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VOF Week 1: (Freedom of Expression by Web 2.0)

Web 2.0 for me is a friend and a medium for venting. Until I graduated, I did not know if anything like blogging existed. I always had this need to share my stories, to pen down what I was feeling. I had no outlet then except for my personal diary. Something was missing-my diary could not give me any words of encouragement when I was feeling low, could not rejoice with me over my achievements. I needed someone who, without being judgmental, would share the euphoria of feelings that I was going through. My search was over after a friend of mine told me about blogging. Now I write things on my blogs, and when people comment, it gives me a sense of satisfaction like never before.

The two-way interaction that web 2.0 enables is the most exciting thing about it. Networking sites like Orkut and Facebook has changed my relationships with people I have known all my life. There were some people who were just associates, and I knew nothing about their lives. Such networking sites have not only helped me get a peep into the lives of those people, but it has also helped me know my closest of friends better. In addition, now I know the friends of my friend’s friends, which is such a wonderful thing.

Web 2.0 has also provided opportunities from women across the globe to express themselves without inhibition. Through the web, women can not only share their inspirational stories, but also learn from the experiences of women across the globe. In this quest of empowerment, the best thing that has happened is falsifying of the age old anecdote that says “women can be other women’s worst enemy.” Groups like are a testimony to the fact that women can be women’s best friends and not worst enemies. Similarly, sites like, although not a web 2.0 site per say, are bringing together large number of web 2.0 women with all sorts of backgrounds. The increasing use of web 2.0 is opening unparallel opportunities for women to collaborate with each other and break into areas traditionally inaccessible to them.

Everywhere around the world, women are said to “do things”. Rarely can they follow their heart and do “what they want to do.” But Web 2.0 has enabled women to speak up and “No one” can ask them to “Shut-Up” or “Stop doing it.” This source of freedom is one of the best things about this technology. Getting to read blogs of women even from war-ravaged countries is such an enlightening experience for me. They being able to express themselves from regions where they have no voice or rights and freedom of speech give me the courage to keep on fighting despite all odds. When I read their stories, I am reminded of the life I have been gifted of and to continue on my quest to achieve what I intend to achieve…..


sunita.basnet's picture

Let's work together

Dear Khushbu,
Till yesterday we all things women are women worst enemies but we need to find by women are known as enemies. We need to research in that. As this theory applied more in as a nepali woman lets work together to find the solution.
Lets move ahead to chage people's though.
I appreciate your opinions. please read my article and comment me what do you think?
Thank you

With Love and Regards
Sunita Basnet

Khushbu's picture

Thank you

Hi sunita

Thank you for posting your opinions...We for sure need to research on that actually...And we will prove the world wrong.


Khushbu Agrawal

Joannes's picture

Hail web 2.0

You are not alone in hailing web 2.0. Many of us had been suppressed, only to be seen not heard. But thanks to the new media, web 2.0, that allows us to talk to someone, to scream our hearts out and spill what had been suressed for years to the world.

We Can Do It!

Khushbu's picture

We share same stories

Hi Joanna

You are right...Web 2.0 certainly lets us break the age-old boundaries...I am glad you could associate yourself with what i have to say....



Khushbu Agrawal

olakitike's picture

thanks for the sites

Thanks for the sites you suggested. I will definitely check them out. You have a blog? Whats the address, plus whats your name on facebook? I would like to invite you to be my friend. Cheers

Khushbu's picture

You are most welcome

Hi Olakitike

You must check out the sites..They are great..My blog address is

I hope you like it...

My name on Facebook is Khushbu Agrawal (I belong to networks Nepal and Kathmandu College of Management)...This is to enable you to filter your search...Let me know if you cant find me..

Glad to know you...


Khushbu Agrawal

I hope I sent the request to the right person. Please let me know if it is you I sent the request to.
Okun O!

Cultural Correspondent's picture

Four 4 Four


I absolutely LOVE your entry, as you really touched on so many important elements of Web 2.0 and social networking, and made me consider things that I had not previously considered, such as:

  1. Web 2.0 in the form of a diary. You're right! There is something very satisfying about recording your thoughts and observations and knowing that you will receive a collage of responses, helping you to affirm or reconsider your ideas.
  2. Using social networking sites such as Facebook and Orkut to build your network and strengthen your relationships with your associates and dearest friends. I have been hesitant to use Facebook because of its "Big Brother" connotations (our whole lives in the public eye!) but you make a strong case for its benefits.
  3. Providing evidence that Web 2.0 is debunking the age-old notion that women are each others' own worst enemies. We know that this is not the case, and the group examples you present are proof of this.
  4. Web 2.0 = FREEDOM. To say what we want to say. Read what we want to read. Interact how we want to interact.

Thank you for this enlightening entry. I will look forward to reading more from you!



Khushbu's picture

Thank you so much for appreciating

Hi Jackie

It is such a pleasure to know that you find the entry enlightening...See..this is the beauty of Web 2.0...Your plain thoughts could mean so much to another individual...

Let us continue to enlighten each other through our thoughts...

Cheers for Web 2.0

Khushbu Agrawal

Rose Of Sharon's picture

I loved your journal entry!

Dear Khushbu,

Your journal entry reminded me of one of the things I learned when I was working in the arts. Which included many types of media, music, painting, sculpting, writing, performance arts, like acting, or when I was a professional singer and guitarist for 15 years. Art is the outward expression of what is within us, and as you said in the beginning or your journal entry, until you learned about blogging, you had no true outlet for what was within. I learned through those years of being a professional artist, the art I was doing was incomplete without one more aspect. And that aspect was, the audience. Those who we share all these things with, are as important as the art itself. In fact it is the most important part to us. We need to be heard by others to make it all worthwhile. And, I agree with you about Web 2.0, for it provides the listeners and the viewers of what we work so hard to express. :)

Blessings and Love my friend,
Rose Of Sharon

Khushbu's picture

Thank you

Hi Rose of Sharon

It is such a pleasure to know that you liked my entry...i have a huge admiration for you and your courage....cheers to your spirit...


Khushbu Agrawal

Katie McDonald's picture

The Journey to Empowerment

Hello Khushbu,

Thank you for sharing your personal journey of discovery with Web 2.0.

It is really great to read about your enthusiasm, you have captured both what excites you and the opportunities for women's empowerment, as well as provided some useful recommendations for those of us who are less familiar with the new medium of Web 2.0 and its many applications.

Certainly, building solidarity between women and overcoming the idea that we can't work together, is a powerful step in the journey towards women's empowerment.

I look forward to reading more from you.



Khushbu's picture

We can work together

Hi Katie...

Women can for sure work together....and we need to prove that....

I will try to keep posted...Thanks for the kind words...they for sure give me a lot of inspiration...


Khushbu Agrawal

meg.peterson's picture

Hi Khushbu, I was moved by

Hi Khushbu,

I was moved by how personal your writing is. It's amazing to be able to share yourself and your vision so openly. I also appreciate the links to other sites, the wonders of Web 2.0- we're able to share and communicate so freely!

One part of your writing that I particularilly liked was about women being enemies or friends. I feel it is common for women to become competitive with each other instead of working together to pull each other up. For me, pulsewire is a place where women can find solidarity and share their ideas in a positive environment. I really enjoyed your writing, thank you for sharing!


Khushbu's picture

Thank you for appreciating

Hi Megan

I am so glad that you liked what i had to share. I wrote the post without any inhibition....i really wanted to share what i believe in and you being able to relate with it is such a wonderful feeling...

Thank you once again



Khushbu Agrawal

jap21's picture

You have opened a door smoothly

Dear Khushbu:

I loved your entry. The door you have opened for us all to enter into a new kind of friendship is admirable. I have always thought the same thing, but have not been able to find more women who concurred, until now. Thanks for letting us know how much you care about this network. I feel the same.

Love ya!


Jacqueline Patiño FundActiva
Tarija - Bolivia
South America

Khushbu's picture

I will do my best

Hi Jackie..

This is the beauty of PulseWire...we open new doors for each other...this is empowerment for me....I am trying my best to pour all that is in my heart...Hope i succeed....

Love ya too!


Khushbu Agrawal

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