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My Personal Story

When I was a young girl, I would lie on my stomach on sun-warmed grass covering the hills of Southern Wisconsin and absorb stories. I was shy and preferred to run away from the ordinary chaos of our family’s old farmhouse into the ancient rolling fields. As long as I can remember, I have always wanted to “see” the truths of the human experience, even if it meant terrible pain. But the burning questions that would carry me to the last page were “What now?” “What is the way forward?”

As I grew older, my knowledge of the world’s suffering grew larger than my child’s imagination could ever hold. I knew, for example, that millions of people, especially girls, were born and die, beaten down in spirit and body, never knowing that they could dream. I wondered more urgently: “How can we ever heal?”

At the age of 18 I left home to work as a freelance journalist covering indigenous movements and ethnic cleansing in Southeast Asia. By 23, I was living and working in Thailand, near the Burma border as an undercover journalist, searching for clues to understanding one of the world's most enduring and heartbreaking tragedies. I already knew many of the tales I would hear—the agony these women, young and old, felt while fleeing grinding poverty, rape, and ethnic cleansing. At night, I tossed and turned knowing that many would end up like the tens of thousands of women and girls from Burma in underground brothel death traps.

I daydreamed of time-stopping the perpetrators—the troop movements frozen. I envisioned the women and girls stepping out from their dark lairs, tentatively poking their heads into the quiet streets, grasping hands, finally free. I saw them congregating, reuniting, embracing, talking, and crying, building small communities to heal and care for each other. I heard them eagerly discussing and creating blueprints for a society where the horrors they had faced would never again take place.

When I returned to the US, I longed to start a media company that would broadcast the voices of the women leaders and refugees I had met. Their voices endlessly pulsed in my mind. But I was terrified—my own voice somehow caught in my throat. It took me years to gather the courage and strength to step forward and find the help I needed to give this World Pulse life. I drew from my experiences as an international journalist witnessing the unsung Gandhis, Aung San Suu Kyis, and Martin Luther Kings moving forward in country after country, sometimes risking their lives to speak their truth. These are ordinary people like you and me, who simply said to themselves and others—"It's possible."

Today I am proud to bring you a media enterprise that illuminates the world around you. With coverage that transports you to the streets and villages of distant lands. Exposing us all to the human forces creating courageous solutions for our future and beckoning you to join us.


aliĝngix's picture


It takes a brave person. I know all of ours voices will come out. This ambition we will reach all together. The more we know, the more we can conquer what we face.
Thank you for sharing this post.

Kagwii's picture

My inspiration

Your posts continue to inspire me and stir some of my dreams within me, and all I see are possibilities around me, things I have wanted to do, I can do but my voice, my energy is drowned by fear and uncertainty and what ifs. Thank you for being that voice that is currently confirming to me that it is doable if only I get it started.


The Afrika way's picture


wow, I would love to read more of your story.

You have spoken to the hearts of many young women including I with these few words, and with your achievements.

giftypearl.abenaab's picture


Your stoy has just confirmed my personal belief that everything that happens to us-all our childhood experiences and our backgrounds is for a purpose. God bless you for your courage and the disciliplines like dedication, commitment and hardwork to make this dream a reality and to give opportunity to the voices of people from different lands, streets and villages to be heard. Some of the us these people and from these different parts ofthe world, you may never meet or see. Some of the villages you may not be able to pronounce its names but your dream and vision will reach that village and people.

I salute you Jensine! In one of our local languages in Ghana we say "Ayeekoo"! meaning well done.

You have given me so much hope in believeing in my dream and working to realise. you are an inspiration to so many young woman including me whom you may or may never meet. Anyway, we will meet on line.
Keep the good work up!

Gifty Pearl Abenaab
Greight Foundation

giftypearl.abenaab's picture

Your life

I was just thinking if you could share with us what are challenges are now. what your life is. are you married? do you have any children? how do cope? etc

Gifty Pearl Abenaab
Greight Foundation


Every entry I read on the VOF forum ignites more passion and a sense of purpose in me. The way you bring your writing to life...well, let's just say, we need more journalists like you in our world. Journalists who don't just project words, but who instill awareness and incite action, who take others voices as seriously as they take their own, and who recognize that, regardless of education, creed, or race, every woman can be a messenger and a visionary.

You have given us a platform for greatness, and the story of how you have achieved this is a special one.

Thank you.


sunita.basnet's picture

I admired you, Jensine

Dear Jensine,
I admired you and inspired from you. Though you were a shy girl in your young age but today you are shaking the world. One small help and some a single situation will courage us to raise our voice. A girl who run away because of people is now gathering all the people to bring peace and equality. I really admired you.

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

Auma's picture

Your daydreams

have turned into reality.Now i face everyday with hope and courage,knowing that dreams can turn to reality...mine are turning into reality too.

I have promised myself to do all i can to help others turn their dreams into reality too.



olakitike's picture

Your Courage

I admire that you were able to act in the face of your fear. Kudos. Many thanks for founding world pulse. Its so great.
Okun O! (That means more power, strenght etc in my language)


Tina's picture

Thank You.

Thank You Jensine,
For sharing your story and giving us the opportunity to share ours.
Thank you also for your courage, your inspiration, your vision, your example, for Pulsewire and for your fabulous magazine...

consolata's picture

Source of inspiration

Jensine, You have really touched many with this post. I am particularly reminded of how Woman Hope came into being. I had a vision of having a media that does Not classify women into the haves and have Nots, Thus thought of a Free magazine that will be read by all women across board. I am Not yet there but I trust God will guide me the rest of the long journey. Thanks so much for giving us a flatform where we are able to express our success and heartbreaks.
Lots of Love,

IB's picture

It's possible

Jesine, your story inspire me and speak volumes. I do beleive that there is nothing impossible, with determination and
staying focused never looking behind ourselves with fear but to draw from our experiences, every thing is possible.

Together, with our fingers, in tears and Love we can be heard!!

Love you all


Jensine dear,
You took a step of faith and God would bless you for it because what that your step would achieve you yourself would marvel by the time we all raise our voices, the whole world would shake. I am encouraged by your story that i can do better.


Busayo Obisakin
Women inspiration Development center
Ile-Ife, Nigeria

LOGWELL's picture

True inspiration

Hi Jensine,

Thank you for daring to dream and much more for listening to the inner voice....this has helped make the voice of many women be heard. A truly inspiration story!!!!!

Genice Jacobs's picture

possible pilot


You are amazing and every day I am seeing the great potential you have brought forth with pulsewire. I have recently connected with Nalubega who is looking to start a rural poultry project in Uganda. I was wondering if this might be a potential pilot project to work on with PW partner Global Giving. Just a thought.

Let me know if you need any help from me with the bay area fundraiser.


Genice Jacobs

Gemma's picture

Your personal story


Your story is moving and inspiring. It painted a picture for me of your experience as a young girl, as a international journalist and now has the force behind World Pulse. It also compelled me to explore what Burmese women are experiencing today and how that situation has changed. I am curious about why you were terrified when you came back to the states and how you overcame that emotion. What finally gave you the courage to start on this endeavor?

Keep up the great work.


Mckenzie's picture


I was stirred reading this piece Jensine! World Pulse=Pure Beauty

liba's picture

Amazing beginnings

Hie Jensine

Thank you for sharing the the humble beginnings of Pulsewire with us. It gives us all hope that there are lots of caring hearts out and that every little effort we put towards making the world a better place counts because it is out of those small efforts that big things like pulse wire are made. If you had not taken those first small steps towards realizing your dream they would only have remained dreams and nothing else. We are very proud of you and the great opportunities you have created for all of us as women through the Pulse wire idea. May it grow from strength to strength and may you never stop dreaming how best you can make the voices of the voiceless heard. By the way you are very good at drawing out the sounds "stuck in our throats".God Bless always!!!!!


"Its not by might nor by power, but by my spitrit , says the Lord"

Khushbu's picture


Hi Jensine

Your story is really inspiring. Most of the people in "third-world" have this perception that people from the "first-world" dont care. All they want is the material pleasure, but you defy all those perceptions and it is amazing to know the kind of work you all are doing. It is beautiful to see how PulseWire and WorldPulse are bringing the change in the world of journalism. Women getting to share their story in their own words is a great initiative, and nothing can be better than this experience of sharing our stories with women from around the world, who have gone through the same path...

With love


Khushbu Agrawal

Rudzanimbilu's picture

Thank you Jensine!

...“ I saw them congregating, reuniting, embracing, talking, and crying, building small communities to heal and care for each other.” You gave us hope, we cannot thank you enough for your courage, determination and passion to make what you saw a reality. Women all over the world are uniting, talking and crying just as you saw and is a great revelation to all women who will come across your personal story. It is possible, I know now that it is. And I am inspired to tell others about your story and to share mine. You have engineered the course of our women history and I pray and hope that others are inspired to follow your footsteps. Thank you so much Jensine.

Rudzanimbilu Muthambi

Jensine's picture

I bow to you

Dear Rudzanimbilu -
Your words bring tears to my cheek. You lift me and give me strength. Thank you for the gift of your voice. Together we will bring millions of women together to change the world. Keep going, don't stop shining your light. Love,

Jensine Larsen
World Pulse

oluwayomi osuntokun's picture

Hi jensine

I took time to digest your story . Now I know where world pulse generated from.. Their voices endlessly pulsed in my mind.. Very inspiring I must say . Thanks for initiating a project that is giving us a voice - a platform to share experiences with the common objective of changing our world .

Gracious's picture

Everything is indeed possible

Jensey your story has inspired me and I believe many people have and will be inspired through your work always remember that it was not in vain


robo's picture

Dear Jensine

Your words and your efforts have a healing power which is healing women around the world.
THANK YOU SO MUCH for World Pulse . Thank you for being there for us. Listening to us and caring for us.
Thank you for being our angel of hope .
Thank you Jensine
Loads of prayers for you always
May Almighty be with you always

Love from Pakistan

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