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First of all i would like to describe my lovely country(DRC).
DRC is located in the center of Africa.
After ten years of war kabila became our legitimate president in 2006.
According to the situation at that time he had a change plan comprises five areas of activities:
-Safe water production and
Regarding these projects something has been done but there still much to do.However education
will be our main concern in this piece.Speaking about education in Congo we can easily notice
that for a long time it has been considered as men issue.This was due to our culture and customs.
Nowadays it is no longer the case.But despite the fact that women can go to school today,men have an
advance on us.
They are the ones who have been first educated,they are proficient in English,computer science
,etc .
As it is well known,knowing English and computer science is useful on the job market.
Today even if you are educated if you don't master English and computer science you are just like
someone who did not attend school.
Here are some reasons which prevent congolese women to go to school:
-Lack of infrastructures
-Lack of electricity
-Lack of leadership
To effectively address these challenges i think the first thing is to open our eyes.
Congolese should have voter education training.Congolese should know the voter's rights and responsabilities.
DRC has serious leadership problems.We need to have the right person to the right place in all domains
of political,social,economic life,etc.We need to ban corruption,lack of democracy;etc.Our global
target should be the reinforcement of democracy and the strengthening of our democratic institutions.
Through the basis of good governance everything else will be alright.
_Another thing i would like to tackle on are women.We ,women should not live the story of others.
The war is over and there are many NGOs which help victims of sexual violences to become autonomous
and reinserted in society.I think we can stop complainning because we are survivors,yes we overcome.
Leymah said that "she met strong women who live in solidarity in Congo" and that is what we are.
The international woman day i did not want to leave my place and go around because i was thinking
about those women who could not afford for a soda.But when watching TV i saw what happenned on 7th
March,men of a so called V-Men organisation who condem discrimination and all forms of violences
toward women i was delighted because i noticed that our voices had been heard.
Dr MUKWENGE,Mr KABANGA working against sexual violences as well as our governor his excellency
Cishambo attended the meeting.Now that we even have the support of men we should not give up.Our
weapon must be the positive discrimination.Now that men and women have equal chance regarding job
and salary,we women should be qualified enough to show them our real value.Never think that because
you are a women you are automatically elligible for something.For this reason i advice every educated
woman to do her best to know computer science,to be connected to technology.For those who did not
attend school it is never late,please go to specific schools to know how to read and write at least
,it is enough in order to study computer science and access to internet technology.
-one can send a job application to the e-mail address of the employer
-one can work by conference call through Skype connected to internet
-one can go to international conferences by invitation of friends met on internet site and gain
-one can have fund on internet contacts
-one can meet with partners on internet
-one can respond to call for application for a given training in your country or abroad
-one can have courses in leadership,environment, internet connection.
-one can raise his or her voice and be heard
I wish that my readers get inspiration from my piece.I believe that you are women who have dreams
,make innovations for positive change in grassroots communities to help women access to internet.
so keep connected.
- to my parents who educated me
- to Mama shujaa media center which teaches English and computer literacy to women
- to all women working against sexual violences toward women
- to all people working to create a safe environment
-to people who will create further centers for teaching of English and computer literacy to women in other provinces
of DRC
-to noble women initiative who came to visit us

This story was written for World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign. Learn more »


Therese kasindi's picture

How An amizing piece!

I am so proud of you my sister Mayele.
You are showing us the beauty of our country, you let us know the problemes and women difficulties and finaly, you propose us some solutions.
What is most important is that you even show us the importance of technology, that's very fine.
Go ahead, Mayele. We think one day things will be better than today.
Peace !

THERESE( Maman Shujaa, Drc)

mayele's picture

Thanks dear colleague Therese

I am honored by your comment which encourage know i am like a person carrying a heavy burden.I am chocked by the situation in our country,my dream is the coming of a positive change.That is why i like this community because i can at least raise my voice and make a change .I don't care about the impact even if it can be small,the importance for me is to raise my voice and wait for the opportunity to make a palpable influence on people to push them to make the difference for the development of our lovely Country.

Mayele , Maman shujaa and World Pulse volunteer

Vision40's picture


Hi Mayele
Thank you for sharing your dreams about your wonderful country with us. As you say we must all dream and work together so we can achIeve more. I really like how your article sets out the context in the DRC and you are clear and concise with your points about the benefits of technology, this makes it easy for the reader to understand why qualifications in computer science will empower the women you wish to inspire. What touched me the most, was your grateful ness about your own roots and your appreciation of the help you have had to get where you are now, as you will never lose this, this will always inspire you to support others just like how you were supported yourself.

Keep up the great work and Supporting women to realise their dreams

First you need to believe you can
Take care

mayele's picture

I believe i can

Thank you so much Nicola for your interest in my piece.I believe i can become one day the woman i wish to be since many years with the support of my colleagues and the grace of God.Nothing is loosed yet.
women shall prosper.

Mayele , Maman shujaa and World Pulse volunteer

mlf's picture

Thank You for Your Work

I appreciate hearing about your country and your work there. Your ideas about empowering women are inspiring. Keep the faith.

mayele's picture

i am honored

I love the fact that you appreciate my work,thank you very much.

Mayele , Maman shujaa and World Pulse volunteer

Dear Mayele, I just LOVED this quote! You're so right... I found your post very interesting and inspiring, because I could see your strength and determination behind your words.

It was very interesting to see the list you've put together about the reasons why Congolese women won't go to school --- "lack of leadership". It made me think how important role models, sisters leaders, are to create meaningful change for a whole nation.

Your story is being well lived, ma soeur... keep on going!

Be a voice, tell a story, start the fire. | Sé una voz, cuenta una historia, enciende el fuego.

Thank for encouraging me,i appreciate the last sentence of your piece.

Mayele , Maman shujaa and World Pulse volunteer

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