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“Why Is Evo a Criminal?”

The second re-election of Evo is unconstitutional and those who gave him the permission to move forward as a candidate know they have committed a crime. That is why they are making a big campaign so Evo can win this illegitimate and illegal election.

This year Evo has dedicated himself to convincing us that he is worthy for seeking a third term in office. He has said that no other candidates offer anything good. García Linera has said that MAS (Movement for Socialism, the party of Evo and García) is the only party that has ideas and is doing everything that Bolivia wants.

If this is true, I live in another country. I live in the country where elections will take place in one year, but all candidates who had an important political role have been subjected to judicial torture, criminal prosecution, public shame, termination of civil rights, and confinement—all of this in explicit violation of Article 118 of the State Constitution, which states: “Public shame, termination of civil rights, and confinement are prohibited.” Going against this article of the constitution makes all government ministers criminals.

I live in a country that has read the constitution. We know that the following articles exist and that they prove that Evo is committing a crime in bribing the judges of the constitutional court so they accept his illegal candidacy. The CPE (State Constitution) provides us with evidence that we are governed by criminals who utilize and violate the law as they see fit.

Here is the evidence:
Article 168
The term of the president and the vice president is set at five years, and may be reelected ONCE FOLLOWING THE FIRST TERM (uppercase mine).

It does not explicitly state that a resignation invalidates a term, however doing so goes against the spirit of this article. Evo resigned a few days before fulfilling his second term. This move is unethical, dishonest, and above all it goes against the constitution.

Fifth Part
Article 410
I. All persons and corporations, as well as public bodies, public authorities, and institutions, are subject to this constitution.
II. The constitution is the supreme law of the Bolivian legal system and takes precedence over any other legal provision. The constitutionality block consists of international treaties and conventions on human rights and rules of community law ratified by the country. The application of legal rules is governed by the following hierarchy, according to the powers of local authorities:
• State Constitution
• International Treaties
• National laws, autonomy statutes, charters, and other departmental, municipal, and indigenous laws
• Decrees, regulations, and other resolutions issued by corresponding executive bodies

Evo Morales utilized a law to give himself permission to seek a third term, but this article points out that laws cannot enable it. It is against the CPE, and going against the CPE is a criminal offense.

III. Terms prior to the effective date of this constitution will be taken into account in order to calculate the period of new positions.

The president and vice president resigned and thought they would be able to circumvent this transitional provision.
There is a video in which Evo explicitly states he will not seek candidacy again as he approves his signature to the new constitution. But this was a lie. He always knew he was going to bribe the constitutional court, despite the staunch refusal of the population (80% of votes) that voted against it.

Craftily sidestepping the greatest law that we Bolivians have, makes Evo Morales and Álvaro García common criminals.

Article 196
I. The Plurinational Constitutional Court ensures the supremacy of the constitution, determines constitutionality, and demands respect and observance of constitutional rights and guarantees.
II. In its interpretive function, the Plurinational Constitutional Court will be applied as a criterion of interpretation to the will of the constituent with accordance to its documents, acts, and resolutions, as well as the meaning of the text itself.

Subsection two is only interpreted literally, and gives preference to the will of the constituent. The constitutional judges have committed a crime, and to arrive at this conclusion we must consider the following: the seriousness of what has happened,

Evo Morales’s words specifically renouncing a new election, and the prohibition on Morales’s candidacy who in turn brought the new constitution into law.

According to the basic principles of constitutional law, any student can tell the judges of the Constitutional Court that they have committed a crime, against the constitution, in enforcing a law passed by the executive.
In spite of all of this proof, Evo Morales has been illegally and illegitimately proclaimed the presidential candidate for Movement for Socialism Party

Some bad Bolivians support him and laugh at the naïveté of the opposition politicians who thought a Constitution could remove a dictator from office. But they did not take into account the millions of good Bolivians who do not accept a criminal as a leader. We do not accept the provisions of an illegal and illegitimate Constitutional Court because it was taken advantage of by someone who now enjoys its benefits.

We are many. We are good. We are Bolivian. And we do not want him to rule over us anymore, he who makes a mockery of all our laws, including our State Constitution. To define a dictator in this new century, there is not only deaths in his account, but also his actions. His buying over all powers (judicial, legislative, executive and electoral) to fix themselves in power has turned Evo Morales and Álvaro García Linera into the best paid criminals in history.

The fish dies by its mouth. See Evo Morales publically renounce his second reelection here.

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