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Three Ukrainian conflicting “d”: dictatorship, democracy, demonstration

Photo by Reuters

The bowl of patience of the protesters in the capital of Ukraine, Kiev, was exhausted after last Friday several laws were passed. They greatly limit (furthermore pursue up to imprisonment) protest actions of citizens. In the last two days the country’s main square looks like battle scene, the conflict threatens to escalate into civil war.

The last straw for the protesters became the laws adopted by unclear and rapid voting.
Mass media reports that the following was prohibited:
- To wear helmets, masks participating in demonstration (fine or arrest up to 15 days)
- To move in the columns with more than five cars without police permission (fine or suspension of driving license for 1-2 years with the removal of the car)
- To block public authorities (imprisonment for up to 5 years)
- Slander in the media (fine or executive work fine up to 1 year)
- News agency activities without state registration (fee)
- Local organizations financed from abroad to carry out political activities, receive the status of foreign agents.

The ruling party says that the laws are European and democratic, and the opposition complains that it is far from Europe, and even from Russia and Belarus, but closer to North Korea.

In its turn, the opposition doesn’t offer any clear solutions, a plan or a single leader (today there are three leaders of three parties). People gathered on Sunday for the meeting appealed to choose finally a single leader. However, they didn’t hear nothing more clear than "we have one leader ... the Ukrainian people". Radical groups turned to aggressive actions: stones and Molotov cocktails flew into the ranks of police. The police, after the previous experience, clearly followed the orders not to use force. Finally if the last battle provoked sympathy to beaten demonstrators, now people felt pity to police: their bus was burnt, torn out of the dense rows policemen were beaten in full. But in any case, there were too much of victims from both sides.

To date, a violent confrontation in Kiev continues. What will be its outcome? We can assume three scenarios: truce (the compromise between government and opposition will be found); split in government; force defeat of Maidan. By now none of them is clearly emerged. The only thing left is is to wait and hope for a peaceful outcome.



Emily Garcia's picture

Hope for Peace

Wow. Iryna, thank you for reporting on these events taking place in Ukraine. I am distressed by the continued violence and hope that a peaceful solution will come soon. Are the protests in Kiev felt throughout country? What is life like for you right now?

Again, thank you for sharing.

You are in my thoughts,

Emily Garcia
World Pulse Online Community Lead

Iryna's picture

Military reports

Thank you, Emily, for your support! Every day situation changes, and it looks like you are reading military reports. Yesterday Ukraine and the whole world discussed a video where people in police uniform were bulling a cossack whom they stripped completely naked (wearing only socks). Such actions provoke more agression from the side of the protesters.
It looks like noone party is ready to compromise.
By now the main struggle is in Kiev.
Really hope for a peaceful future for my country!

Warmest regards from Ukraine,

Susan K.A.'s picture

Sorry this is happening

Dear Iryna,
Thank you for sharing what is going on in Kiev. Like Emily, I'm distressed by the horrible violence happening there, and the stifling, unjust new laws towards protesters. Praying that there is an end to the violence and a peaceful resolution soon.

Wishing you and your daughter peace of mind, safety and comfort in your love for one another,


"I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness the astonishing light of your own being."

Iryna's picture


Susan, thank you for your words, is very important to feel support in these moments!

Warmest regards,

maombi's picture

merci pour le message,je suis

merci pour le message,je suis touchée

Iryna's picture

Thanks for support,

Thanks for support, Maombi!

Greetings from the Black Sea,

Y's picture

Who voted for these new laws?

Who voted for these new laws? I hope the protesters can embrace non-violent resitance, as this seems to be the only path to significant, lasting change.

Thank you for your courage in reporting this, Iryna.


Iryna's picture

About voting. The situation

About voting. The situation is ridiculous. The voting was by raising hands, and in couple seconds the results were announced. Here you can see how it was:
Now there is a possibility that these laws will be canceled.
About non-violent resistance. Unfortunately, the conflict got the hottest point and both sides are in the battle mood. Today half of municipalities are captured by the protesters. Life will show what today bring.

Thank you for the support!
Warmest regards from the hot Ukraine,

Y's picture

We will never achieve peace

We will never achieve peace without patience. I pray for patience in your country, Iryna.


Y's picture

We will never achieve peace

We will never achieve peace without patience. I pray for patience in your country, Iryna.


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