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VOF Week 1: (We Are The Bridge)

“Web 2.0” is expanded consciousness and co-creation – at both virtual and actual levels – in realtime! The internet over the past decade has opened up the world in ways we have only just begun to envision and explore. Just as entire industries, governments, corporations and “operating systems” have been challenged, expanded (and sometimes overcome) by this new global intimacy, so are we at the personal level now able to connect with people from many corners of the world, many of whom we may never meet face-to-face. Yet we possess technology that makes possible the intimate exchange of enlightening, educational, and mind-bending conversations – a flow of information back and forth, creating a bridge. This is tremendously provocative and interesting to me, and inspires a renewed sense of hope in the quality of life, in a truly egalitarian world, and a better humanity.
I deeply value personal and spiritual growth, education, and exploration. I have a thirst for knowledge and a deeply curious mind about the worlds we see as well as those that we cannot. Gathering information and experience has always helped me understand situations, people, challenges, and set personal and professional goals and aspirations accordingly. Behind much of my art, music, and writing is a deep desire for connection – the meaty, soul, gut stuff. A stronger word might be communion. And I seek bridges between cultures, identities, ages, sexes, groups that make spiritual values like peace, love, kindness a reality in my life. The basis for being able to do that for me comes from ever-broadening my experience and frame of reference. It means hands-on understanding and assimilation/integration/application of that new information, to both inner and outer landscapes of my life. Although the speed, intensity and volume at which new data comes at us now is daunting, I am thrilled to be alive in this age!
To apply a Christian reference, all of us on the Tower of Babel are beginning to speak to each other - across the classes, across the genders, across the boundaries and gaps that have caused separation from each other. With such grand technology available today, and the ability to share perspectives, knowledge, and wisdom, we can grow into new solutions to (or perceptions of) not only our more immediate personal problems, but also evolve into life-altering, more inclusive and healthy solutions for an entire planet. That our community now includes the world, in a much more experiential and literal way, is tremendously exciting and almost breath-taking to me. I feel those of us present on the planet at this time hold an almost-sacred trust or responsibility to the new paradigm that is unfolding. We are the bridge to a new world voice, to new places of empowerment, to an achievable peace, to a sustainable planet. Web 2.0 "communities" offer us all the opportunity to be co-creators in that new vision for our world.


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We Are The Bridge

Dear Sandra Dean-Marlowe,

One night a very long time ago, I had a dream where beams of light connected each and every town, city, village, and country and while this was happening voices began to double, triple and so on and on. Now I can look back and see that dream was a vision. A vision of bridges, bridges of words, thoughts, and communications. Not just to the few of monetary success, but to all people. No matter where they were, we were all suddenly connected. In my mind I now, know what that vision told me. Through the internet we can become all one.

I loved your analogies, co-creators, communion...I to, am so happy to be alive in this age.

Rose Of Sharon

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Dear Rose Of Sharon,

Dear Rose Of Sharon,
Thank you for your response! Your vision is beautiful and expansive. It brought to a mind a piece I wrote years ago, when I was editor of my high school newspaper (a long time ago - smile!). It contained similar images - the lights in all the homes in the towns connecting and making us one - a sort of "let your light shine" idea. It's amazing to realize that people everywhere have had these images and visions in various forms coming into their awareness, which I think then begins to shape our world - we can manifest new ways of being! Truly, it's exciting that we are here to see these times, as rocky, scary and thrilling a ride as it can be. Thanks again for your good words and sharing,

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Hi Sandra! Your vision for a

Hi Sandra!

Your vision for a more just, egalitarian world is beautifully expressed. We are so lucky to have what seems like infinite access to information and the opportunity to engage others around the globe. It's inspiring that you try to understand the world through so many different facets, art, music, etc... I too, do the same thing! How incredible that nearly anyone has the opportunity to express their vision in such a global way. With greater access to information, comes greater understanding and acceptance. Your writing is inspiring! Thank you for sharing your voice!


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