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Female faces of Ukrainian Revolution

Female face of Ukrainian revolution. Photo by UNIAN

The protest which began as peaceful and ended with nearly a hundred of deaths, led to the victory of the opposition and the change of leadership in the country. New elections are scheduled for May 25. Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is on the run, no one knows where is he. Former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was released from prison and already said her speech on Maidan, the central square of Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine.

All this has happened in the last couple days. Social networks are full of optimistic comments about the end of Yanukovych’s dictatorship. However, it is too early to say how will finish for Ukraine complete power shift.

The fact that Yulia Tymoshenko was freed from prison, of course, affects the balance of political forces in the country. Earlier she was defiantly imprisoned, but today she becomes a symbol of the struggle for democracy. Two and a half years ago, during her trial, she said : "I think that the sentence, which today President Yanukovych announces will only add to Ukrainians strength and understanding that dictatorships and regimes do not go by themselves, they should be eliminated." These words became prophetic. Today Yulia Tymoshenko says: "Since today all our beautiful country can see the sun, the sky. Because the dictatorship felt down, and it felt down not because of politicians, but because of people."

Another female face of Ukrainian revolution I want to introduce you is Lesya Orobets, a deputy of Ukrainian parliament. During the protest she published regular updates on social networks, participated in protests on Euromaidan, and gave interviews in mass media. One of her latest posts in facebook is: "I look at what is happening and understand: Finally a new country is born. Although with psychological and physical traumas we will fight for a long time, and no one will bring back the ones who died, but it is impossible to control free citizens now, because they are not “the population”."

Winner of Eurovision music contest Ukrainian singer Ruslana from the very beginning of the protest was on the front lines with ordinary people cheering up their spirit with songs and playing the piano.

A few days ago a picture of one of the activists was spread through social networks. Following armed clashes on Independence square in Kiev one of the girls, Maidan’s nurses, tweeted: “I’m dying “. She was shot in the neck, but fortunately survived.

In general, women are actively involved in the protest, refused to move, even during assaults and attempted to disperse Maidan. Some of them cooked, provided medical care, and others have tried to appeal to the police to stop the killing and maiming their fathers, husbands and sons. This all means: women equally with men are ready to fight for a free and happy future for them and their children. And at the same time, women are those who seek peace and tranquility.

Ukrainian revolution has its female face - and this is the face of peace!

Yulia Tymoshenko after release. Photo by UNIAN
Lesya Orobets, supporting boykott to the ruling party. Photo from facebook, Lesya Orobets
Women deputies are ready to fight for their rights. Photo by Victor Gurhyal, Insider
Lesya Orobets giving interview for tv. Photo by
Content of female revolutionary backpack. Photo by Lesya Orobets
Ruslana. Photo by
Olesya Zhukovskaya, twitting "I'm dying". Photo from twitter


mrbeckbeck's picture

Amazing thank you

This is amazing Iryna, just the story that the world needs to hear!
Women's sustained leadership will be key, and I look forward to seeing more and more of this around the world.

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Manager

Iryna's picture

Thank you, Scott! I am proud

Thank you, Scott! I am proud to be Ukrainian!

Warmest wishes from the country of brave women,

laraezequiel's picture


What an amazing post! Thank you for showing the female power of this so turning moment in Ukraine's history!

Lara Ezequiel
Brazil Delegate of the G(irls)20 Summit 2013

Iryna's picture

Thank you, Lara! I think it

Thank you, Lara! I think it is the brightest example how brave are we, women!

Best wishes,

Mary S's picture

Hi Iryna Thanks for telling

Hi Iryna

Thanks for telling us about the women who are part of the protests in Ukraine. I very much hope that you will have peace!


Iryna's picture

Thank you, Mary, peace is

Thank you, Mary, peace is really what we need now, after all fights!

Warm regards from hot Ukraine,

kellyannaustin's picture

thank you for being a witness


Thank you for being a witness to women's participation in this transformation in the Ukraine. I look forward to hearing the impact women leaders will continue to make toward democracy and toward peace.

Wishing you peace,


Iryna's picture

You are right, Kelly, women

You are right, Kelly, women become much more active and I believe changes are near. I will follow the process with all my passion and patience!

Thank you for support,

kellyannaustin's picture




melissa-marie's picture

Thank you!

It's a privilege to get your insight on this, Iryna!

Iryna's picture

These women deserve to

These women deserve to inspire others!
Thank you for your words, Melissa-Marie! Greetings from Ukraine!

louise pare's picture

The power of the mother line

Deep thanks to you for this powerful sharing. I will share it with the 18 women in my class on women and global leadership tomorrow afternoon. The matriarchal cultures of the Trypillian/Cuceteni peoples which sourced contemporary Ukraine and who valued the Divine Mother, shared power, justice, and women is shining through you and the courageous women who are helping Ukraine to reclaim this heritage. My mother is 3rd generation Ukrainian and I had the marvelous opportunity to visit Cherkasy and Kiev in 1997 and teach at the Cherkasy Women's Center. May all be safe and may the lives of those who have perished give you/us strength to continue in this process.

Blessed be.


Iryna's picture

Power of women

Dear Louise, I appreciate so much that you are going to share this story. I completely agree that Ukrainian women genetically are leaders. Even Kyiv was created by three brothers, Kyi, Schek, Khorev and their sister Lybid.
I really hope that women will play a significant role in the new Ukrainian goverment.

Warmest greetings from the country of historical matriarchy,

Stella Paul's picture

I hear you

Dear Iryna

Still remember your first post (or, one of the first posts I read) during our VOF contest days "I am from Ukraine and I am not a prostitute" and it rang a laud bell! In my country (India), that's an unfortunate perception a lot of people have - including some in govt and I found your post was a fitting reply to their misconception.

Now, couple of years later, here I am again, reading your post. The popular media barely gives us insight views and I was longing to get some. You bring that! Thank you. Also thanks for introducing us to other women's voices. Keep talking! I am tweeting about you now!

Love and hugs

Stella Paul
Twitter: @stellasglobe

Iryna's picture


Thank you, Stella! I also remember many of your posts! I can say that you gave me lots of inspiration during the VOF program! I think if we contribute to this platform (WP) then we have a great responsibility to present the real face of our communities, and first of all, of our women, their real faces, hearts and souls.

Sending you lots of hugs,
Greetings from Ukraine,

Ann Fishburn's picture

Amazing Story!

Thank you Iryna!

We are all watching the developments in Ukraine and support you all. Thank you for reporting on the important role of women in political change in your country. And thank you for being such a strong role model for women as well!

In Hope and Peace,
Ann Fishburn

Iryna's picture

Thank you, Ann, for your

Thank you, Ann, for your words and support! These days the situation in Ukraine is not so easy but we all hope that soon everything will turn for better.

Warmest wishes from Ukraine,

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