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That’s why I call the internet a magic box.


I was about 16 years old when I started doing a job to fulfill the expenses of Zephaniah free education, there was a time when I was studying in 9th grade and for teaching in a street school , I was being paid $06 a month, then time changed and I got a good job in a bigger organization, my friends have been supporting from last two years too, But still I need more funds to keep doing my work, because now there are so many girls who are coming to join the school.
My colleague in my office who has same designation and has joined the organization just a few month before, he is getting 50% more salary then me, I was supposed to do more work for my girls, but now it is very difficult for me to do with this much income. Although almost every year I get reward of best performer in my company, but still my salary is not as per my designation, May be it is so, because I am a woman.
So I have decided to do something new, I am teaching girls in my school, I have a beauty salon training center and a stitching center.
So from Now I have decided to teach English to the girls, For which I will take some fee, from those who can pay, But if someone will not be able to pay I will ask them to teach my girls in the school for one hour a day, and the fee, that I will collect from other students, I will use that to fulfill the expenses at Zephaniah free education.
Rest of the education and skills trainings will remain free, and I will try to save some money for the computer center too, which I am planing to make in next month. I have made this banner for this purpose, and before I could place it, one girl has already taken admission for English language course. I know my English is not that much perfect, so what I will do is, I will take a lesson of English language on internet every day and the same I will deliver to the girls.
And all of this is going to happen because of internet, if I did not have internet , I was not be able to work on this plan, just because of this magic box, I will change more lives, I will learn more and I will teach more.
I never went to school after grade 7th, but still I am able to teach my students everything which they need to learn.
I can find the solutions of their all problems; I am getting support from around the world, from my friends who met me on social media. I am able to tell the world that what problems women in Pakistan are facing and how they are changing,
Internet is essential for women if we want to give them their rights, if we want them to learn everything they need, if we want them to explore their ideas. That’s why I call the internet a magic box.

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kateindc's picture

I love your story of starting

I love your story of starting a learning chain, with opportunities for as many girls as possible. Best of luck with your teachings!

amymorros's picture


Thank you for sharing your experience. You took the initiative and will be helping so many people now. The salary disparity between men and women is common and your experience highlights the absurdity and unfairness of it. I wish you all the best in your new endeavors. And thanks to the power of the Internet!


susa's picture

More power to you!

Dear Zephaniah,

Thank you for sharing your story. I congratulate you on the initiative, creativity and dedication you have shown in trying to better your own life and those of others, especially girls who depend so much on educational opportunities. The unfairness of unequal pay for equal (or better!) work continues to hamper women and girls in so many parts of the world, and we must all pay continuing attention to what we can do to remediate this situation.

Your initiative to learn more English through the internet is admirable, and what you learn will be something no one can ever deprive you of as well as something you can use to improve the lives of others. If I understand your post correctly, you will have several centres -- from stitching to computers -- an through these I think you will find many cross-training opportunities to empower women. More power to you!

All the best,

Sister Zeph's picture

Thank you dear Susa

It is nice to hear from you my dear friend, I have an academy for formal education, i have a stitching center and a beauty salon training center and a language learning center, soon I will have a computer center, all of these are free of charge and I bear the expenses from my salary because I do a full time job for this objective.

Sister Zeph
Founder of Zephaniah Free Education

Shilpa Balakrishnan's picture

Awesome job...!!!

You started a wonderful work. Teaching the basic English will be a very important and helpful job we can do to our girls. The gender inequality towards women in every levels is increasing day by day. Yours is just an example. Thank you for sharing. keep going with your teaching. our blessings are with you.

Nabiye Tal's picture


Dear Zephaniah,
It is interesting to read about what you are doing, starting this Initiative at such a young age, and especially in Pakistan makes you a strong and Unique woman. I am so proud of you. I agree with you the internet is truly a magic box. I highly commend you and what you are doing for the girls in your community. Keep it up and i assure you soon you will achieve your desired results.

Nabiye Tal,
Founder/CEO- IEVAWC.
@nabiye, @ievawc

mimiryan's picture

Magic Words

Dear Zephania,

You are an ambitious and strong individual and I commend you for your work and perseverance. The obstacles and challenges you face do not seem to be slowing you down and that is what will make all that you do a success! It sounds like you have many talents and I wish I could learn stitching at your center! Your work and dedication is and will continue to improve the lives of others resulting in a better world for women around the globe. That is a remarkable achievement and you are an exceptional role model for women in all parts of the world.

Thank you for sharing and for your inspiring endeavors!


félicitation Zephania. la manière dont vous avez gérer votre jeunesse est en encourager fortement et même à féliciter. le fait de se sacrifier pour enseigner les filles, c'est un talent. vous êtes un leader ma chère.
nous remarquons qu'au Pakistan le feu est entrain de bruler. courage!


Karly N's picture

Thank You!

Zephania, Your post is truly inspirational. I am so moved by the work you have done and are doing to help educational change in your community. The young women you work with a incredibly blessed to have you! It is amazing that you have persevered through the challenges you have faced and given so much back. Thank you so much!!

Much love,


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