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What's your paradise?

I was listening Alejandro Sanz ,Spanish singer "Looking for a paradise" song last summer and a lot of questions came to my mind…
What is a paradise?
I guess for every person "Paradise" means something different. We are constantly looking for our own paradise. Am I? Of course I am. Who is not?
In the last year, the picture of my Paradise has changed. Being honest, before I just to believe that my Picture of Perfect life will be achieving everything that I always wanted. and If I make a list, my first phrase will be a life partner playing a house , kids, and after, a full page of goals will fill the list. I think that was the moment , when I got lost in life . Don't worry! I'm not lost anymore.
I have to say, that I'm enjoying my life in balance, living in simplicity. It's great to achieve goals and is fantastic to have personal and professional goals, I do have them. I want a family, kids, home, job . but my life doesn't depends from that anymore. My point is not to judge myself , if we I haven't reach them yet. . Yes, I STOPPED!!!!!!! now, I take the time to enjoy myself, look into peoples eyes, appreciating smiles, talks, small gestures, kindness, sharing companionship, family, friends, food, dance, taking the time to breath, and feel that the air is going trough my lungs. It's an amazing feeling!.
And is not like I never wanted to live like this, is just that I was so busy trying to do a million things at the same time, that I didn't really enjoy what it is really important. Well, we all learn from everything, including mistakes . I'm grateful because thanks to all these unforgettable moments is Who I am today. ;)

Making an emphasis in my personal experience. Finally, Is not about who will I be when I achieve this or who will be the person who will make me happy? Is about who I am right now, and how I am living my life at this moment. Is not about wanting to draw my future picture, is about coloring my today and knowing with my heart that my life puzzle will find the right pieces at the perfect moment.
That's my paradise!

What's your paradise?



sgrace1224's picture

I really enjoyed reading your

I really enjoyed reading your post. I can relate to many dreams and goals you have for yourself (I too aspire for many of the same things you mentioned)! But i really appreciated how you said it's important to enjoy life NOW, in the present, and remember that all those goals will happen with time. Thank you for reminding me about this simple idea...I often forget to live in the moment.

All the Best,

SG :-)

LeanaM's picture

A veces me siento

A veces me siento perdido
inquieto,solo y confundido
entonces me ato a las estrellas
y al mundo entero
le doy vueltas

I'm humming the song now :-)

Well said, though, it's important for us to stop adding and adding to our already busy lives and to truly find balance and enjoyment in what we do.

Leana M
Digital Action Campaigns Manager
World Pulse

MariaAle's picture


Hello Grace,
Thank you for sharing that we have many goals and dreams that bring us in the same life path. Lucky that trough here, we can share and support each others.
It's so easy to forget the present. As a reminder for myself, I have painted a chalkboard wall in my room with all my favorite phrases and I want to share this one that I repeat every morning.:)

“Where are you? Here
What time is it? Now
What are you? This moment.”
― Dan Millman, Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

Have a wonderful day!

Maria Alejandra Alcaraz

MariaAle's picture

Te damos con tu la voz tus alas….

Hola Leana,
Thank you for reminding me that it's all about balance. That's my daily challenge to balance all my life aspect and really enjoy the most important moments in simplicity! Let it be.

My favorite part:

A ese corazón herido
La musica le da sentido
Te damos con la voz tus alas
Le damos a tus pies camino

Oh is anybody out there
Feel like i feel
Trying to find a better way
So we can heal


Maria Alejandra Alcaraz

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