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Hello My Name is Jesus

Hello. My name is Jesus. I understand that my name is usually associated with a particular religion called Christianity, and so if you belong to a different religion you may think that I have no business being in your life. But I have not come to talk about religion. I have absolutely no interest in what religion you belong to, what color your skin is, what language you speak, or what part of the world you were born in. I am only interested in your heart. And I can see that it is breaking. I was before time and so I am a witness to the truth that ever since the fall of man, women have been mistreated. When my Father and I created this world this was not our plan for womankind. The fact that so many women have been abused, intimated, threatened, tortured, manipulated, raped, controlled and sold into slavery comes from the evil one - Satan - the angel who my Father cast out of heaven forever. He rebelled against my Father and was hurled to the earth, along with the angels who followed him. These dark forces are working through the man in your life who is hurting you. But I have good news. I have overcome.

Perhaps you have heard my story, but it is so amazing that it is worth telling again. The God who loves you very much desired to make a way to restore you to right relationship with him because he wanted to be in fellowship with you. At the appointed time he found a humble, unpretentious young woman, just like you. He used a woman as a vessel through which to redeem all of mankind to himself. I made a choice to leave heaven and all the glory that is due me, and through the power of the Holy Spirit I was born to a sweet, simple virgin. I, God, became flesh for you. While I was on the earth I performed all sorts of miracles so that people would know that I am God. I was crucified for claiming that I was God. When I died Satan and his demons rejoiced and they thought they had won. What they didn’t know is that my death was part of the plan. It was the reason I came to earth in the first place. I came to reverse the curse of sin and death and only I could do it. I became the ultimate, once for all sacrifice for every man and every woman. I did this for you and I did it so that you would be able to overcome the evil of abuse. How does my death allow you to overcome the evil of abuse, you ask? Well my death isn’t the end of the story. Three days after they buried me in the ground I was raised to life. I am alive forever. Because I am alive, all power, authority, and dominion are mine. I am offering this power, authority, and dominion to you in my name. I have authority over the demons who are working in the man who is abusing you, and if you belong to me, you have this authority as well. These same demons are stirring your mind into confusion and causing you to believe lies that keep you bound. Have you ever heard a voice say “It is hopeless. You will never make it out alive.” or “What is happening to you really isn’t that bad. You are over reacting again.” I have the power to silence these lying spirits, and if you are in me you will have the power to silence them as well.

And there is more good news. I came to heal you and bind up your broken heart. I want to free you from fear and shame, and I want to fill your life with my love. I don’t care what religion you belong too. That doesn’t matter to me. I don’t play favorites and I see what you are going through. I know that you are lovely and amazing and I wish you knew it too. I love you and I want to rescue you. If you will only ask, I will come and be with you forever. I will never leave you or forsake you. If you give me a chance, I will prove myself to you. I will show you how tender my heart is for you. You will see that I am always faithful and that I never lie. You will learn that you can trust me because I am good. If you will put your hand in mind I will lead you to safety and freedom in my name.

“Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in to him and dine with him, and he with Me.” Revelation 3:20


PohChing's picture


Religion teaches people to uphold themselves with values and I think it is better for everyone to have religions rather than being a free thinker. For religious people who hold firmly to their religious beliefs and if being God-fearing believers, they practice what they learn during religious classes or they have been touched in their hearts by God. Hence, they will think twice before committing a sin as they know and understand the consequences of doing so and are afraid of it.

hanasazi's picture

Sometimes religion does not

Sometimes religion does not teach the values God actually desires. Many favor the men so much that the disadvantage to women becomes life threatening, even though in every religion it is made clear that men and women should be equal. Just as men have used the name of God to justify war and killing, there are many, many men who SAY they are God-fearing believers, but after leading prayer sessions, worship and even preaching to a congregation, they come home and oppress their wives with violence. It is the wife who must live with it, or the teachings say God will turn away from her.

I believe that when a religious man does violence to his wife, it is he who has broken the vows he said when he married her because God hates violence and oppression and expects husbands to care tenderly and lovingly for their wives. He is a Christian only because he says so, and not because he lives by the words of God. If a woman is beaten or oppressed by her husband she should be free to leave him without fear that God will leave her. He has shown that he will stand by any woman who dares to believe that he cares for her life, and will help and defend her in her effort to escape violence.

Jennifer's experience in her journey to deliverance from an abusive marriage to a "Christian" man is a beautiful example of God answering the faith of a woman held in bondage not only by her violent husband, but to the church that encouraged her abuser and refused to support her. Though her church said she would be a sinner and would lose the grace of God if she divorced her husband, she had the courage to believe God loved her and did not want her to die. She depended on him for the miraculous help she needed to live and not die at the hands of her husband, and he helped her all the way to freedom and safety.

So in one sense she held firmly to her religious beliefs and is a God-fearing believer as PohChing said, but in another way she is also a free thinker, believing God and not the men who preach only to their own advantage. This brave thinking saved her life so that now she can help other women do the same. I believe this is what God wanted.

Jennifer Faith's picture

Well Said

Dear Hanasazi,

Thank you for your thought provoking and wise response. I was kind of scratching my head about this one and not exactly sure how to respond but now I know what to say: "Ditto to what Hanasazi said." :)


When one is not sure what to say or do, another can step forward. That is a big part of the beauty of World Pulse, I think. Though many of our sisters carry seemingly impossible burdens, through World Pulse we all can know we're not alone, and there is always someone willing to step in and help. We get to carry each other.

Olive9's picture

friend request

Hello Jennifer Faith, my name is Connie and I am new to world pulse. The second post I read here was from your mom and that led me to your posts. I have never been religious and truly, I don't wish to be. Where most people say they are having a conversation with God, I say I am having and argument with God. My anger, bitterness, and, yes, hatred, for religion and anything associated with it is very strong. I see how it justifies and protects so many atrocities on the planet. When I read the bible I see violence. I feel this puts me in a pretty tough position because that means I have not help. Your mother and you have made me cry and another woman named chizoba has pointed out that I need to forgive. What you have written has reminded me that I always believed that God was supposed to be good, not manipulative. I believe I have been led to some of the people I have been meeting lately, and to world pulse because there may just be a good God somewhere trying to pull me through. I have always had a strong voice when it comes to chauvinism and abuse and I have been targeted for that. I know that that voice is still strong and has power. It is so great to see here that so many women also believe the way that I do and wish to raise their voices against the darkness. This gives me hope, however vague it may still be, that there is a place where I won't be persecuted for my truth. I would like to send you a friend request and have you on my friends list but I can't figure out how to do that. Thank you Jennifer Faith.

Dear Connie,
Not only will you not be persecuted for your truth - you will be loved, accepted, embraced and encouraged by me and by the World Pulse Community. This is a place for growth and healing and I am so thankful that my writings could play a small part in that. What I have learned through my journey out of abuse and into freedom and healing is that God is good and that his heart is tender for you and me. I am literally alive today - and not another statistic - because a loving God wooed me to himself and worked actual miracles on my behalf to set me free from abuse. I share your disdain for "religion" and the evil that has been perpetrated against women in the name of God and it is my calling and anointing to stand up for the truth of who God is and break through the darkness and lies that accompany world religions. I don't know if you have had a chance to visit my blog but I would be honored to have you in my community.
All the best,
Jennifer Faith

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