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"VOF Week 1: (we are women of dreams and choices )."


I am sitting in the lonely corner of my room aloof but I am talking to women who are thousands of kilometers away from me. I am sharing my thoughts, ideas, emotions cultural and gender issues and my ideology .Definitely, Web 2.0 excites me. Often I think, will this virtual communication empower women? Will it break the digital divide in our society? But still I think it happens …women communicate. They share their thoughts ideas and help each other. Why not? It’s the empowerment! The silent, passive, nervous, shivering women opens up. She speaks for herself and for society .The support extended towards women, the exchange and sharing of thoughts makes the idea of virtual communication a success. Can we call it a virtual communication? technical terms and No in emotional values . Web 2 helps us to know more about women and their world. But still a question arises within me which I think is to be addressed. Most of the women in a developing country like India or under developed country have no access to the computer. It is only used by the elite or middle class women where more than half of the population is below poverty line . Another thing that come to my mind is about the cultural habits and values in India which is patriarchal and male dominant where women should get permission to ‘THINK’ or even ‘TALK’ from their male guardians. I think sitting here with Web 2 helps me to identify women issues. Helps to share and experience the thoughts and emotions of other women which definitely is empowering me and develops a sense of unity among us.



Ellen Eyison Dzah's picture

We have similar concerns

Hi Geedha,

That a wonderful article. I share your concern about the ordinary women who have no access to computers. Do take heart, like Web 2.0 the window of opportunities to empower ourselves and our village folks hasn't seize and will not sieze. Just a few years ago, this conversation could have taken place within just a day, but now is possible. All things are possible if you believe and I believe gender equality is possible in my day.

geedha's picture

is gender equality possible

yes i agree with you . but in India only a few have access to computers, that too dominates. i doubt whether gender equality is possible in future because in India violence against women is increasing day by day. its a kind of terrorizing women. now its done by religious groups and religious political parties . they establish religiosity and its theory by imposing power on female or controlling women .as if chastity of women is the basis of religion . we are hoping and struggling for the best . happy for ur response and pls tell about ur country and your activities .


Maria de Chirikof's picture

creating the movement

One of the great things is how the notebook computers are getting smaller and more portable. The ones designed for texting and emailing instead of graphics and games now cost just over $200 and will probably drop a bit more as more companies make them. They recognize it is the future where people like being able to connect like this. They now make the cell phones to have this built-in instead of just the fancy pricey ones so it should not be long now where we can afford them and be able to connect better.

Our main library here in town is creating a 'teen' area in what is now the literature/mystery area to enable them to educate themselves even better. It will have a study area and a computer area for them. I heard another library across town is expanding it's computer area since the few they have are always extremely busy.

It will be very interesting to watch and see the changes in awareness happening all over the world as we talk directly to each other like this!


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Assignment 1 has been READ!

Dear Geedha,
I have read your assignment and your creativity at the beginning kept me reading and excited to see what else you wrote. I loved that!!
I would of liked to have seen you show more examples of how this is empowering for you and the solutions it would bring to women in your country.
However, I agree with the challenges and frustrations about accesibilty to computers, I have traveled to India and I saw first hand the challenges you face.
Cant wait to read your 2nd assignment, remember to follow the assignment and be as creative, personal, and original.
Good Luck,

Elsie's picture

It's the empowerment!

Hello Geedha!

I have the pleasure of being one of your listeners for week 1! I love your imagery at the beginning of your entry...I can just picture you sitting in the corner of your room, but connected with thousands of women from all over the world. Who would have thought 20 years ago that this would ever be possible?! I also hear your concern that so many people still do not have access to computers, but as Maria de Chirikof mentioned it seems that there is so much potential in the coming years to make this technology more and more accessible.

I would love to hear even more about your personal experiences and how web 2.0 has effected you. What is it like to be a women in your society where"women need permission to even think or talk"? What womens issues do you connect with through web 2.0?

I look forward to reading your future journals. Thank you for your lovely voice Geedha!


Maria de Chirikof's picture

sharing and caring

One reason I like this place is it gives me, someone too shy or nervous to speak out, the chance to develop my voice. I think it helps to have a place like this where we can meet other woman who are also desiring the same goals and give support to each other, even if it is just us posting in our own journals.

That sense of uniting for a common goal is a powerful feeling that we can keep in our hearts when it seems like it will be too hard to break the rule of Patriarchy that is so prevalent in societies! Each of us in our own way is chipping at the foundations of patriarchy and eroding the foundation it is based on and together we can create equality.


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