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"VOF Week 1: (On the other side of the world)"


Web 2.0 is a treasure when accessed on internet! You find the information you always lacked on women empowerment, on real women stories and on world awareness of women rights! It is created for us - women making our voices heard when we are not able to speak in our communities since the fear has infiltrated silence. Now the message reaches somebody in the place we never stepped in, bringing the truth of the voices that lived through hunger, war, misery, happiness, opportunities, travels, peace by sharing comment,action, desperate call for help and support.

What a great tool, what a great potential new media strategy Web 2.0 - a whole new concept of networking and empowering women worldwide. A story that has never been heard on AIDS, war, happiness, through a woman's life is told by you wherever you are.You can be African women now teaching your community to write a letter that would reach far destinations changing the future, you can be a young girl realizing the rules of the Muslim society that cannot be avoided and share your tragedy expectation with Web 2.0, or it can be me - finding refuge in your stories. Great chance to compare our lives and the places we were born, a moment to reflect and make good wishes for someone dying of hunger on the other side of the world and bring solutions! Be the drive in the society and help your people by bring peace into their hearts. We must use our potential since we are gifted with a healthy body, mind, and speech for benefiting others.

We worked on "Women Voice for Peace and Democracy" project and my concern was it's sustainability because in my country the voices are afraid to speak out.This web page is the right door I entered and ever since it gives me strength to go further into the women empowerment and mediate the stories I always wanted to tell.I read stories here and they challenge me as a women. Unless our women are familiar with another world realities they find it difficult to manifest due to their lack of experience and information. There are women with limited access to info awareness and this voice resources certainly will lead us increase our rights. Web 2.0 keep our women in a driver's seat and provide us with skills on formulating the message and speak honestly. No doubt - the world is changing in a lightning speed. I am more then happy to accept this opportunity as an investment in upgrading myself and show my community the strengths and strategies in the process of freedom of expression. We share the culture of our women, their social status and compare it with various countries. All this considerations are important and are the universal factor for success in women consolidation. We want our voices heard and this is the perfect chance to do so.



Nzasu's picture

Miss Moldovian

First of let me say that I have never heard of Moldova whereabouts is that? I will definitely look it up.

I don't mind sharing my ideas,culture and etc.But note I am not comparing it to that of yours so that I can make a change.What you do in your country may be accepted and tolerated but in mine may not.I may or may not like it but it is what it is.The lion is the King of the jungle everybody knows that all the animals know that, but the Zebra may not like neither does the antelope.But do u see them questioning the lion when it comes no! They just respect the laws of nature and run! Someone has to lead and others have to follow.

A different way of doing things is not a bad way of doing things, its just a different way of doing things.Heres an example why the western approach doesn't work.

In Kenya I cannot wear a short skirt in the streets as I will be stripped naked.As much as you a Moldovian and or American for that matter may be able to do this in your country, it would be wrong to push u ideals on me and empower me to wear a short skirt.As at the end of the day I will get stripped as it is not acceptable and where will u be? sitting across the computer in another continent saying my these people are oppressed.So how am I helped and how are you helped?

What we do with this new information people,cultures etc is what will determine how useful web 2.0 is.

Dear reader, never have I ever in my life had a desire to upset you or your culture with my perspective, ideas or thoughts. Maybe by telling me what you do and think, I can learn more.

Sometimes one word can change our life... Another time it can be misinterpreted or seen with a negative connotation... or from another perspective.

The word "compare" was not written here as to harm your feelings, and yes - for me it is interesting to COMPARE since I do not know everything about cultures or life in there... We are all different in our thinking and I don't find it bad to assess the similarities and differences between two or more things and choose what is better or more interesting for me. I compare things to my own life and the difficulties I go through but it has nothing to do with what outfit we have in every day life... It is the way we act and the mistakes we make...This is the way I learn. In my country everyone can rule and we do question the lion when it comes to... Do not forget though that we are not animals anymore and education empowered us to make changes. And thus twe learn through comparison. As the rules are different now and "respect laws of nature and run!" was used and is still kept for the weak ones long ago when somebody established certain rules as to dominate, added some fear to it - because he was stronger and made all the others listen and do as he wishes...
Now we live in a world where intellect and diplomacy domminate...
Otherwise the wars and fights would be endless and the weak ones would follow blindly...
And why should I "push" my ideas... this web page makes you choose and read whatever your like and you have the change to have your own choice.

Thank you for the western approach comment - again, a stereotype one in my opinion, since I have seen many women wearing short things in Kenya... questioning why ... maybe because somebody prefers having a rich sugar daddy rather then choosing smart way of studying and fighting for the rights... Of course I dare to say this example but I know my dear reader might get mad and find ways to blame it on westerners.

Why again I couldn't ride a bike in Africa? Because it wasn't appropriate for a woman? I do not criticize and never planed to compare what you and me wear and I try to respect the rules of your country and behave alike...
A culture also defines the place of women in society and the treatment they receive from members within the society.
Still I am comparing since this is my nature - on what is life like here and there an everywhere, how do I, she or somebody feels about certain topic, how difficult or not it is for a woman to live in Moldova and Africa or USA and why and what can we change about it by learning about each other...

" at the end of the day I will get stripped as it is not acceptable and where will u be? sitting across the computer in another continent saying my these people are oppressed.So how am I helped and how are you helped?"

What would I do? I might be hearing about you and telling myself how could she do such thing once she knew it will make put her in danger? And since you gave yourself an answer on that at least we do communicate here and raise up such question. Many more women will read the same awful story and try protect themselves from not being in your situation. That is called prevention.

Indeed we will probably learn a lot of new things and it will be important to apply it in whatever we do. And I found my own ways to use this wonderful opportunity.

Still this web 2.0 will lead us to the clean water, it will be me and you to decide either to drink out of it or not and how to make it possible... Besides it makes our thought and voices heard.... to other people...

And me sitting by my PC - and you sitting by your PC now ... on 2 different ends of the world...
What do we do? Fight? Compare? Help each other? Criticize? Compete? Gossip? Talk? What do we do?
And where do we do it?
on Web 2.0


"Cultures sometimes cause disagreement or friendship, depending on the two cultures involved and what is being discussed or forced upon them.The culture itself has its own definition, sets the place of women in society, and decides how they will handle relationships with different cultures. "

Victoria Vorosciuc
Project Coordinator
"Empowering women to participate
in community life"
WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

Francie's picture


I loved your comments re the power of Web 2.0 to bring women together worldwide. Women's Voice for Peace and Democracy souds like a great movement!

Victoria Vorosciuc's picture

Thank you Francie

A word of Encouragement can move the mountains of criticizing....
And it is worth of going forward!!!
Thank you!

Victoria Vorosciuc
Project Coordinator
"Empowering women to participate
in community life"
WorldPulse Media Corresspondent

gillian's picture

VOF Week One

I appreciate your optimistic view of the possibilities for Web 2.0 for women around the world. I would love to learn more about the situation in your country. Why are people afraid to speak out? What might happen?

Best wishes to you. Thanks for having the courage to write.

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