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In March 14 every year is a Pi day (π day). For those who managed to study mathematics from primary school they may be familiar with this word pi (π). The history of Pi was calculated from the circumference of the circle where by when you divide the circumference of the circle with its diameter you will get 3.14..... which has decimal point to infinity which are not uniform. when you took 18 decimal points you will get 3.141592653589793238. Not only that, but also regardless the bigger the circle it is and longer diameter it has, it will end up with the same 3.14.... Then mathematics people decided to remember maths day on March 14 from the 3.14 number.

Why I am sharing this with you, it is not that I want you to be mathematicians as I am, but I want to encourage women that every thing is possible once you are empowered. As you have seen in the above paragraph, regardless the size of the circle, regardless the bigger circumference, regardless the length of the diameter, it will end up with the same π.

Women should not be disappointed regardless the journey they will make, regardless the challenges they will face, they can make it and come up with the same success with others with an infinity end as π. Girls should not be disappointed with their poor life style which they are going through, they should keep on fitting to success by considering that; those are challenges and use any opportunity surrounding them, they will end up with the same fruits with others with good life style to day.

"Leave pi as π"



kellyannaustin's picture

What a lovely metaphor! Math

What a lovely metaphor! Math can be poetic too. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I have a little take away inspiration because of your story. :)

Best wishes,


Domina Msonge's picture

Thanks Kelly

Dear Kelly,
Thanks for the comment. I am happy that I make it!


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