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VOF Week 1: Knowledge is Power


I never knew how powerful the media could be until I joined the Pulsewire Group in February 2009. This was the beginning of my journey with Web 2.0. I find the Web amazing in that the river of knowledge being created is not from the top down approach we are used to but is created by each and every voice that comes into contact with he web until the river becomes a single flowing river of knowledge on women's issues.

In Web 2.0 , i have found that we are all free to tell our stories the way we, the people involved understand them and the way we want to tell them. Under the Web we have all become experts at writing, story telling, advice giving, information giving and social networking which is a remarkable development in any woman's life. There is no requirement for one to have been a media person or a write to inspire others. I find this to be very encouraging to women who have long wanted to tell their histories but have not had the platform to do so because of educational, social, economic and sometimes even political prerequisites. web 2.0 has made it possible for us to connect at the click of a button and iam proud to say that I have already been able to share a part of my lilife through my journal with Pulse Wire online, an opportunity which I would otherwise never have had had it not been for Web 2.0. I have also learnt a lot from the content pooling, aggregation and sharing aspect with regard to different cultures, challenges and successes faced by different women in the different continents of the world through the articles and comments made through Web 2.0.

Most of us women are scared to death to share our real life experiences in the media due to fear of stigmatization and fear of being labelled indecent names and being shunned by our communities and our own close families. Web 2.0 has provided us with that rare opportunity to bare all and put our issues as women on the table for all to see and debate with some pride without fear of victimization. Through reading and commenting on articles presented in the different groups such as Pulse Wire Web 2.0 is contributing towards building our self esteem and confidence to be the future voices of ourselves and our communities in the media in our different countries.

In conclusion I can safely say that under the new media and the Web 2.0 the lone voice will no longer be so alone but will become very loud with the support of the network . All I can say is that Iam proud to be part of the future voices and look foward to my voice being the louudest.


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Roar like a lion Liba!

I too look forward to your voice being the loudest here! I can tell you have many things to say, many thoughts to share and stories to tell. I imagine you come across some intense situations in your line of work and it sounds like you face many challenges in working to get your son accepted as a part of your community. A mother's love knows no boundaries and I know you understand that better than anyone! I encourage you to continue using PulseWire and Web 2.0 to get your voice heard and receive the love and support you deserve!


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Hello Erin

Thanks for the encouragement. You are very right, I do have a lot of stories to tell and a lot of issues to discuss, from both my personal experiences and those from the work i have done for the past 10 years on domestic violence cases. it can be very scary but i look foward to offloading most of the weight which i have acquired over the years. our support system for the service providers is not well developed so you just carry the weight on your own for a lifetime. For me pulse wire is offering a lifeline!!!


"Its not by might nor by power, but by my spitrit , says the Lord"


A loud voice is growing louder!
Liba, I have the great opportunity to be a listener/reader to your first VOF journal entry. It's a privilege to listen to your story. I'm delighted to know how web 2.0 is strengthening your life and as you say the river of knowledge. Nice image! I like how you describe the freedom it allows you and the cross cultural connections it is providing you.

It must feel empowering to be taking a part in this VOF process. As you write your story, how do you sense your voice getting stronger and louder? I too find this to be very encouraging that women are telling their histories- the histories are busting through! Web 2.0 makes this sharing and connecting possible as you say with the click of a button and you are a part of this explosion. In your life and work- what specific role does web 2.0 play? Can you describe it more so that I can see and feel it? As your voice gets louder, what exactly does it say? What sounds is it making?

I hope to hear from you and I will be listening to your voice getting louder!

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Building me up


I have tried so many times to reply to your comments but network system invariable breaks down just as I press submit button but one day i hope all will be well. Am very sorry for the delay. I seem to have taken forever to respond.

Thanks for the comments. Thay are highly appreciated. They form part of the feeling I get that my voice is getting stronger every day as i connect to Pulse wire. By building me up as a potential messenger of women's challenges, experiences and successes I feel tha you are actually making my voice strong and loud. Because of the exposure, encouragement you are turning it from an inner voice within me into a global voice that can shape the generation of women in the world. As I grow I will be able to tell my story and other people's stories to my community because through my contacts with all the strong women i have met since joining voices of our future I would have shed away my shyness to hide from people and be able to stand in the public arena to proudly tell my history and my future hence the reason why I say my voice is growing louder. By participating in the voices of our future my voice has grown slightly louder in that I have been able to put something that can inspire other peolple down and shared one or 2 comments in public, things which I would not have done in the mainstream public media. Maybe with time i will be able to pass on the information on web 2.0 to some of the women i meet and together we will be a strong voice within the community.

In terms of my life, iam learning since i joined Pulsewire to open up about issues i used to believe lay within the preserve of
of my heart which i think is a great achievement and very important for the healing process to take place in me. Ialso tend to appreciate the work i have been doing more than ever now because Web 2.0 has taught me that every little act counts in this journey. Its making me stronger as i assist abused women and children go through the healing process in their lives and iam applying some of the advice I pick up from the comments in my work and feel that my voice has gained strength in all aspect.


"Its not by might nor by power, but by my spitrit , says the Lord"

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