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"VOF Week 2 : (The humanity notion)."

As a girl even I am not much grown-up, I have came across many struggles in my life so far. There are a lot of things which I have faced and also I have heard from the society. Money, occupation and the look were the things which decided the place to a woman as a woman. Even it is not related with the topic I must say that, because of money and look I have fought with girls in my life to get the suitable place for me. Beyond these many people in my village had tried to stop my way because I am a girl. It’s their nonsense concept! I felt like that.
When I talk about the place of a woman, I faced to many problems that society rejected many things I did when I was in childhood. I don’t understand the reason for that is being a child or being a girl. I couldn’t realize what is the reason to act as a child as my wish. Everyone in my village started to tell me do not do that because you are a girl.
“Yes, really I am a girl who said I am not?”
“Why I can’t live in my life? What is the wrong in it?”
I asked myself. Everything which I did, refused by the society.
I liked to be socialized and work for others. So, I had to work with many people, I had to go many places for my works. But, society said that, as a girl stay in my position. I felt nervous about myself, because of losing the strength of working as my wish. I need my freedom. Why I can’t do whatever I need as my wish? What’s wrong going somewhere for my purpose which is serving for others? My parents also inspired by these warnings. They started to stop everything which I did for my happiness.
These all appeared as huge walls on my way for me. I was stocked with my parent’s words, but not because of other people’s words. It was because I wanted to be a good daughter to my parents in my family. Though, my mind said to stop doing such things which hurt to my parents, I didn’t stop those. I thought the final results of these things. I saw a bright sun which could shine my parent’s lives too.
Then I didn’t look back again from my position as a reaction of my villager’s words. I wanted to remove the concept which was in their minds about girl. They have kept the girls in a frame which limits their rights.
I stepped forward to my target. It’s true that I worked with many men day time. As well as I have played a responsible role in Cadet in my college, this could get millions of experiences to my life. Most of the time, I walked kilometers to my home alone at night after finishing my works.
However I am proud of myself today, because I have passed a marvelous path with many troubles. As a girl even many people wanted to stop me, I didn’t stopped. How many walls were in front of me whom tried to feel me bad?
Nevertheless, today I have and I believe my self more and more which can cope with struggles in my life. Therefore, as a woman I am proud that I got a chance to share myself with other women like me. If it could teach you something, it’s my pleasure.


Maria de Chirikof's picture


I know I can learn a lot from you and am glad you are here sharing your stories! I admire you for resisting attempts to isolate you by taking away what makes you feel worthwhile. It is strong woman like you who will light the way for us wanting to do this for ourselves!


champika's picture

A big difference..

Beauty could inspire me from the words which came from your mouth...Really those are powerful words!!
Thank you very much..

Cynthia Casas's picture

You go, girl!!

Wow and thank you for writing such a heartfelt entry. I relate so well to your struggle of breaking out of a mold that was assumed you would take. I stand in solidarity with you. I hope that you're finding the support you need here in World Pulse's community, PulseWire. You are not alone, sister. Keep your spirits high and keep doing what you're doing--- I'm sure you're serving as an inspiration to some other girl in your extended family or in your community and don't even know it.

The courage you've found in being yourself can and will change this world-- so do not falter and do not fear. Thanks again for the inspiration.


Cynthia Casas


Your voice and your courage will inspire so many in your village and throughout the world! This is very powerful! Sometimes others get fearful or jealous when people (particularly women and girls) try to improve their lives and others' lives.
Do not let their fears and jealousies stop you, my friend!
Warm regards and best of wishes,
Joan Bartos

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