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A journey of empowerment - from conventional to digital media: opportunites for women

Nearing the decade since World Summit on Information Society first met in Tunisia in 2005, I reflect on the journey travelled.
I had participated in WSIS 2005, as part of our NGO mapping of the status of the engagement by women in our country in the processes for engagement of women in Information and Communication Technologies. Examining the national policy agenda for ICTS, and the policy, FastForward, I produced the report: Rewind FastForward uncovered several areas of gender blindness in policy.
Since the utopian vision represented by the plan, the new five year plan attempts to be better grounded and focussed, but no less gender blind.gender equity also inform inequity in use of icts as there still needs to be recogniton that general social inhibitors also impact on women use of and participation in online media
The plus is that the internet, for those who have access, offer women a platform to not just articulate and practice independent thought and leverage action.
It also provides a medium for support and networking both privately and professionally and to have their personal tools for engaging various publics: the media, communities, stakeholders and partners.
It has empowered anf given women a more pronounced voice to articualte against public and personal conserns including those more intimate as domestic violence, for instance.
Yet there are many ways in which the media, and mechanisms government them can be more sensitive and appreciative of the use of, role and participation of women in new media.
Some ofthis I have explored in the following articles: see links:

This story was written for World Pulse’s Women Weave the Web Digital Action Campaign. Learn more »


Kim Crane's picture

I look forward to reading

I look forward to reading what you write! I'm curious what was being discussed on this issue 10 years ago and how much has shifted since then!

Thank you for sharing your voice!

CherylP's picture

Forging a Path

It's exciting to know you have been involved with the progress (and process) of using digital media to empower women. I'm looking forward to reading more about your thoughts on where we might be headed.

Nancy Janus's picture

Your post

Hi Kris,

I have read your post, and I am concerned because you stated at the end that it should not yet be distributed. I believe it is still incomplete as it reads a little like an outline toward the end. I look forward to reading the post in full, because I think it's very interesting that you have been actively involved in the empowerment of women with digital communication. I particularly want to read the statements where you changed the language to be more encompassing.
I hope that I will see the full article when it is done.

Best regards,

Nancy Janus

hmagnussen's picture

Great Start!

Hi Kris,

This is a great start! I can't wait to read more when you complete this article =)

Mary S's picture

Hi Kris I will be interested

Hi Kris

I will be interested to read the rest of your report. How much progress has been made with women getting access to ICT in the last ten years?


Nabiye Tal's picture


Dear Kris,
It is amazing how long ago this process have been on, i am glad to connect with you being one of the leaders of this campaign. I enjoyed the short piece you wrote here and i am eager to read the Full version when its out. Thank you Kris for what you are doing to empower women globally.

Nabiye Tal,
Founder/CEO- IEVAWC.
@nabiye, @ievawc

kind3500's picture

Very interesting

Very informative piece! I am curious as to the extent gender-blindness has a role in your community. This concept is discussed frequently in my Gender and Women's Studies course, and its analysis is of utmost importance. Thanks for sharing!


boughnea's picture

Want to hear more if you have it

Hi Kris,

Are there actions and more specifics on this yet? I'm so curious and I think all of us get a great learning opportunity from hearing it first hand from an involved party. I'm so curious about how this will unfold as to more details about what was found out and the current status and also what will be done moving forward. Are you conducting further/outside research on this?


Rachel J's picture

We are rooting for you!

Dear Kris,

I too look forward to hearing more. Thank you for putting this out there. I'm interested in reading your report on the areas of gender blindness in policy that were uncovered by your research, and whether or not any steps have been taken to highlight them in order to bring about change. Thank you for sharing!

Best wishes,


JT Long's picture

Next Steps

Like Kim, I am eager to hear what progress has been made in 10 years and what you think we can accomplish in the next 10. I am also excited about the term "survival journalism." This is going to be very interesting. Thank you for starting what looks like an important piece.

telling stories; creating communities

CatherineSakala's picture


Thank you for sharing your piece. I would like to know more about your findings and some solutions to overcome the Gender blindness. Unfortunately your piece has been circulated as you submitted it. Am not exactly sure I completely understand how it ties to the main title. But it certainly does sound interesting and I hope we get to read it soon.

Catherine Sakala
Entomologist and Parasitologist- Zambia

missrok's picture

Waiting to learn more!

Dear Kris,
like others I would be very interested to read your report. I think it's very valuable to be able to look back at the process of gender mainstreaming in the ICT policy, see what we achieved and where more efforts are still needed. And it seems like you would be a right person to do it!
Good luck,

phoang's picture

Hope to read more soon!

Hi Kris,

Thanks for getting so involved with examining how policies progress to help women. I look forward to reading more from you soon. Thanks!

KrisRampersad's picture

Thanks peers

Thanks all for your support and encouragement. That's what I call peer pressure! I was so tied up in general business of living that haven't yet fully completed the comparative analysis but I have posted some writings that reflect on women use of ICTs and role of and futuring new media in our lives. Will welcome your feedback. Look out for future positings and reflections, And again, the encouragement is much appreciated,

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