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VOF Week 2: (Hadithi yangu... Swahili for my story)


So…Ive joined the Association of Media Women in Kenya organization have a look at their website

I am one of their youngest members and the only one that is from a broadcast division of media.

I actually do Broadcast as applied to online media, new media the future!

So I get into the It/web committee immediately and a couple of days after we are having meetings.

Amwik wants a new website and we are the steering committee. Have a look at the website and let me know what you think of it, it’s the new improved version.That URL once again is

In between the website redesign, I am invited to the AGM, all the people here are much older than me they are mamas (Swahili for mother/mature woman). I think to myself do I really fit in do I want to be a part of these mamas affair they know nothing about the www...

I keep getting my regular email updates from AMWIK all their opportunities address traditional mainstream media. Nothing for me nothing for new media! Until I come along pulsewire! They told me about pulse wire these mamas know pulsewire. They may not use it but they know about it!

I am a facebooker so pulse wire is almost natural to me it is my facebook for women.

There are other avenues to express yourself on the internet offcourse, however if you do not have an audience and cannot be found what’s the point! Note there are over 6 billion websites. Puleswire gives me an audience, and lists me up on google. Try it Google up a story you posted on Pulse wire it will appear on Google in the top ranks. Sing along now I am feeling famous I am google famous.

Community websites are the future! Look at the trends online facebook a community for people who want to connect with their long lost friends, youtube a community for people who want to share videos, digg a community for people who want to share stories, pulse wire a community for women who want their voices heard and I can go on.

The very nature of life is the need to feel like you belong to something and or are a part of something. The internet is not immune to this

Nzasu the sense of pride signing out...From Barack country it all started here!

I just had to add this...

Today Tuesday, March 30th.The day our second assignment is due just so happens to be the internet birthday. Its 20 years old today.So as you finish off your assignment, remember that this would never have been possible 20 years ago!



consolata's picture

Great Networking

Hi Nzau, you are right. Pulse wire makes one feel the sense of belonging. IThe day i dont manage to google pulse wire, i feel like i have missed alot. Its where the old and the young express their ideas and it ends up uplifting women around the world. What else would a woman look for?
Sis Consolata

Nzasu's picture

Pulsewired or Not!

About the goggling part I actually meant that if you post an entry into pulse wire, you can actually google it up.That is go to google and type in the title of your story and it will appear.Through the use of tags/keywords this is made possible.So everybody and anybody that is not pulsewired can come across your material so keep wiriting!

cad_communication's picture

I had not realised

I Googled and there was my name. This is a true global village


Nzasu's picture

Google famous Getrude!

I told you Getrude its true it actually works.However note the accuracy of this and the ranking you receive will be based of the tags/keywords that you use.So try to be as descriptive as possible when choosing your keywords.Try to imagine what the user would type and use this, and the content of your story to form your keywords.

The Afrika way's picture


The youngest member of amwik, wow, that's great, very impressive.

The google thing is really cool, and yes pulse wire is the meeting point for all women. it is where you can get comfortable online as a woman.

Just as a by the way "Nzasu the sense of pride signing out...From Barack country it all started here!" creative, I like it.

Warm regards,

Nzasu's picture

Miss cool +

Miss cool you know you can always join me and the mamas!

It is the G thing very cool.

Thank you for appreciating my creativity.Am so glad I have found a place where I can express, create, learn, solve, think, question, challenge and I can go on.

Nzasu's picture

Miss cool

Miss cool you know you can always join me and the mamas!

It is the G thing very cool.

Thank you for appreciating my creativity.Am so glad I have found a place where I can express, create, learn, solve, think, question, challenge and I can go on.

JCalbery's picture

Remarks for Assignment Two

Hi Nzasu,

I really enjoyed reading your post. I like that you made the connection between new media, online communities, etc. and people having opportunites to feel a sense of belonging and that voices need to be heard in your writing. You also made an important point - that anyone can belong and be heard, regardless of age differences!

I think the journey that you took to find pulsewire is great and hope that you will be able to tell us more about how this journey fits with some of your greater personal visions.


Margot's picture

great energy!

Hi Nzaso,

My name is Margot and I am one of your readers for the VOF project. Your enthusiasm and energy is infectious! It sounds like you have an awesome opportunity to teach the mamas about new forms of media. Do you work for a company that does online media broadcasting? I'm curious to learn more about your experience in this field.

Congrats on being google famous!!

Thanks for sharing!


Nzasu's picture


Hi Margot thanks.But if this internet connection does not improve, my energy is slowly zapping away.

Yes I work for a media house a Tv and print media house.I am in the online division for Tv. Currently we are not generating content for online, what we do is repurpose content that was created for Tv and print mediums. But the future what we are aiming for... newmedia journalists content collected and produced exclusively for the web.That is why am so excited and energized to be here.Pulsewire is giving me the opportunity to start living this dream this future today!

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