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"VOF Week 1: Web to-Women

Web to-Women

It is such a wonderful experience to be able to connect with other successful, professional and warmhearted women from all walks of life, who are working hard in various fields toward their own upliftment, and that of our sisters. It is energizing to hear about the work that they are doing and the benefits that they are reaping.

Web 2 and the World Pulse site are making a valid contribution to the global women’s empowerment movement in many ways. Firstly, it enables us to pool resources to make a strong alliance for the benefit of all. We have created a skills bank by gathering each members' area of expertise and then forming partnerships for development. Director Lin Wafula is already doing that with the Rafiki Club to improve the literacy level of women in Kenya.

Secondly, through innovation and competitions, women can improve their skills through this medium. For example, many of us are honing our writing skills by participating in this project. Over time we will have more confidence in expressing ourselves and the standard of female journalism around the world will be raised. We can also volunteer to take on leadership roles in several organizations and gain experience in various fields. This will allow us to advance our careers.

Thirdly, we are providing mentorship. By seeing role models in action, women who have wanted to do similar things but were afraid, shy or feel limited, will now unleash their talents by taking action. Thus, they will tap into their creative potential, achieve their goals, feel more satisfied and live more meaningful lives. For example, I love to read poetry but I haven’t done so in a while. However, recently I have read poems written by ENIE EDOH CECILE and Cultural Correspondent and this has inspired me to write my own.

Fourthly, this site is a resource. When we share information, we will realize that we face similar challenges even though we are far apart. We are able to find or offer solutions to problems. My knowledge of world affairs, level of education and awareness has increased drastically since I joined this team.

Lastly, it provides a source of healing. When we read about the atrocities that some women are facing elsewhere in the world; breast ironing, genital mutilation, war, hunger, pain and suffering, we will be grateful that we are not facing such situations. Then we will not take our situations for granted and we will become more chivalrous. With an outlook of gratitude there’ll be more positive, healthier and happier women across the world. Connecting with other women on Web 2 can also alleviate feelings of loneliness, especially for women working or studying abroad. Since I joined the World Pulse Team I’ve made many friends. Also, by commenting on other members' submissions, we can support each other and make each other feel important.


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Women Healers on the Web!

I definitely agree with you that the web is a portal for healing each other :) I am so sure, you inspired others as well. :)

Poverty is man-made that we can undo.

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Your vision is inspiring

The specific detailed vision you conveyed about using Web 2.0 was powerful and uplifting. Thank you.

One idea that you raised regarding women who had extreme traumatic incidences to manage-I was wondering how you might have seen Web 2.0 working for them as well.I only wish you had been given a larger word count so you could have addressed that issue as well as you did all the others.I appreciated your articulate vision.

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more details

Thank you Daryn,

Psychologist recommend that by journalling, people can overcome (heal past hurts) traumatic incidencies. World Pulse and web 2 gives us this opportunity by inviting us to write in our journal and not just to keep it to ourselves but to share it with the entire world. The very act of sharing makes it no longer a secret and by sharing we have the opportunity to release/let go. We can then heal core shame and forgive others. This will allow us to grow.


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additional thoughts

Thank you for sharing your additional thoughts with me. I really enjoyed how you expanded upon your ideas here for the entry on Web 2.0


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You are welcome Daryn.

You are welcome Daryn.


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Web to Women

Hello Anette -

thank you for this moving passage. I particularly liked how you invoked a sense of healing through the work of this project. I agree that by connecting with other women throughout the world, we can close the gap of isolation and work together to find solutions to some of the horrific crimes perpetrated on women.

I also liked that you mentioned the role journalism plays in getting a strong and clear message out into the public eye. When these words are written by women who are witnessing crime and oppression, the results can be globally powerful.

I find your writing style very personal, gentle and easy to follow. I look forward to reading more!

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Thank you Nikki, I'm looking

Thank you Nikki,

I'm looking forward to reading more of your writng too and we'll change the world together.


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