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VOF Week 1: (The First Step to Creating Global Change)

For me, the phrase Web 2.0 itself contains the excitement for the potential of a new kind of activism, spearheaded by a generation of revolutionary thinkers, utilizing the web for mass social change. The first time I came across these words, Web 2.0, it sparked an immediate appeal. I had to know what it was, what kind of tool it is, and what impact it has, not only on me, but the world we live in. I Googled it. There in .14 seconds lay information that moved me like the sun’s rays beaming down on the earth through a peak of clouds on a dark and overcast day. I was already using Web 2.0 and I didn’t even know it! The way I had been communicating, receiving my news, sharing my thoughts, and keeping in touch with others for at least the past 5 years, has a name.

What a shame that this has been so underutilized, not only in my life, but overall on the Internet as a way to increase visibility of the global women’s empowerment movement. After attending the Association of Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) conference in Cape Town, South Africa this past November, I came back home in awe of all the individuals and groups who are doing such critical work within their communities on a grassroots level. Many of these women and men are doing this work without the help of the Internet, whether that is having a public presence through the Internet or using the Internet for capacity building within their respective collectives. Think about the support that could be received if more people around the world knew of the need that these activists were filling. Think about what more could be done by educating the world about these issues, and the circumstances that have given rise to them. Think about how we could combat stereotypes and prejudices that maintain that local women and men don’t mobilize for women’s rights, and in order for true change to occur, others outside of these communities must come to show them how. Don’t we as those who have the privilege of accessing the Internet on a daily basis, feel some responsibility to our brothers and sisters worldwide to make visible the injustices, as well as highlight the successes, within the global women’s movement?

What inspired me to apply to the Voices of Our Future was a hunger for more knowledge, to learn more, and use these skills to tap into the unrealized potential of creating global visibility and increasing awareness about global women’s issues|rights|movements. In addition, I find it empowering to be able to share the work being done in our global communities within women’s empowerment, among those who may not otherwise come to know of it, and hopefully motivating everyone to do *something* within their capacities.


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(The First Step to Creating Global Change)

Hello grooveesista,

This is very well written, intelligently with a purpose in mind and passionately with a life changing goal. I, too have been using web 2.0 for some time now without even realizing there was an official name for it. What a tool for communication and a way for the voice of women to be heard. Your understanding of the power of web 2.0 is strong and your ideas and goals for it's use, even stronger. You are focused on using it as a tool for the passion you have towards the women's movement, and I am sure you will reach your goals of making a difference.

Great luck with moving forward with assignment #2.

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VOF week 1

Hi grooveesista,

I am Genice Jacobs from Oakland, California USA and I have the fortunate assignment of being your reader for the first VOF essay.

I really enjoyed your essay. It was well written and intelligently thought out and has an engaging and lively tone. I also liked your use of a metaphore and felt it brought character and richness to the piece. Since you only used one metaphore and used it well, it was effective.

I totally agree with you that Web 2.0 has been underutilized to date by the global women's movement. I'm seeing more and more how Pulsewire and other social networking sites like Facebook and Linkedin can be an effective vehicle for social progress. It's amazing to me that I can connect with people who share my interests and who I want to reach out to across the global in a matter of a few key strokes. I am an executive recruiting in the technology field and use web 2.0 quite a lot for just that. The cross fertilization of ideas and sharing of program successes will be invaluable. Up until now my interest in collaborating on projects with others in the developing world seemed out of reach. Now that dream is so much more accessible.

Thank you so much for taking time to share your thoughts with the Pulsewire global community.

Genice Jacobs

Genice Jacobs

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THANK YOU Theresa!

Thank you for your extremely kind words Theresa and also for taking the time to read my journal entry.
Yes, isn't it amazing that Web 2.0 has become so expansive and ingrained into our lives that we don't even recognize that it is in itself a tool? I am still coming to understand what it is all about and all the things we can do with it. Participating in Voices of Our Future is definitely helping me in that process.

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Thank YOU Genice!

Thank you Genice for your positive feedback!
Yes, I think it's crazy how almost everything has gone virtual in our lives! Even activism, and at that not only local, but global activism. Activism to me has connotations of marching in the streets and working in-person with community members, but we can be activists while connecting with someone from half way across the world who we have never met, and may never meet, when we exchange ideas and learn from one another. It is actually quite amazing.

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