerful movement.

We are conditioned to suppress, react and silence is a bi product. Awareness of that reality is the beginning for global change. I am having discussions with varied abuse centres, to see how we can raise the profile of all that are out there, so collectively we can move forward. Maybe creating an international forum on the subject is one of the ideas.

I know with every cell of this body that our reactive spaces of abuse are outdated ways of human behaviour and for humanity to evolve beyond that, we first must become aware of such ways of being.

I am so grateful to each individual who is willing to chat and open discussions for such a possibility.
Gratitude for your work, may we raise the voice of silence together.
big love.

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