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When it's time for a bad time!

First of all I'd like to say hi to everybody here, and thankfully to all of who may go through my post.
It's been long since I last posted on my journal. . And I'm really sorry to have missed a lot!
Now I'd like to share this with you.

When it's time for a bad time!

It's well known how Syrian refugees now spread almost everywhere of the world because of the war, several dangers, and the violence going there in Syria
The worst humanitarian situation experienced by the Syrians lies in Jordan and Lebanon. Where the support given to refugees there is so little comparing to refugees' needs and numbers.
Although its a humanitarian issue could happen to anyone anytime, but here is one of the important women issues stands again to make things more or less complicated and suffering to all including woman.

Despite of the so bad situation of families who moved out and the big influx to the other countries especially to neighborhoods, big numbers of women still don’t want and sometimes don’t know how to take the necessary measures for birth control, which exacerbates the bad situation.

While most of parents do not have adequate job opportunities and do not have enough savings to feed their children for long, they keep making children which mean more needs of food, education, and health care. Consequently there will be smaller shares of all of life requirements going to each one of the family's members.
More seriously, if we consider the budget of the aid which already stands unable to cover the expenses and fulfill all the refugees' needs not even the half of them, we can figure out that the tragic situation there is turning to be a real disaster with the continuation of making children!

As is well known, almost half of Syrian refugees are children.
During looking around among some Syrian refugees in order to see how their living conditions are good or bad, I was surprised not only by the large number of children in each family and the horrible living conditions, but also by the so many cases of pregnancy after the asylum side by side!
You can find frequently, for example, a family of 8-10 people living in one room over a year ago. The youngest is a little child, and in some cases not more than few months old, while the mother is also pregnant !
We can imagine how much this would increase their suffering and make it hard task to help them!

Here we are again, facing one of biggest women issues resulted from undeveloped social awareness and limited educational background!

I believe that giving a hand to those women by providing them with the culture of birth control and encouraging them to apply it will not be less important and sacred than collecting donations and stimulating public opinion to support the rescue of refugees!
On the other hand, displaced women themselves need that kind of change too. To help them survive the misery and the stressful intolerable big load thrown on them and on their children as a result.

I think there's an urgent need to list that kind of awareness sessions in the different NGOs' agendas of the assistance given to Syrian refugees and to intensify the efforts.

Isn't it time to reform the traditionalist social concepts which hurt do not help ?
Better late than never.


LeanaM's picture

Thank You

Had, Thank you for sharing this and updating us a bit on what's happening in Syria. Are there any local organizations working to address this issue?

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Thank you a lot for going

Thank you a lot for going through it, Lena
I got to know that actually while working for some NGO in Lebanon..the north; where is the most population of Syrian depending refugees in Lebanon.
But we have to consider same problem is going now almost everywhere especially in neighborhoods with refugees who need UN and NGO's assistance ...cause they come almost from one social group. they are either not educated enough or they come from suburbs where its still hard to get rid of some wrong habits and bad traditions.
They are good people and all they need some knowledge about it and encouragement..
i dont know if there are local organizations working on that and to address the issue.. im not sure. women whom i met didnt get any awareness of this point by any. and while having some discussion with some people working for UNICEF they admit it but it didn't seem they tried help with it.
So its either there is some effort but not enough yet.. or the organizations find it hard to focus on such kind of social problems related to traditions/they have their priorities...

However i can see this as a real deep problem needs to be taken seriously.
Thank you

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