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VOF Week 1 (The Divine Power to Communicate Effectively and Efficiently)


Web 2.0 refers to a communication revolution in the computer industry caused by the move to the internet platform, and an attempt to understand the rules for success on a new platform. The most fascinating thing about web 2.0 is in its power to provide tools for all you need and provide everything you can imagine!. It has an inexhaustible list of powerful, captivating and catching tools that can be used to produce wonderful and colorful web pages that relay your message in its uniqueness.

Web 2.0 will help to bridge the edge male counterpart have over female and it will create a lasting job opportunity for women in the present technology revolution in developing countries, foster business (local and international) that empower women, it will as well build a strong network of women in development by putting their destiny in their hands(enables them share ideas and best practices). Web 2.0 can be used as a tool for women to raise awareness over issues that affect women, their stand on some practices/policy and to raise fund from different part of the world to support women in need in other parts.

I have flair for computer and computing and have a diploma in computer studies. Hence, if I can master Web 2.0 through this medium, I will build a career in web page design and in a short time register a business premises and start a commercial web designs for corporate organization and as well set up a web page design institute to train more women in web page design using web 2.0. With web 2.0 I will also help my organization (Girls to Mothers Initiative – Non Governmental Organization aimed at supporting the women and young girls in rural area of the oil rich Niger delta region of Nigeria ) to develop, maintain and host web pages, blogs and raise fund/awareness about our project and activities.


You have so much knowledge about web pages which can harness power for yourself and the women you work with.
I'm so impressed that at a young age you have started an organization- Girls to Mother's Initiative. I can tell that you love working on web pages possessing pride for yourself while extending your knowledge into your community. You have a big
vision- amazing. Can you describe what that vision looks like more specifically telling us stories of your members? How can you weave the senses into your writing creating a powerful, rich, determined voice for all of us at PulseWire? How will you train these women? I would love to hear more about your big, big dreams!

All the best
See you online here at PulseWire.


IB's picture

Hi Laura,

Girls to Mothers' Initiative (G2Mi) came to play when visit my villiage during holidays for christmas and other festive periods in Kalabari community in Rivers State (Niger Delta region of Nigeria). I saw young girls my age pregnant and some already mothers with no knowledge of what is going on in the urban areas or in their country.

Hence with little or no infrastructure, low income, high literacy rate and high level of promiscuity due to the climatic condition which is always very cold, night life in the river and beach side and the influence of migrant worker and oil explorers with high disposable income. With unemployment rate growing in Nigeria, less than 40% of the working class are single ladies/ single parents. It was also estimated that about half a million of girls are commercial sex workers, who have responsibilities of taking care of their child (Babies born out of teenage pregnancy, unknown / irresponsible biological father etc.) and or siblings/aged parents. These girls are predisposed to early parenthood, STD, HIV/AIDS, Drug Abuse, abandoned babies, unsafe abortion and death in some cases.

Girls To Mothers' Initiative is aimed at reducing the Spread of HIV/AIDS, Stigmatization, Commercial sex activities, to ensure that young people have access to information especially young girls/women in rural areras on reproductive health and sex education so as to reduce the danger of early pregnancies which is key to reducing maternal mortality (MDG – Improve maternal health) as well. With education, empowerment and access to information youths will be able to plan and live up to their dreams.
Each pair of eyes, every new idea – each pair of hands – adds strength and breathes life into our work. Plus, what we can do together is so much more than what any one of us can accomplish alone.

G2Mi is still very young but we have suceessfully trained young gilrs who are single parents, school drop -outs and commercial sex workers through provision of vocational training in hairdressing, tailoring and beads making who are self employed today through Micro - Credit funds provision.

For this year our project is focused on Commercial Sex Workers living in brothels, we visit the brothels twice in a month, share knowledge and ideas on how they can protect themselves (safe sex, condom desmonstration/distribution,family planning methods to prevent unwanted pregnancy) & counseling and Testing) , one on one counseling through the provision of a private line called the Wispher line and micro - credit funds availiable for those that want to quit sex workingetc.

Like every one else am at Voices of Future to acquire more knolwedge and share mine.

i'll keep in touch

LauraB's picture

thanks for telling me about G2Mi


I'm so glad to know about the G2Mi program which sounds like true "thinking big". I hear your determination
and strength and knowledge. This strength fills me as I go about my day. I have a vision these days of womens'
energy, dreams, wisdom, and skills filtering through one another. I'm an artist. Last week I worked with photos of
Kenya juxtaposing images of women in my family. The context of Kenya with the women of my family? This theme is new to
me. What is my mind saying and what are these images evoking? It's just like you sharing this information with me. We become connected in a new, powerful way. News of the Niger Delta isn't from my newspaper or TV, but from your mouth,
your hands, and your mind!

I become your spokesperson in the states, you educate me, you bring the women of Niger Delta to me and
I give back in spirit and connection. I'm so interested to read your week 2 VOF journal!

Thanks for taking the time to explain your great work.

I'll keep in touch as well.


dawn_dancer's picture

Clear vision!

IB – thank you for your posting! I’m impressed by the vision you have for yourself and what you want to accomplish with Web 2.0. I love your clarity about the chance this will give women to regain some equal footing with men by helping to put destiny in their own hands. I look forward to hearing more about your life, and how your personal experiences with this have been. I would love to hear more about this side of things in your future assignments.

I just also read your above posting about the Girls to Mothers Initiative. This is very meaningful, needed and revolutionary work you are doing! I often sit over here in America and wish I could do more personally to help change the tide of abuse and disempowerment that so many women around the globe experience. You are at the front lines, and doing this work tirelessly and with great dedication. I hope that I can at least send you my emotional support through this channel and let you know that your work is appreciated and acknowledged, and that there are many many women who care, and join forces with you on a spiritual level even if we don't know of each other directly.

I am part of an organization called Dining For Women ( who helps to fund organizations like yours. You might want to visit our site. Maybe we can be of help to you someday!

With admiration for all you are doing --

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