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VOF Week 1: ( Web 2.0 helps me being the woman I want to be)

The Web 2.0 is absolutely a life changing tool (if one might call it tool). It is an instrument that not only helps people communicate, but also makes that communication strong, powerful and heard. It helps us to understand the importance of our voice and our thought.

As a young person and a young woman living in the 21st century I must admit that the web is definitely big part of my life and it definitely shapes my character and personality. One might ask how. It is simple, it gives me an opportunity to show that even that I am a women coming from a post-conflict region that is in a process of democratization and development I can still read, write, type, think, be independent and express myself. And I can simply do that with the help of the web. And moreover I can connect with other women and other people and share my story with them, feel their support or accept their critics. The web gives me an opportunity to show who I am, and that is nothing more and nothing less, but a woman that wants her voice to be heard, a woman that wants to show that she has something to say and she can contribute to the family, to the community and to the world. I am just a woman that wants to show that she can and I don’t want people to shut my mouth just because I am woman and just because I am young. Every human being has some wisdom in itself. Every human being deserves respect and not a hand over the mouth.

Isn’t it a wonderful feeling to see that so many women can read what I write, that so many women from every single place of the world can unite with me, just by reading my simple, yet real thoughts, thoughts that come directly from the heart? It is fascinating how by reading every single post I know that I am not alone, but there are others just like me, that want to do more and others that will achieve what they’ve started.

I feel the need and the enthusiasm to write, just because I know that someone will read and someone will appreciate my thoughts. I feel happy to know that my thoughts are not going to be a non-sense, but an encouragement to myself and to the others. I feel self-confident because I have my own voice and each and every day I learn how to listen to it and I learn how to use it. This is the first step and it won’t be the last. I promise.


Maria de Chirikof's picture

first steps

I agree with your ideas and love that we have this VOF to all take our first steps together and see the amazing variety of voices out there. I think that was part of our problem before was maybe the most known woman's voice was not one we felt said all we wanted to say or gave the impression that woman have only a few ideas. Together we can change this and let the world see that woman can raise their voices and it is not like a pack of wolves howling at night but a beautiful melody that can make you feel things strongly.


alampioska's picture

Hi Maria I cannot agree more

Hi Maria
I cannot agree more with you...together we are stronger and we can certainly show the world that we are strong, smart and empowered

CristinaQuisbert's picture

Hello Alampioska,

Being far but near at the same time, all of us, have this possibility to encourage ourselves.

Kind regards,

Hi Alampioska,

Nice to meet you. I am Genice in Oakland, California, USA and have been assigned to be your reader for Week 1.

For starters I would say that your English writing abilities and choice of words are very good. There were a few grammar mistakes, but no obvious spelling errors. Overall I thought you were exceptionally articulate for someone who first language is not English. So many applause. Great work. I loved that your passion and excitement about Web 2.0 really came through in your writing. I was energized and inspired in reading your piece.

Here's just a few constructive suggestions.

1) Put your essay down for a day and read for run-on (too long sentences). Your sentences were mostly good, but there were a few sentences that could have been broken down into two sentences.
2) I would love to hear more about your unique personal experiences. I'm interested in having more insight into your life and how you feel liberated by Web 2.0. The more specific the story, the more unique and interesting it is.
3) I suggest steering aware from general comments and diving more into the specifics of how Web 2.0 will help you be the woman you want to be. I was left unclear as to whether you ambition was to simply have a voice or to achieve a specific goal.

Anyhow, just some food for thought. Overall, you did an exceptional job and show much potential.

Genice Jacobs

Genice Jacobs

mrbeckbeck's picture

Great work!

Hi there Alampioska....

I loved your work for Week 1! I too am one of your Listeners. Thanks so much for sharing your voice with the world. Web 2.0 is so exciting because of all the connections that can be made around the globe. We're lucky to have PulseWire as a community to connect with. It is inspiring to hear so many great ideas.

I especially enjoyed your final thought...this is just the start of something very powerful! I am looking forward to reading more of your work and hearing what vision you have for the future. Nobody can stop you now! :)

I too look forward to hearing more specifics from you. I would love to know how you think you could use your voice to challenge conventional thinking and change our world for the better. I am sure that you have a lot of ideas, and I just want you to be bold in sharing those ideas with all of us here....we are listening!

So, keep up the good work. I hope that you are doing well and keeping yourself happy these first weeks of Spring.

Scott Beck
World Pulse Online Community Volunteer

alampioska's picture

thanks a lot for the

thanks a lot for the comments. it is great to hear the opinion of the others. i will definetely try to use some more examples and personal stories in future, so the ones who are reading can really understand who i really am and what are the things that matter to me.

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