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Child Education:How far should the School go?

I just witnessed a rather disturbing scene and it got me thinking...
A mother found out her daughter has been fooling around with men. After insulting and calling the girl names,she drags her to school and reports the situation to the principal. She tells the principal the daughter is a disgrace and they have done EVERYTHING to discipline her to no avail.
This what amazes me.. She tells the principal he has their full support to met out any form of punishment he deems fit on her. She even tells him to disgrace her publicly before the whole school and let then know she is a prostitute...
The principal assures her he is going to ensure she is punished.
Now I won't want to go into what the principal did because that makes the situation more complicated.
In this case I am asking the question, what is the role of the parent...
Is it up to the school or teacher to inculcate morals in a child?
I personally believe train up a child in the way he should go, so when he grows up he will not depart from it...
Who has to inculcate basic moral values in our children?
Am Thinking...


Leina's picture

Kariz,thanks for raising

Kariz,thanks for raising this!It is very common to witness such in Cameroon.The parent of course.I know the must must have done that out of frustration but I think her step will make the girl more rebellious.Maybe dialoque would hve made things easier!

kariz's picture

I agree with you,Leina

Dialogue goes a long way to avert such disasters! The Parents are fraustrated because they can't seem to communicate with the daughter, the girl on her part is fraustrated cuz she feels no one understands and cares,as such she rebels!
Dialogue from the very start with our daughters will build value,esteem.confidence, them!
I agree with you Leina


ikirimat's picture

Its common here too in

Its common here too in Uganda. My take is that , as a parent you dont have to over react, calm down and first ask yourself what you have not done. Have you discussed with your child why such behaviours are bad? parents should take it upon themselves to nurture their children and mold them how they want them to be. This happens because we are not in our children's lives. so the children find "comfort' in wrong peoples lives. This is why we need to give sex education and life skills, self esteem building to our children. Have time to speak and listen to them. Providing requirements and school fees is very inadequate.

Grace Ikirimat

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."

kariz's picture

well said Ikirimat

We are not present in our children's lives... A very true saying. We are all caught up in the fast pace world. Attention,sex ,moral education:our responsability as Parents!!


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