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VOF Week 1: (Web 2.0: A Woman’s Comrade)

VOF Week 1: (Web 2.0: A Woman’s Comrade)
I can’t think of a life independent of the fast growing communication technologies of this present era. This is not because I want to live in luxury; but it is because I want to feel the growth of our world each and every moment. I believe that there is no other way than these communication technologies to experience every beat of our world deeply. However, this blessing of the developing technologies should be accessible to the whole world, the rich and the poor. There should not be any discrimination on the basis of one’s wealth and means. I realized that web 2.0 is such a place which offers equal position for everyone. It is making the web a platform for the people all around the world, and connecting the people around the globe. In my life, I haven’t even dreamt of communicating with a woman in Africa, or Australia. Because I thought it is too far for me to reach them and there is no way to connect us together. I always wondered how their life is. I always wanted to know what they want to say. Now I am realizing that I am capable of fulfilling those dreams. Yes, web 2.0 made it possible. Those dreams are no more dreams; they are realities. Now only I came to know the real meaning of globalization. I can see the world as one, as a small village. Everyone is equal, no one is better than someone else. The most exciting factor about web 2.0 is that I can connect with anyone I want to and that I can see the world as one community where everyone works selflessly, for the advantage of others.
Always women seem to be under someone else’s control and less accessed to the developments happening in the world. The stereotype about a woman is that, she has been created to sacrifice herself for her family, surrounded by the four walls of her house forever. I am not against the idea that women should take care of her family. I agree that a mother should love her family and children more than her life. I can say that I expect that love from my mother and I am willing to give my life for my family. But I can’t understand the reason for the restrictions a woman is bound in the society and the community. It is not just, it is never fair. All women should get freedom and accessibility to the outer world. I hope web 2.0 has a similar vision as mine. I feel that web 2.0 is a platform for women to talk for themselves.
As a woman, I may face discriminations in my life. Web 2.0 is a stage for me to talk not only for myself but also for other helpless women around me. Web 2.0 is giving me the most creditable right, the right to speak. Nothing else will empower me more.


Maria de Chirikof's picture

good point

It is sometimes hard wondering how to get a balance between being 'the mom' and just being a woman too. It is really great coming here and seeing the old and the young together and not caring about looks or anything like that and just wanting to honestly share their hopes and dreams together and to really create the change we all believe in.

It will be great when we can fully decide for ourselves what our 'role' will be and realize that even if we are fulfilling one role that we are not limited to just that one forever that we can now do them all and not worry about stepping out from our place.


enDhruva's picture

Quite a statement!

Your piece for Week 1's assignment struck very deep for me. From your writing, I could picture you in Bangladesh and Kerala striving to please your family and community all the while wondering what other women around the world are doing, thinking and feeling. I truly believe you are making your voice heard and making a difference by participating in the Voices of our Future contest. I look forward to reading your other assignments!


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