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I am Poverty !

Pitiable seems the condition when we see the upheaval contrasts of life, the dominions ruling in power ,rich with their unlimited treasures and the bitter truth of poor cladded with rags of poverty in a miserable condition.
This aspect of poverty now requires to be wiped off, with a clean clear balance of humanity and life ,eradicating the situations which create poverty in umpteen measures.

I, poverty, thy destitute figure of humanity,
In rags and mud , I am strewn,
Crushed by offsprings of supremacy
An illegitimate child of power , Iam,
littered ,cluttered , scattered
The bitter truth of the world,
I, poverty, the homeless progeny…
… of the created hypocrisy…

Broods who in thousands ,
agonize in vacillating hearts…
never fathered by the dominions
although I am stripped and denied my part,
dither none, the authority stands unfretted,
I die and get buried
in the human carcasses…
to appear again in another misery
I, poverty, indigent is my form!

I, being a woman, today can raise a voice which can be heard by people from corners of the world, where I can join hands and ensure that change begins ... and all this is possible through the web which connects me and the thoughts echoing loudly in my voice to the rest of the world.The welfare of the whole society will also ensure welfare of the women too.

Together we can , bring a change!

Wish we all will see a dawn when mankind will be able to remove the colour of poverty from their canvas.



SSD's picture

Powerful & Mighty

Soumya ! Your verse is screaming under the teeth and in between speech and breath -the steel rip of rupture in poverty. Furthermore, the verse resonates deeper - as it is in no doubt that women often are marginalised in many countries due to customs and cultures of an often patriarchal society, where women are not educated hence face the hard stick of destitution as resources and resourcefulness is remote - delving into the abyss of poverty. Of course,your pen-ship is dipping in blood and the paper soaked with much reflection for each one of us to end this cycle -- be it for a woman, man and child - none deserve to be a prisoner, a persecuted victim of poverty - we can-not accept being a spectator to such indignity.
Your voice is heard and felt to the deepest corridors of mind and heart -- truly, your ink is valuable at World Pulse ! Keep the ink raw & ripe, always.


Soumya Vilekar's picture

Iam honoured

Iam honoured Shaheen that the voice echoes strongly in this post and screams out the pathetic situation of poverty which has become a part of society whether in form of economy or status, or in the condition of women.
The vast difference in the conditions of living and survival has created a huge imbalance in the society and world which needs to be filled up by continous efforts . The victims , are becoming more and more vulnerable and the powerful getting stronger. be it in gender or in the social status. The meek have been always deprived and crushed.
A sense of integrity and a thought of humanity needs to be instilled in everyone to kick poverty out of the system of the world.
With people like you around,such changes can be done through pen and through efforts,
Best wishes ,

SSD's picture

oops !

Ah, forgot to mention -- hope you add this in the campaign


Soumya Vilekar's picture


Thank you for reminding Shaheen. I added it now. :-)

Greengirl's picture

Hello Soumya

Your words are very powerful and is already being heard through your unique voice; which is crying out for change. I could feel your passion and sincere desire to see poverty eradicated.

Well, I hope decision-makers will stop paying lip service to and playing politics with ending poverty. As you strongly highlighted, women are the worst hit and ravaged by this challenge; so need to play key roles in finding solutions.

It is quite impressive and inspiring to know that you've identified the web as a tool for making the right connections and changing the face of poverty for the good of ALL. I particularly love your ending line- "Wish we all will see a dawn when mankind will be able to remove the colour of poverty from their canvas."

Beautiful weaver of words and connections, your voice is being heard and counts a great deal!

In admiration,

Soumya Vilekar's picture

I am overwhelmed

Dear Greengirl,
Thank you so much for hearing out the voice and feeling the pain behind the words which scream to ask when is the world going to change and how?
As women, we all are worst affected by everything and anything thatgoes around in this world, where poverty is a issue which has been taken for granted and which rarely hits anyone's bones or veins.
Social works, efforts all that try to reach one and all those who are hit with this can be rarely be executed. A change in thought,effort ,action ,all in co ordination is required in a whlesome manner through every individual of this earth to erase and eradicate the term and the existence of poverty.
Iam overwhelmed that you liked the echo of my voice and Iam truly honoured that my voice is reaching out to people where it shall be heard and counted.

Sahro's picture

You are a poet too! :-)

Oh now i can see that you are poet too!

What a collection of words. Each word truly carries much weight showing the transformative power of women's words.
I am so happy to know you Soumya and what a great tool technology is...that we can connect and inspire each other from a distance. I think this particular poem on poverty could very easily win an award.....please submit it to all the poetry prizes events- both local and international. And if you allow me i would like to put your poem in my own social networks and your name as well as link to this poem which is crying out loud for change!

And change will come because we hear your voice even in Somalia.

I am honored and humbled to know you!

WorldPulse Community Advisory Board Member
Globcal Ambassador at:

Soumya Vilekar's picture

My pleasure and honor!

Dear Sahro,
Its an immense pleasure to read your comment while you go through the verse and the thought behind it . Iam deeply obliged that this poem touches your heart and ignites a spark that which lies inside all of us for the feel of poverty. Iam grateful that you find the poem worth of being represented on a bigger platform of poetry , as for now , if it has managed to strike a chord and invoked thoughts, I find it really an award that gives the verse its worth.
It is the feeling that is generated which makes us feel satisfied ultimately and Iam honoured that you considered this one so precious.
Iam sure if a voice spreads through the thick fumes of injustice wherever on this earth, it shall bring a ray of hope and change.
And yes, you can share the poem Sahro, if it reaches one and all and can bring a percent of change, I will be more than happy for this.
Thanks and best wishes,

IFUW's picture


Dear Soumya,

Thank you for this post! It was really moving to read this poem. Your words on poverty are truly beautiful and sincere. Education is key to helping eradicate poverty. Especially education for women and girls! It is vital that the world empowers its girls and women everywhere through education-- in order to provide them with the skills and knowledge necessary to be self sustainable. Educating a woman will have positive effects on her children and her community. It can help break the vicious cycle of poverty.

We look forward to reading more from you and invite you to join our world pulse group :



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