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women and technology of ICT and advantages of ICTin our community

topic: woman and technology and its advantage in our community so here in our country ICT it very importante because of many things because of internet in make contact of different country it ;s like world open like this we are here in congo in worldpulse and we communicate with USA people and other country in outside of african it very important nowdays our world is very near because of ICT i can communite with foreign people then with ICT we can get money from outside of our country you can make business by internet so we can say that with technology we are luck people it very benefit for me i see that ICT it very interesting cause we can express our self and i learn many things from ICT and with ICT our knowledge it improve day by day 2:the challenges for woman in my community for learning ICT is those in my country to get compute it;s very expensive and the second in my eare the connection of internet it not easy to get in rural eare not for every house who has connection of internet so with that problem many people it to hard to connected alwaysand to keep online is noy easy for many people in my country and other challenge is this among of congolese women they don;t know to read and write so with that challenge they can;t know how to use ICT 3: solution we can propose in those challenges to our women in our community is that we can ask other country to help us to get computer by the cheep price inorder every people can have chance to buy it and second is this to teach to those women who doesn;t know to read and write ok thanks so much

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sallysmithr's picture

Thank you

Thank you so much for sharing. You really highlighted not only the benefits of ICT but also the barriers and solutions. I think you have great ideas and your voice will help to express those solutions and help to empower you and women around you that may feel they do not have the voice.

Thanks again so much,



great comment

thanks so much my dear for your encouragement comment i promess i will rise my voice and i hope it will make change in this world ok keep online and your commeny give me strenth to write and write


ikirimat's picture

Great story Masoso, Thank you

Great story Masoso,

Thank you for sharing your views on how we can benefit from ICT use for development. your statement "I see that ICT as very interesting because we can express our selves and learn many things and our knowledge gets better everday'' catchy. One step at a time we should target and focus our actions and advocacy efforts towards breaking the said barriers. I suggest we mobilize more women to appreciate the need for ICT for development then they can demand for it.

Thank you for sharing your story from your community

Grace Ikirimat

"It takes the hammer of persistence to drive the nail of success."


good comment thank you too

hello;ik irimat thanks so much cause you taking your time by reading my journal this is very good contribution you give to me so let us work to gether and mobilise many women of course to know about technology it will help our developement and i hope those barries will be breaking by our effort and our solidation ok keep on line


Sarah Whitten-Grigsby's picture

Yes, teach those women!

Dear Masoso,

Thank you for your passionate explanation of the ways in which the Web could connect Congolese women if computers were provided and if all women could learn to read and write. Yes, the best way to empower those women who cannot yet read and write is to find ways to teach them how, through volunteers, raising funds for teachers, spreading the word any way you can.

Everything good in our world started with one voice, and your voice is a strong one, Masoso. My hope for you and your community is that you can indeed gather others around you to raise your voices together and help the women in your country to connect to the world through reading, writing and the Web.

I wish you endurance and much support,

- Sarah

Sarah Whitten-Grigsby


thank you

i thank you so much cause you take your time to read my ideas ok friend i will do my best to help them and i know it will change our world througt that ok keep online even your ideas are needed


CarinPostal's picture

Hi Masoso, The web not only

Hi Masoso,

The web not only allows you to connect to others, but it allows us to connect with you. Thank you for sharing your story and know that you have a loud and important voice among us. Thank you for opening YOUR world to ME. I think the most important step that you outlined was getting computers and internet access out to rural areas . How many computers does your community have? How many women do you know have access to them? Do more men have access? Another important point was the lack of literacy among women. Do you find that women drop put of school more often then men? How can we keep girls in school to learn to read and write and then lead them to the computer? In your mind , how can people outside of the Congo help? Thank you again for your story. I stand with you sister.

first of all i thank you so much because you care for me and for my community and i thank you by taking your time for reading my story my dear i think i will rising my voice untill our problem will be resolved and i hope it;s will be okay as we rae here in world pulse community here it;s good place where we sharing our ideas to each other and i agree with you that web it allow me to connect with you yes yes it;s true : now i;m going to answer you about those question you ask me first one is like this most important step that i outlined was gettings computers and internet access out to rural areas ;as i told you before here in our country computer it very expensive one computer cost 600dollars and in rural area there many people because of a war i had good idea like this because i was born in minembwe area after war which happened every day here i decided to make like association which called Misercorde: it;s means that Mercy to have mercy to someone who is suffering by something so that association is in my area Minembwe in order to developpe people who live in rural area to teach those orphans and widows who did study by sending those orphans to school and teach some thing which can give money to those widows money in Minembwe area and there in that area if i get support to get access of internet it will be easy to them because iwill buy computer and teach them how to use it :so now as i meet you here in connection i hope it will be my dream will be true because i looking for some one who can support good idea ,so here in maman shujaa center we have 20computer for more than 500women those 500women they know how to use computer but thet are other women who don;t know how to use it because our country it very big as you know and we wish even those women who live in rural area they can know about techonology ;here in bukavu in our center mamanshujaa we have 500member who have access to internet and this center it for women only not for men except men who work with association of women and other important thing which is lack of literacy among women ooh this problem in our country it;s very big problem because there are women who didn;t had chance of study because culture the parents think that a boy has hight value than a girl but it wasn;t not true all children are the some in law ok about this problem we try to resolve it by teaching like here in maman shujaa i use to teach English language to those who need to know this language if we get money we can open other center for teaching the women who don;t know to read and write; about women who drop out of school yes they are so many ithink it will be better to send them to shool again there is other chance and to teach them how to use computer : In my mind what i think about people who are out side of congo can help yes it possible to even if you are out side of congo you can help by your good ideas and by using westerunion for sending some money ok my dear friend i thank you so much by your help and good ideas ok keep on line thanks once again all the best i love you bye


hello again Carin long time you don;t write just i want to answer those Questions you ask to me about my community story : you ask me if we have computer in my community we don;t have any computer in MY AREA second because of lacking of computer and of internet access no woman who have access to it,third is many women here in DR Congo they don,t study because of culture before they was thinking that the girls they don,t have right to go to school but for men they was going to school , fouth to send again those to school yes it,s possible that why i have decided that to creat MISERICORDE association for empower WINDOWS and ORPHANS children ,for teaching those windows how to sewing the clothers and to send again those children to school, then for me i think that peoples outside of Congo can help by many ways ok by using internet, by using phone and thanks so much could u give me your email adress? thanks so much nice week end

Masoso Antoinette


William's picture

How the Internet is helping women

Hello Masoso,
Thank you for sharing your article. You mention how women in the DR Congo feel connected with others around the world, yet many girls and women are illiterate. I'd like to see your ideas about getting girls into schools and what an education would mean to the DR Congo when those girls become adults. You bring up several needs that the Internet can support: helping women get outside their homes; learning to start a business so they can earn money; increased confidence when women know they are not alone and have value to others. What do you suggest about ending the limited access to the Internet? Keep writing and sharing, Masoso. Good job.


to share ideas is our strenght

thank you so much my friends by taking time for reading my article i decide to still rising my voice for my friends in congo and i hope it will be okay as i said before to share our ideas is our effort because here we are big family worldpulse and in family ;the member of family discuss about many thing that why we share our voice and our ideas what i suggest by ending this is to promote gender and support by buye computer inorder all women in congo can get access to internet thank so much my dear you that unite make effort all the best if we are with means that we have effort


bitani's picture

Masoso, thank you for this


thank you for this brief yet very important piece on how the internet made our world smaller, and all of us open to each other and exposed to people of different nations and cultures.

Please, keep us enlightened on the situation of women in Congo. Only by letting the world know what the challenged are, we can address these challenges!

keep your voice rising,


"Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of somebody else."
—Judy Garland


thank you my dear

hello dear bitani i thank you so muh cause you read my journal i think i have to rising up my voice about my community and i want you know what going in our country beause of i consider worldpulse like my family so the challenge is here is lack of finance in order to reach that tehnology because of to get computer here it;s very expensive and the number of people who want to learn computer programme are so many in rural area so it;s will be better if all women in congo know about it and second here we have to teach some women who don;t know to read and write so if those two problem have end we can reach technology like others country in world ok dear your support are needed like your good ideas and other kind of support you can thanks once again


Leslie Stoupas's picture

Your strong voice


It is very inspiring to read your words and the vision that you are creating for ICT in DR Congo. It is helpful that you are addressing the challenges at all the different levels, from education, to social change, to funding. Knowing the challenges makes the solutions easier to propose. Your vision makes me excited to hear more of the strong voices of women in your community. Your strong voice will help to make very positive changes for so many women! Keep writing, please, and letting us know what will help to make this vision a reality!

Leslie Stoupas

JT Long's picture

Teaching the World

It sounds like you are a born teacher. By sharing your very well-considered story, you are teaching us how we can help, the more detailed the call for help the better. Have you seen examples of women starting businesses using the internet? Has reaching out resulted in more resources? How is your life better and how could it be even better yet with more access?

Your story of the power of connecting could be the motivation that helps other women in your country learn the technology that will allow them to meet their community's needs. Thank you for sharing. I wish you all the opportunities in the world.


telling stories; creating communities



thank you dear for your good ideas about my sotry so i write like teahe beause i was group in a ountry whih has a war every day so i,m life is better but it,s will be more better when my ountrybe like others stoping the war and all people be great and my dear try to help all people in this world who has problemes like us thank again

best wish


RosemaryC's picture

The nature of invention

Thank you so much for your voice, Masoso Antoinette (I am sorry, I do not know if Antoinette or Masoso is your first name, so I address you by your full name).
You identify so clearly the barriers women face in accessing the internet in rural eastern Democratic Republic of Congo - computers are expensive, internet access is expensive and often hard to find, and women are often not able to read and write. I have seen this for myself, during three visits I made to North Kivu several years ago.
But I also saw how ingenious people were, how much possibility they saw in the community, and how much they wanted to look after each other.
I saw an outdoor classroom, built from whatever was available in the community, after managers of a womens' sewing project realized that the women could not count. And once the women learned to count, they wanted to learn to read - and so they did.
I watched people communicate via radio (in an area without electricity) by using their mobile phones - so that they would phone in to the host's mobile phone and he would hold his phone up to the microphone, so that everyone could hear the words.
I was so inspired by that outdoor classroom and that low-tech communications solution, because it showed me that people were not prepared to sit back and wait for someone else to help them - they used what they had, to meet their own needs.
Do you know about the Barefoot College in India, and how they train grandmothers (who do not know how to read and write) to build, install and maintain solar power in their villages?
They have been training grandmothers in Africa as well as India - I would be so happy if some grandmothers from eastern DRC would become barefoot solar engineers and bring light to their villages.
Best wishes,



hello dear i,m happy to received your comment to my story so about my name my first name is Masoso and second is Antoinette then about my country problems it so many then know about north only even in south it,s the some problems then i visit that websid you send to me so that very good and it important it can make different to us so my dear try how you can help us by using your ideas even materials and try to tell about my country because you know more than others in your country as you was here before ok thanks

all the best


RosemaryC's picture

Following up

Dear Masoso:
Thanks for your reply. I am glad you liked the Barefoot College site. I would be so delighted if grandmothers from eastern DRC became barefoot solar engineers :)
I remember the two villages in North Kivu where people were trying to create mini hydro power projects to bring electricity to their villages. They had lots of energy but not always the technical expertise to achieve their dreams. I tried a number of times to find resources for them, without success. Then last year, I found a UN program that was working on providing information and support for renewable energy generation in Africa, and sent the information to my friends in Centre de Resolutions des Conflits in Beni. I was delighted that CRC was able to connect with the program and are now part of its network.
CRC staff have lots of excellent ideas and regularly bring people together from around the region to share information. They started working on bringing combatants back from the bush and then realized that they needed to work on creating practical economic alternatives for them within villages - and they have done a lot in that area.
What kind of projects or challenges are you working on, and what kind of ideas and information would you find most useful?
Best wishes,

hello ;Rosemary could organise to visit us in south of congo i wish so to be happen in this year be cause if you came it zill be easy to us to make enought conversation please think about it ok thanks so much



every thing is possible

hello Rosemary how was weekend i hope you are doing well as i wish every day ,i ,m so happy to be connect with you because you are like teacher to me as you know i,m congolese woman and i live in congo i was born in MINEMBWE area in hight plateau in south of kivu even if i,m here in town but i have my orginal area qnd in my area is still down about technology even now the among of my area people they don,t know TV ,and electricity they don,t it because not electricity there so my project is to develope in that village because the people who live there are suffering and i work in MISERICORDE association in this group is form by orphans children and widows because of the war of every day many children lost their parents and many then the challenges we have is that not electricity in our area in all village in hight plateau i wist that area to have those things which caracteris technology and all children can goes to school among of them are drop out of school because are orphans they don,t have parent .then even to get school fees to those children is not easy .then the kind of ideas and information i want the one who have experience like you ,i think you know about my country even our challenges you know about it and know here to get money to us is not easy as i get chance to be connected with you i think it,s will make change to us even i wish to make training out of congo to go to look what others coutry done more of us, me and you for you ,you will know more about congo and for i will improve my knowledge ok could you give me your email adress ,mine is this even to face is that my adress ok if possible send me your adress thanks so much have nice day


RosemaryC's picture

Staying in touch

Hi Masoso.
I am sorry I didn't see your message earlier; I have had to be offline as I had a bad cold for a few days.
I will email you so you have my email address - I don't like to post my address publicly.
One site you might want to have a look at is Practical Action. It has a lot of ideas, and plans, for such things as small scale hydro power.

Small-scale hydro power information is at
Small scale wind power information is at
Solar power information is at
Biogas information is at

Best wishes,

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