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"VOF Week 2: (Who am I? )"


Here i come once again trying to make head and tail of who I really am at this particular moment in time. Sometimes I feel so lost and wonder what is my purpose on earth. I have asked this question over and over again but still haven't found a clear answer yet. There are days I feel like a zombie and wonder, will I really make it? I have had many dreams and ambitions to fulfil but something always seems to go amiss.

It was not until the day i received this forward from a friend about Voices of Our Future- The name just struck me and I got really curious to find out more of what this is all about. I immediately logged into the website and read article after article without a break. The various stories told really shook me from my slumber and made me wake up from this self pity. I then realised there is so much to be done out there no matter how small. I have been sitting on so much knowledge all this time. VOF became my wake up call.

No more keeping quiet about burning issues. My desire has always being to make a positive difference in the lives of the needy through empowering them economically, socially, politically and intellectually. Am especially touched by the lives of young girls and women who are forced into uncompromising situations such as prostitution, early marriages etc to make a living. I believe everyone is endowed with different gifts and talents and unless we assist to identify and develop them, we end up becoming other people's slaves. Life is not very easy now but we will make it if we try.

VOF has given me an opportunity to share these stories as many times as possible and network with others who share similar dreams. This is a great learning experience for me and am ready to continue with the journey to the end. I now know there are many other women globally who have had struggles and have been able to overcome them. We are the voice for the voiceless!!! Lets continue walking the talk. Thank you so much for taking your time to read.




Maria de Chirikof's picture

cheers and hugs

I think it is so wonderful that so many of us all feel the same way and reading how we express it all differently. I think when you feel you are alone it is easy to feel lost and this place shows us that we have sisters of all colors all over the world and we will never be alone again. Another lady wrote on one of my posts how different types of people appeal to different kinds so all of us together will work toward the same goal (though I think she said it more elegantly) since one of us is bound to be understood by someone hoping to find others like her.


Carole's picture

Big hugs too

Thank you Maria for your sweet words. They have put a huge smile on my face. The journey is long and we got to continue to the end.

ShukThi's picture

Already making a difference

Dear Carole,

I came by to read your journal and was moved by this piece. It is a tough assignment, isn't it? Answering the question "Who am I?" After all, whole religions and mythologies are built on this one question. I felt what I think was your uncertainty in that first paragraph! But as you go on to talk about what you WANT to do, your tone becomes clearer and stronger! I see you are a researcher and a traveller. You must already be doing so much for women and girls. Your compassion shines through so clearly as you talk about the lack of choices for some young women and the tragedy of sexualized violence and gender discrimination.

I am happy to be on this journey with you!


nikki's picture


Dear Carole,

I too, have spent so much of my life feeling "lost." I think, especially as women, if we do not fit into a certain category, or submit to the (low) expectations society puts on us, it's not wonder so many women have such a difficult time finding out who we are.

I so related to your feeling of being a "zombie" in the world. I spent many, many years not knowing where I was supposed to fit. Over the last several years, I have been strengthening my spiritual and emotional life and have found that when I commit to the service of others, I am restored, I find purpose.

I hear that same strength come out in your when you talk of using your voice to speak about "burning issues" that affect your community. You have seen many women hurt and disempowered through society, and it seems to me that you do not want to keep quiet about that any more! It is a very brave and compassionate thing to do, and I appreciate it and am very glad you are here with us.

In Peace,

Nikki Jardin

Carole's picture

Thanks Nikki

Hello Nikki,
This is very encouraging. I have been fully engaged in a women/ladies ministry for a couple of years and the personal stories shared by these women have meant so much. I guess they prepared me ahead through their situations and I am now giving advice to younger ladies on a one on one basis. You are right, the more you give of yourself is the more you discover your purpose. Thank you for your thoughts.


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