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Time to Wake up

No one wants to live with war because of death and destruction. Cambodia also was in the hole of the problem by the war during 1975 to 1979 that was led by Pol Pot. Pol Pot came to power through people’s ignorance and destroyed Cambodia.
Pol Pot created fear. When he became the president, He used a proverb “To keep you is no benefits, to destroy you is no loss” . He punished the people in the prison by did not provide food or water and killed them by took of their nail, drilled their head, take out the heart. In addition, Pol Pot trained the children and the teenagers to kill people even their parents or their relatives. People had to work in the field from four am until ten pm everyday. In the other hand, the old people, women who got pregnant nearly too born , the women who just born the baby for seven days, and children who just four or five years old, they forced to work in the field, cut the grass and collected stool to make fertilizer without providing enough food.
The country’s economies started from number zero because after this regime people did not have money, food or houses.He destroyed all infrastructures like schools, factories, hospitals, markets, money, books and medicines.He also destroyed Cambodia's culture. He forced the people to marry for 20 to 30 pairs in the same time. He destroyed the religion. He took the pagodas and the schools as the prison to execute the people. “He ruined the status in the pagoda and in the temples. He forced the monks to marry, to be the soldier and killed people. Furthermore he forced the Muslims to eat pork.
By this we can know that during this regime, Cambodia was ruined by Pol Pot. Everything lost and left only children, widow and uneducated. The government starts to develop the country from the bottom.
Through this picture that exposed violence and creul, it makes the people captured violence, they afraid the school. they don't see the value of education because if they study they will face like this rigime so now please every one wake up and fight with this thought.


Dando's picture


Thanks for sharing this with us.
Its so sad to learn that some people can be as cruel as that leader, how can he abuse young children at their tender age to work on a farm,i really fail to understand how certain people think. hope the situation has improved or changed.If you live in that country continue sensitizing on education, and i hope some one on this site have ideas on organizations which can be of help to assist the people understand the importance of education, we are with you all the way!


mompol's picture


Thank you !!!
It really is and even though my aunt and aunty also were the victims too. Nowadays, I am trying to rich my goal and now I am studying in Access Academy of Asian University for Women in Bangladesh. I want to take all my knowledge to highlight the children and the people in my village to know about the important of educations. So thank you so much for encourage and now I am enthusiastic to hear from you!!


LauraB's picture

I like hearing your voice


Last night while watching the news, I listened about the tribunal in Cambodia. Of course throughout the years, I have had cursory knowledge about Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, and yet my understanding about what occurred then and how Cambodia is rebuilding itself is limited. Will you continue to write telling us your thoughts about Cambodia, how the trials are affecting your country, how you see Cambodia reforming its society? I am curious if you will go back to Cambodia?
What is it like for you in Bangladesh now?

Keep telling us your story. I'm listening.



mompol's picture


I am so sorry for the information. I was so busy with my exam that' why I did not reply to you>
For the trail, it have happened since I was in my Cambodia. They have worked since Pol Pot still alive but now he died and there are only some of the Khmer Rough such as Duth and others who is staying in the prison waiting for the trail. At present the government try to focus on aducation. If everyone have aducation, they will avoid violence and poverty.

Living in Bangladesh is very interesting to me . I can learn the new things, cultures and meet new friends and new traditions. I not only learn with Bangladeshis but I also learn with other students from other 4 countries like Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India and Nepal. We are studying together in the Access Academy of Asian University for Women.
Living here I can understand about the life of the Bangladeshis. They are the inocent Victime of climate change. As you know Bangladesh, is the most affected countries from disaster. Every day when I walk out from the school I see the people are suffering from the climate change and the extreme temperature. Moreover, as I can see , Bangladeshis are traveling by rickshaws or CNGs; the transportations that do not affect to the environment at all. Unfortunately, they still face with the disasters like flood almost every year.

Thank You

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