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Low levels of ICT and access to social media for women and young girls in Sierra Leone

Many Sierra Leonean women come from disadvantaged social backgrounds and are not well informed about the requirements of formal business processes and operations, and therefore fail to take full advantage of available opportunities.

In a rapidly changing world, any society or country that offers very low access to information and communication technology (ICT) cannot compete.

Technology has to be suitable and appropriate for the environment, culture and level of development. In Sierra Leone, there is a general lack of appropriate technology for entrepreneurs to function and succeed.

With over 50% of the country’s population accounted for by women, it is suicidal and indeed tantamount to a waste of resources to ignore the potential of women in any attempt to move forward economically.

There is some hope the government would be brave enough to bite the bullet and take the necessary steps required, in order to bring gender equality laws and regulations up to scratch and in line with international norms.

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kateindc's picture

appropriate technology

You are so right that technology must fit the culture and environment. We in the U.S. often hear about programs to give laptops or tablets to school children, but this is not always the best ICT for their situation. Do you think national governments are a better channel for ICT than international organizations, due to their knowledge of the local situation?

Am very happy you responded to my post. In Sierra Leone ICT in Schools is a Major concern, Government can not on it own provide Schools with equipments such as Laptops or tablets, and must often these items could not reach the beneficiaries.

Government can be a way of channeling supports to Schools But with Greater Monitoring.

Secondly not all NGOs can be a better channel for such activities.

Government can provide free shipping clearance at the port if they are convinced the items are for Schools.

If at all your organization want to support Schools in Sierra Leone we can help in linking you with Government agencies and Youth Millennium Development Ambassadors Initiative Sierra Leone as partners .


Amb. paul Lengar
Country Coordinator
Youth Millennium development Ambassadors Initiative
Skype: paul.lenger

Amb Paul Lengar
Country coordinator
Youth Millennium Development Ambassadors Sierra Leone

CherylP's picture

Technology for success

Thank you for your post. You mention in Sierra Leone there is a general lack of technology that is necessary to success. In your opinion, is the government taking a "heads in the sand" approach to the potential for women to be included in bringing technology up to speed? Is there a start to provide entrepreneurs access to technology (regardless of sex)? I appreciate your effort and organization.

Tam's picture

Sharing Resources

Dear Paul,

Your reminder of the great disparity of wealth and resources between rich and poor, between different parts of the world, and of the effect particularly on women and youth, is a strong and necessary reminder of the work yet to be accomplished. Thank you for choosing the beautiful photo of this woman farmer with her hoe, corn and sunflowers. Many people have no idea of how much of the world's food is grown by women farmers, with little or no equipment. Thank you as well for the link to the organization of ambassadors. You have outlined the extreme problem of such a lack of resources, in particular ICT equipment especially for women and for teachers and youth in schools, and then with this link shown us that there are strong determined people ready to help make sure that any equipment found will be put into the right hands. You have created a stronger connection. We are not finished until all disparities are resolved. I look forward to reading more about the work that you and your organization are doing.

With deep respect,


Amb. Paul Lengar's picture

What We Do

The Youth Millennium Development Ambassadors seek to:

Support the UN Millennium Declaration and promote the localization of the MDGs at the individual, family and local community levels.
Encourage the implementation of the MDGs across all traditional borders of religion, political affiliation, social status, race, ethnicity, nationality, etc.

Promote the fundamental principles and values essential to international relations in the 21st century.
Contribute towards the realization of world peace and the achievement of the UN MDGs.

As a result, the program hopes to attain these three core objectives:

Promote a culture of sustainable development, in which people are born into a lifestyle of progress and potential. Everyone, from children to professionals, will work together to ensure the success of the MDGs and the mindset of the community will be one of expected development and mutual respect.
Facilitate the development of local communities of leaders and educators that will continuously work towards the realization of the MDGs. These communities will provide not only networks of new strategies and ideas, but also a larger pool of resources and all the necessary support to attain the goals at hand.
Developing technologies and applying resources in a way that will support the movement towards development and the realization of the MDGs. Value of these tools and the development of the best way to use them will be of utmost importance to Ambassadors, and they will be used in a manner that will accelerate the rate at which we are moving towards success in regard to the MDGs.

Amb Paul Lengar
Country coordinator
Youth Millennium Development Ambassadors Sierra Leone


Votre article

Bonjour, juste pour apporter un peu de commentaire sur votre article,
vous avez parler de la technologiechez les femmes dans votre communauté, quand vous dite la technologie a des difficultés dans votre communauté avec la cible des femmes, c'est très juste et c'est un peu simillaire avec tant d'autres cas que nous avons rencontrer , la technologie n'est pas facile un peu partout,je croiyais que c'est difficile seulement ici che- nous , mais après avoir lu les articles d'autres personnes , j'ai vite comprris que c'est général.
Vous avez parler de quelques chose comme gouvernement, nous ne devons pas attendre le gouvernement , nous devons nous debattre pour chercher à amener un changement, et surtout que le changement commence par nous


Elisaacs's picture

Your words sounds brave and

Your words sounds brave and inspiring. It is really important that all women knows this information you have and that they try to be an example for the rest. This way the movement will be strong and big in the near future.

More and more I am getting concious about the different movements that are being developed in all around the world. I hope one day it will be one.

Thanks for your message I hope to hear you again.


Amb. Paul Lengar's picture


thanks for Responding to our Massages...

We are looking forward to work with more women in Around the globe

Amb Paul Lengar
Country coordinator
Youth Millennium Development Ambassadors Sierra Leone

Jan K Askin's picture


You have identified the sad waste of half of the Sierra Leone population due to lack of skills. Training to succeed in the current century is a human right.

At what age would you propose beginning to close this "skill gap?" It seems to me that much backstopping may be required, all the way to young girlhood.

How can you attract the attention of your country to the benefits of helping women become full time partners in its economic life?

What is be your next best step?

May it begin with you.

Jan Askin

Jan Askin

Il est temps de briser les cordes du non accès à l’utilisation de l'internet. le monde actuel est un monde technologique qui ne demande plus la discrimination entre les sexes. la femme, étant la mère de la famille, doit participer à toute forme de technologie.


Je suis d'accord avec vous soeur, les femmes sont aujourd'hui en mesure de faire quoi que ce soit, ils sont en mesure de participer à la gouvernance, les TIC, et une gamme des activités de développement Ecomonic.

Amb Paul Lengar
Country coordinator
Youth Millennium Development Ambassadors Sierra Leone

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