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Introducing myself and my journal: Media for Change

About Me:
I'm a documentary filmmaker and former television producer who specializes in multimedia for the global, non-profit community - with a focus on women and girls. As a longtime feminist, I am deeply inspired by the positive impact women have on the world - and on each other - when they partner for change. I also believe that when harnessed effectively, the internet is a tremendously useful tool for organizing, collaborating, and working together to empower women and communities all over the world. World Pulse is the perfect place to start.

My website, "Media for Change", will be up and running soon.

Hello everyone!

My Passions:
visual storytelling, global issues, economic development

My Challenges:
staying focused in a world over-saturated with media

My Vision for the Future:
educating - and therefore empowering - the next generation of women changemakers

My Areas of Expertise:
film and video, international development, social and economic justice


Fatima Waziri's picture

Continue the good work.

Continue the good work.


Rachel C's picture

Thanks, and likewise!

I enjoyed reading your profile. Please share any projects you'd like to, and I hope to spend some time reading your work. All the best.


Rachel Clift
media for CHANGE

Anna Lag's picture

thanks for sharing. I think

thanks for sharing. I think that visual storytelling is such an awesome way to share and empower young women, or just people in general. I am finding film to be a more and more accessible and powerful medium.
Did you see the documentary The Girl Effect, made by a twelve year old girl?
I am looking forward to checking out your website when it comes together, please let me know. all best, -a

anna lag

Araceli's picture

documentary on FGM

Hello Rachel,
I am a new member of PulseWire and I would like to share with you a project I am running with my colleague Lili on producing several documentaries on Female Genital Mutilation. Please, check "" this website will be changed and improved very soon, we are trying to figure out how to include videos and make the site much more interactive, but for now a good place to start.

I am interested in your project regarding health & empowerment stories about women and girls around the world. I would love it if you would keep PulseWire posted regarding your progress on this. I thought you might like to connect with these members:

snyanzi: I am a female Ugandan medical anthropologist interested in the interactions between sexualities, health and culture in Uganda and The Gambia, but also in Africa as a whole.

K.R.Renuka: Completed my M.Phil Micro-level planning and involved in woman's empowerment activities for the last 20 years.

Seethai: Women activist working for rural woment empowerment for the past 15 years in Tiruvannamalai Tamil Nadu India.

Nalubega Teddy: Am the project coordinator of uganda SPACE Organisation that serves the rural women in uganda and children.

mamaAfrica: Non profit organization promoting gender equality and empowerment of women and girls in rural Africa.

busayo: Obafemi Awolowo University as a Guildance Counsellor in the Counselling unit of the Division of Students' Affairs of the university. I have handled cases of rapes, physical assault of female students from their male counterpart, sexual harassment etc. I am the representative of my division at the Center For Gender Equality andSocial Policy of the university.

Nancy Santullo: Organization dedicated to honoring global cultures by providing water, sanitation and health education for children and adults in context to their cultural and environmental needs.

PulseWire Community Director

JaniceW's picture

One more connection

hi Rachel... here's another member whom you might be interested in. Also, let us know how PulseWire is working for you in terms of making connections.

Araceli: I was born and raised in Madrid, Spain, and I came to the United States to pursue my doctoral degree in Medical Anthropology. I am an Associate Faculty at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and I teach Women's Health and Human Rights for the Department of Gender and Women's Studies. I also teach at the School of Medicine and Public Health.

Rachel C's picture

Making connections

Hi Janice!

I'm so grateful for your help and also for discovering WorldPulse. I will certainly check out the profiles you've provided. Araceli actually contacted me and I have connected with the producer of her FGM video "I Am Not Cut", currently in pre-production... So you were right on target there!

Also, I wanted to ask you about volunteering as a writer/marketing coordinator for WorldPulse:

I'm taken with this online site and network - I find it warm, easy-to-navigate, and really committed to its goals. I also think part of its success comes from users who are perhaps somewhat more mature than the average blogger (to be honest) and who know how to keep their messages on point. These are real movers and shakers! I am compelled to visit every day.

I believe that when it comes to online outreach and activism, the key is to identify your target audience(s) and then really tailor your message to suit them by keeping internet tools specialized and limited to your needs. Facebook is only a tiny fraction of what we can do. It can be so tricky in such a tangle of sites these days.

Also, and idea: If projects - ie. films/musical collaborations/books/photography, etc. - are the result of connections made on WorldPulse, that would be an incredibly powerful thing to monitor on the site and would certainly help WP gain funding and advertising. Eventually, WorldPulse might become a collaborating producer on creative projects around the world, and a host to screenings, concerts, and events.

Just a few thoughts & ideas. I'd love to get more involved in WorldPulse and to brainstorm with your team. Please feel free to forward my message. And I will share my site with you once it's up.

Many thanks,

Rachel Clift
media for CHANGE

JaniceW's picture

Great ideas

Rachel, thank you for your astute feedback. It's always great to hear what our members are looking for in terms of features. As we are in Beta, this is still a work-in-progress but we are constantly developing our site to meet everyone's needs. Some features require a longer timeline than others to introduce but I will definitely copy the team on this valuable suggestion.

In regards to your generous offer to volunteer, thank you, thank you, thank you. I have forwarded your offer to the team and know that it will be considered with interest. If anything, there might be a brawl over who gets your talents!!

Let's keep in touch and see what magic happens. Best wishes,

sunita.basnet's picture

Dear Rachel, After reading

Dear Rachel,
After reading about your background information one thing come in my mind that is WOW!!!! GOOD WORK.
With Love and regards

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

Rachel C's picture

Hi Sunita!


Thank you so much for reading about my work. And guess what we have in common (besides WorldPulse)? The same reaction! When I read your background information, I kept saying WOW, whispering to myself in a coffee shop in my neighborhood. WOW. I am so very impressed by your dedication and persistence in helping empower the women in your community. How is the World Pulse Voices project going?

I am currently producing videos for a microfinance organization based in New York called Women's World Banking. Have you heard of them? They help low-income and poor women around the world get access to business training and loans. The video I'm editing now will screen at their upcoming Global Meeting.

What have you been up to lately?


Rachel Clift
media for CHANGE

sunita.basnet's picture

My Recent Plan

Dear Rachel,

Thank you so much for your reply. Everything is going smoothly. I am so excited about world pulse voice project. This project give me courage, hope and place to raise my voice about me and my community. I have not heard anything about Women's world banking.Thanks for telling me about this organization. Oh really what types of training and loans do they provide? Do you know, I have also same aim as women's world banking?
Now I am studying in Asian University for Women and from next week is our vacation. I planned to go Dhaka with my Bangladeshi friend on the vacation. After the vacation I and one of my Bangladeshi friends have planned to make a documentary about street beggars. Do you know, now in Bangladesh there is a law against street beggar. Our aim to do that documentary is to find where will the street beggars go? How are they suffering after this law? What are the street beggars planning to do? Looking forward your reply.

With love and regards

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

Nalubega's picture


Hi Racheal,
Thanks for your interest in my work with rural women of uganda.
Hope to hear from you soo.

Kizzie's picture

Hey Rachel, I'm really

Hey Rachel,

I'm really impressed by the kind of work you just did. I studied mass communications (I took radio/broadcast/writing courses) and I minored in Sociology. I graduate in two weeks!:) I want to do my masters in human rights. It would be great to get advice from you. Do you of any courses specifically focused on media and human rights? Also, would you suggest organizations working in this field?
Good luck!

Rachel C's picture

Hello from Brooklyn!

Hi Kizzie!

I'm so glad you wrote, and I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I go through busy periods with my video work and sometimes have to take breaks from the internet -- even my favorite online group -- or I'll never get anything done!

It was great to read your journal; I smiled at your honesty and enthusiasm over life, culture, education, literature, and shopping! I'm with you!

If you ask me, a combination of mass communication & human rights degrees is a dream come true. A lot of organizations are in dire need of good communications people who know how to use social networking to identify supporters, catch the attention of the press, and raise awareness (and money) for their causes. I definitely recommend checking out -- it's the preeminent organization on the intersection between film/video and international human rights. You may also want to check out NYC Grassroots Media. I attended an excellent conference there last weekend (where I met the woman from Witness.) Although they are based in New York, you can probably contact them to find out about international grassroots media orgs.

Your aspiration to work with war orphans sounds incredible and deeply important. Please tell me more. Where exactly do you live, where are you originally from, and what is life like in Sudan? How does the war affect your daily life? I would love to meet you someday and make a documentary together.....

Be in touch,

Rachel Clift
media for CHANGE

Kizzie's picture

Dear Rachel, Thanks for the

Dear Rachel,

Thanks for the great advice!

I live in Cairo, Egypt right now. I went to university here. I'm moving to Sudan in September or October. I live in Omdurman, a quiet area in Central Sudan. It's quiet, peaceful and quite boring to be honest. I guess war doesn't affect my daily life in a direct way. It's a huge country and war doesn't affect some people and some places. This is a double-edged sword. It's great that we can live quite a normal life. Also, sometimes if you are not directly affected by something, you stop thinking about it and you don't fight as hard for it to stop. I guess I'm more involved in humanitarian work out of interest and also I would like to work in this field. It's a really complicated country, but it's beautiful.

This is a link to my dad's hometown, port Sudan

Random pics

This is my blog by the way:)

Also, if you come to Sudan (after October) I can host u:)

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