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Elizabeth's Story and her Miracle Mentor/Sponsor


This is Elizabeth's life story written my her on a 4paged sheet of paper. This is one of the most painful life challenges faced by the rural African girls.
"My name is Elizabeth, I was born on February 18, 1993.
When I was young, I lived with both of my parents in Mukono District, then they shifted to Tororo district when I was 8 years old. They left me in the hands of my grandmother in Mukono to help her with work because she was old and also a widow.
My grandmother mistreated me; beating me, shouting at me, denying me food. She was often drunk, same with my uncles. Whenever my grandmother and uncles were drunk, they would fight with knives, pangas and sometimes they would burn down their houses. The home just became miserable.
My grangmother would also not allow me to go to school because she said I would get pregnant while at school, she also said girls are not supposed to go to school, they are supposed to get married. Because I was very young, I followed her advise.
Between 2004 and 2006 my breasts started to come and my grandmother thought I was mature enough to get married. I had to escape away from her. I started to sleep in the bush. My meal was Jack fruits and sugar canes. I was exposed to dangerous animals in the bush including mosquitoes but I had no option, I did not want to get married.
When living in the bush, my legs and hands began to burst like roasted cassava. I was so thin and bonny. People were laughing at me and wondering what I was suffering from. Most of them thought I was suffering from leprosy, syphilis, and little children used to call me a ghost. I started to ask myself why I was born. "why can't I just die and leave this world?"
I fell in the well 5 times, good people pulled me out all these times.
Those years were years of only difficulties.
The message about my suffering reached my parents in Tororo, the neighbors asked them why they were leaving me to die - my mother told me later.
My parents picked me and took me to Tororo in October 2007. I was so so happy!
I thought I was going to find Happiness with my parents and live with them forever as a child. When I reached home, my sisters and brothers never liked me, they also called a ghost. Even my parents never showed me love like they did to the rest of my sisters and brothers.
There in Tororo, my mother was everything, she worked hard to get food for us. Most times we dug in people's gardens to get money to buy food at home. My father was a drunkard all the time.
I started schooling in primary five in 2008 but my father never provided me with anything. Also when I came home in Tororo, I found when both of my parents were not cooperating. They would fight and quarrel so often.
So my mother divorced, she went to Iganga district with my 3 sisters and brothers. Our father also left us and returned to Mukono district in 2010. He left me and my two sisters. One of my sisters got married same year. I was then left with my younger sister.
My class teacher fixed me in an Organization that was providing me with scholastic materials until I completed my Primary Leaving Examinations. While I was at school, I would dig for people in order to get some food from them while I went to school.
After the examination, I went to do a house maid job in order to raise money to buy my requirements for secondary education, I suffered a lot in this job as well. I was doing a lot of work. I left my sister alone at home, she was also just digging for people in order to get food.
Our father then returned from Mukono with a second wife in 2011. He picked me from where I was working and returned me home. It was the climax of our suffering.
I escaped from home in 2012 and started living with a stranger after my father was forcing me to get married. He would beat me and quarrel with me daily that I should get married.
The stranger who allowed me to stay in her house is an old woman who also accepted to educate me. while educating me, I have to work every day before walking 8 miles to and from school.
After a year, she was not able to educate me. Here I am without education. I need help from you and Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation."
Through the Rural Girl Child Mentorship (RGCM Uganda) project and Pearl Community Empowerment Foundation (PCE Foundation) Elizabeth found a mentor and a sponsor this week! She - Martha sent funds for Elizabeth's education for the entire year, 2014!
"I do believe education is the only weapon to break poverty. Education will make better this world. I like the one to one of RGCM, I hope many people trust RGCM too and help to the people who really need it. Education is the future, education is everything” Martha
"I am sure she will give me much more joy back than what I am offering her." continued Martha
Elizabeth does not know yet that she has got a mentor and a sponsor, she will be so glad hearing this news.
This is the best opportunity Elizabeth is getting in life ever; her life will never be the same, her future will be brighter and far better than her yesterday!
To-date RGCM Uganda and PCE Foundation supports 68 girls (including Elizabeth) in Secondary and Tertiary levels of education.
Several girls with similar stories are seeking our support even this 2014. If you would like to sponsor and mentor a rural Ugandan girl in Secondary and University levels of education, please contact us at
Follow our facebook page at:
Find out more about the mentorship and sponsorship on our website at:



Nakinti's picture

I am super happy!

Poor Elizabeth -- God is your shield.
May the hands that bless Elizabeth be blessed 100 times over.
Thank you Martha, thank you sis Bea -- RGCM, for sparking change in the lives of needy girls.
I am super happy!
Sending love to you all, from Cameroon

Nakinti B. Nofuru
2013 VOF Correspondent
Reporter for Global Press Institute
Bamenda - Cameroon

AchiengNas's picture

Thank you for your response

Thank you for your response sister Nakinti.
Elizabeth is very hopeful for a better future.
Many thanks to Martha.

I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.

jacollura's picture

Congratulations, Elizabeth!

Thank you, Beatrice, for telling Elizabeth's story and for connecting her with Martha. Elizabeth is on the right path now!

AchiengNas's picture

Thank you Julie

Elizabeth has found an angle of life that will introduce her to peace. Since childhood, this young girl has never had prolonged peace.
Many more girls are looking for an opportunity for mentorship, should you know anyone who would like to mentor and sponsor a girl, please help connect them with us.

I believe everybody has the potential to live a better life. Given the Opportunity, Education and Motivation ANYONE can become someone admirable. Nobody is a NOBODY, everybody is SOMEBODY.

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