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VOF Week 1 Awareness


Web2.0 has provided the tools and opportunity to be a voice to a much larger audience and one that is in need of support and encouragement. I am very excited about speaking my truth, sharing my experiences and making new friends. I am particularly excited for the opportunity to write and improve my skills. I have always been passionate about supporting women and children and I feel that this forum can allow us all to evolve through awareness, information sharing and action. A collective group of voices and mass consciousness with the same focus for peace and joy is very powerful and achievable.
This forum supports women on a personal and global level. It allows the individual to speak to be heard, which is very empowering. It is an avenue to speak your truth and release emotion which is very healing of the soul. It is something in a lot of countries that women can not do. It allows the individual to write to understand and be aware of her own thoughts and her journey and to have more clarity. On a global level it allows her to share her story and that of others which creates awareness and the opportunity for help and support.
Already I have had the opportunity, several times, to speak my truth. I have also joined the Rafiki Club which I am very excited about and look forward to helping a friend and sharing stories.
I look forward to learning from these amazing women, speak my truth, share our stories and together be a collective voice for the empowerment of women and youth around the world. I encourage everyone to focus on love and the light through thoughts, meditation or/and prayer (as challenging as it is at times this is where our focus needs to be) as this is what will lift us from the dark. Our thoughts and feelings are very powerful lets keep them on the light. I ask, if I may, that everyone sing or hum a song, tone or chant once a day and everyday and lift our spirits to help keep us in the light. We will be heard!



Dando's picture


Hey, i like the way you have expressed your article, it is really encouraging. i also agree with your idea that our thoughts and feelings are very powerful and that we keep them on light. I will joy you in song as we sing amazing grace how sweet the sound!
I would be greatiful if you also looked at my article and criticize or comment if you have time.

best of Luck

jataia's picture

Amazing Grace

Hey there Dando
Its so interesting that you enjoy Amazing Grace, the song, as I just downloaded the words the other day to sing. I love that song also. I do love Ava Maria as well. I sang in the shower the other day (as I do ) and the lady next door thought it was the radio! I was quite chuffed :) I love singing. It raises the vibration of our energy within us and anyone elses that it resonates with. We all have our own vibrational pitch that we resonate with and when we sing it, tone with it or hear it we feel this amazing energy and it can heal all of our bodies on so many levels. As we feel joy it also heals us and around us. You see how this can raise the energy of the planet and everyone one on it? When we all feel joy and happiness it raises the vibration of the planet from one of fear to one of pure joy and peace. The more people that do it the more effective it is. So, I will join you in singing Amazing Grace and together we will raise our hearts and the energy of the planet :) (thats a smiley).
Love and light to you Dando

Tina's picture

Hey Jataia

Jataia, what a beautiful name! and a beautiful post! I agree with you on how empowering and uplifting this forum is. I am learning a little more each day on how best to use my voice in public and how I can shape my voice through writing.

Happy to be sharing this wonderful opportunity with you,
Many blessings on your journey

By the way your picture of chile in the article is showing up sideways...

jataia's picture

Hello Tina

Hey there Tina, thank you for your kind words and I look forward to sharing this journey with you.
I can't seem to change the picture now that it is posted. Its actually a picture of a place in Ireland where I did toning with a sister of mine to raise the vibration of the planet. She just saved it as Chile along with all her other photos. We have heaps as we did a three month journey together around the world going to a lot of sacred places.
My name Jetaia came to me when I was on this journey in Greece. It is a name that goes back a very long way and it resonates with me which is why I use it now. I feel very blessed to be able to connect and speak my truth and share others. I hope to hear more from you.
In love and light always
(happy singing!)

freesuukyi's picture

Speaking to be Heard


I enjoyed reading your first article. It was especially interesting learning more about you in your response posts to the comments shared by others! Good luck with the rest of the assignments.

molliv's picture

So many truths to be heard


i absolutely LOVE how you keep referring to "truths" instead of "opinions" or "stories". this says so much about you, and i wholeheartedly agree. every one of us comes from a unique place, even if we are next door neighbors. no two people have the exact same combination of experiences, and everything we have been through shapes what is TRUE and REAL for us, and web 2.o and sites like worldpulse serve as places where these truths will exist for all to see.

i think we all would benefit from cleansing our souls, and you are setting an amazing example. please make sure you are following the guidelines in terms of formatting, because you clearly have so much to bring to worldpulse and women in general.

Don't let your worries get the best of you. Remember, even Moses started out as a basket case.

jataia's picture

Basket case

Wow! My heart is really touched by your words of support and I am still glowing with appreciation.
I was amused by Moses starting out as a basket case as I have often felt like one. I now know who I AM and why I am here and with this truth helps me to understand why I am different.
I am here to help create awareness through love and light and to 'be' from the heart rather than the head. I love writing and expressing my truth as I know it and when someone responds that appreciates it I feel overjoyed with appreciation and love.
I am a very spiritual person with a purpose and a passion for helping women, youth and the planet.
I hope that I am following the guidelines although I do realise there are a lot of talented women in this competition and I am enjoying speaking and sharing my truth above all.
Thanks again Molliv for your lovely response :)
In love and light always

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